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SP-ID Final Title [Variants] Author Higg A Higg B Higg C Genre Content
[Book]ON ENGLISH POETRY - (1922)A7
SP-001Definitions [The Dangers of Definition]Robert GravesA7C130Essay
SP-002The Nine MusesRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-003Poetry and Primitive MagicRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-004Conflict of EmotionsRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-005The Pattern Underneath [Inspiration and the Pattern]Robert GravesA7[C136]Essay
SP-006Inspiration [Inspiration and the Pattern]Robert GravesA7[C136]Essay
SP-007The Parable of Mr. Poeta and Mr. Lector [A Parable]Robert GravesA7C127Essay
SP-008Carpenters SonRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-009The Gadding VineRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-010Dead End and the Man of One PoemRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-011Spencers CuffsRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-012Connection of Poetry and HumourRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-013The DaffodilsRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-014Vers LibreRobert GravesA7, A63Essay
SP-015Moving MountainsRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-016La Belle Dame Sans MerciRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-017The General ElliottRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-018The God Called PoetryRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-019LogicalizationRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-020LimitationsRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-021The Naughty BoyRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-022The Classical and Romantic IdeasRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-023ColourRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-024PuttyRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-025Reading AloudRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-026L'Arte della PitturaRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-027On Writing MusicallyRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-028The Use of PoetryRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-029Histories of PoetryRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-030The Bowl Marked DogRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-031The Analytic SpiritRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-032The Art of ExpressionRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-033Rhyme and AlliterationRobert GravesA7, A15, A63Essay
SP-034Awkward Fellow Called Ariphrades [Ariphrades]Robert GravesA7, A63Essay
SP-035Improvising New ConventionsRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-036When in Doubt...Robert GravesA7Essay
SP-037The Editor with the MuckrakeRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-038The Moral QuestionRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-039The Poet as OutsiderRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-040A Polite AcknowledgementRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-041Diction (1)Robert GravesA7Essay
SP-042Fake Poetry, Bad Poetry and Mere Verse. [Fake Poetry and Bad Poetry]Robert GravesA7, A63Essay
SP-043A Dialogue of Fake PoetryRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-044Asking AdviceRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-045Surface Faults, An IllustrationRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-046Linked Sweetness Long Drawn OutRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-047The Fable of the Ideal GadgetRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-048Sequels Are BarredRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-049Tom FoolRobert GravesA7C79Essay
SP-050Cross Rhythm and ResolutionRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-051My Name is Legion, for We are ManyRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-052The Pig BabyRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-053Apology for DefinitionsRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-054Time and SeasonsRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-055Two HeresiesRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-056Ghosts in the SheldonianRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-057The Laying-On of HandsRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-058Ways and MeansRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-059Poetry as LabourRobert GravesA7Essay
SP-060The Necessity of ArroganceRobert GravesA7, A63Essay
SP-061In ProcessionRobert GravesA7Letter
SP-062Interchange of SelvesRobert GravesA10C173IntroductionPrologue
SP-063Past Theories as Far as FreudRobert GravesA11Essay
SP-064Theory of Double-SelfRobert GravesA11Essay
SP-065Primitive ThoughtRobert GravesA11Essay
SP-066Varieties of DreamsRobert GravesA11Essay
SP-067Survival of the Past and Other ProblemsRobert GravesA11Essay
SP-068Value of Dreams on Their Own AccountRobert GravesA11Essay
SP-069Practical Benefits of InterpretationRobert GravesA11Essay
SP-070Dreams and PoetryRobert GravesA11Essay
SP-071What Is Bad Poetry? [How Many Miles to Babylon]Robert GravesA12['"C1454.1", C171]TalkAddress Given at Leed University, December 1922
SP-072A Theory of ConsciousnessRobert GravesA12Essay
SP-073Jekyll and HydeRobert GravesA12Essay
SP-074Defence of Poetic AnalysisRobert GravesA12Essay
SP-075Secondary ElaborationRobert GravesA12, A63Essay
SP-076The Illogical Element in Poetry [The Illogic of Stoney Stratford and of Poetry]Robert GravesA12C145, C180.1Essay
SP-077Classical and Romantic [Poetic Catharsis and Modern Psychology]Robert GravesA12C147Essay
SP-078Problems for ClassificationRobert GravesA12Essay
SP-079NaturallyRobert GravesA12Essay
SP-080The Tempest: An Analysis [The Sources of The Tempest]Robert GravesA12, A63Essay
SP-081Control by Spirits [Poetic Control by Spirits]Robert GravesA12C212Essay
SP-082Poetic GeniusRobert GravesA12Essay
SP-083Succession. [Mr Hardy and the Pleated Skirt]Robert GravesA12C169, C186ReviewReview of ‘Collected Poems of Thomas Hardy’.
