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Date: 16 FEB 1926

Recipient: Eliot, TS (1888-1965)

Location: Cairo

* * *

To T. S. Eliot

6 Rue Sabbagh



16 February 1926

Dear Eliot

Egypt is not to be despised as a resort, but the University is a beautifully constructed farce in the best French style and dangerous if taken in the slightest degree seriously. My rather serious nature has to be closely guarded against a conscientious explosion: the heavy pay and impossibility of getting any work done with students makes me rather ashamed of myself. Anyhow there's opportunity for my own work here. Laura Gottschalk is with us, as I think I wrote and I have a message for you from her: that a clean and revised copy of 'The H.D. Legend' I sent you is to be forwarded to you from our agent Pinker . He also has two critical essays of hers, 'Criticism and the Poet' and 'Genius and Disaster'. One of these, I can't remember which, I sent you a } rather messy copy of: Pinker now has copies of both in proper shape and will send you them.

I am going on with the proposed Untraditional Elements in Poetry. Have you any objection to her collaborating in this business after what you have seen of her work? She is far more in touch with the American side than I am and is anxious to get ahead with it. She suggests that at the end of a year -until which time you could promise nothing -you might come in as arbiter between our contributions. Please tell me how you feel about this. Her list of poets corresponded exactly with yours: and her critical detachment is certainly greater than mine.

I think the University will soon have to be reconstituted with English-speaking professors instead of Frenchmen as it is at present in the Faculty of Letters. The students speak no French and very little English. If this happens and you are in want of a holiday, it would be fun for you.

Yours ever

Robert Graves

PS. I am/we are, much enjoying your Collected Poems: and admire your ruthlessness in suppressions.

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