SP-084Sensory Vehicles of Poetic ThoughtRobert GravesA12C209Essay
SP-085The State of the PartiesRobert GravesA15Essay
SP-086Diction (2)Robert GravesA15B17Essay
SP-087MetreRobert GravesA15Essay
SP-088TextureRobert GravesA15, A63Essay
SP-089StructureRobert GravesA15Essay
SP-090Notes on the Marmosite's MiscellanyRobert GravesA18Essay
[Book]ANOTHER FUTURE OF POETRY (Hogarth Essays) 1926A19
SP-091The Future of English Poetry [The Future of the Art of Poetry; The State of Poetry]Robert GravesA19, A63B17C234, [C241]Essay
[Book]LARS PORSENA 1927A21
SP-092Lars Porcena or the Future of Swearing and improper languageRobert GravesA21Essay
SP-093Impenetrability or The Proper Habit of EnglishRobert GravesA22C246, C249Essay
[Book]A SURVEY OF MODERNIST POETRY (With Laura Riding) 1927A28
SP-094Modernist Poetry and the Plain Readers RightsLaura Riding and Robert GravesA28, A63Essay
SP-095The Problem of Form and Subject-Matter in Modernist PoetryLaura Riding and Robert GravesA28, A63Essay
SP-096William Shakespeare and E.E. Cummings: A Study in Original Punctuation and SpellingLaura Riding and Robert GravesA28, A63Essay
SP-097The Unpopularity of Modernist Poetry with the Plain ReaderLaura Riding and Robert GravesA28, A63Essay
SP-098Modernist Poetry and Dead MovementsLaura Riding and Robert GravesA28, A63Essay
SP-099The Making of a PoemLaura Riding and Robert GravesA28, A63Essay
SP-100Modernist Poetry and CivilizationLaura Riding and Robert GravesA28, A63Essay
SP-101Variety of Modernist PoetryLaura Riding and Robert GravesA28, A63Essay
SP-102The Humorous Element in Modernist PoetryLaura Riding and Robert GravesA28, A63Essay
SP-103ConclusionLaura Riding and Robert GravesA28Essay
[Book]A PAMPHLET AGAINST ANTHOLOGIES (With Laura Riding) 1928A29
SP-104The True Anthology and the Trade Anthology [True Anthologies and Popular Anthologies]Laura Riding and Robert GravesA29, A63Essay
SP-105Anthologies and the Book MarketLaura Riding and Robert GravesA29Essay
SP-106The Anthologist in Our MidstLaura Riding and Robert GravesA29C250Essay
SP-107The Popular Poem and the Popular ReaderLaura Riding and Robert GravesA29Essay
SP-108The Perfect Modern LyricLaura Riding and Robert GravesA29, A63Essay
SP-109Best PoemsLaura Riding and Robert GravesA29Essay
SP-110Poetry and Anthology Labels Laura Riding and Robert GravesA29Essay
SP-111Anthologies and the Living PoetLaura Riding and Robert GravesA29Essay
[Book]MRS FISHER 1928A30
SP-112Mrs Fisher, or The Future of HumourRobert GravesA30Essay
[Book]THE SHOUT 1929A31
SP-113The ShoutRobert GravesA31, A35, A65, A106C389, C612StoryEnglish Story
SP-114My New-Bugs ExamRobert GravesA32C6Story
[Book]BUT IT STILL GOES ON (1930)A35
SP-115Postscript to Good-Bye to All ThatRobert GravesA35Essay
SP-116Robert Graves RepliesRobert GravesA35C274LetterDaily Mail
SP-117The Troops Who Stuck It OutRobert GravesA35C275Letter
SP-118Soldier-Poet Hits Back at CriticsRobert GravesA35C276Letter
SP-119The JocksRobert GravesA35C277Letter
SP-120The Cheshire RegimentRobert GravesA35C278Letter
SP-121The Garlands WitherRobert GravesA35C281Letter ??
SP-122Old Papa JohnsonRobert GravesA35, A65, A94, A106“C281.0.1”StoryEnglish Story
SP-123Avocado PearsRobert GravesA35, A65StoryEnglish Story
SP-124A Journal of CuriositiesRobert GravesA35Miscellanea
SP-125Aug 23 - American Literary MagazinesRobert GravesA35Essay
SP-126Aug 24 - A Familiar ColoquyRobert GravesA35Story
SP-127Aug 24 - Difference Between Scot and WelshmanRobert GravesA35Essay
SP-128Aug 26 - Book PublicityRobert GravesA35Essay
SP-129Aug 27 -essRobert GravesA35, A65Essay
SP-130Aug 28 - Charity Appeals. [On Charity. ]Robert GravesA35, A65C271Essay
SP-131Sept 3. - Dear Henry Robert GravesA35Story
SP-132Sept 5 - The Emperor Pumpkin (Claudius)Robert GravesA35Essay
SP-133Sept 8. By a Thames Window [Thames-Side Reverie]Robert GravesA35, A65C270.Essay
SP-134Sept 12 - LibertyRobert GravesA35Essay
SP-135Sept 18 - Schooling for Historical WritersRobert GravesA35Essay
SP-136Sept 20 - Interview with a Dead manRobert GravesA35, A65C624Story
SP-137Sept 21 - A Letter from William WordsworthRobert GravesA35C264Story
SP-138Sept 26 - DefecationRobert GravesA35Essay
SP-139Sept 27-30 - BaalRobert GravesA35Story
SP-140The Autobiography of BaalRobert GravesA35Story
SP-141What It Feels Like to be FamousRobert GravesA35C279EssayUnidentified in A35
SP-142But It Still Goes On (A Play)Robert GravesA35, A65Play
[Book]THE LONG WEEKEND [With Alan Hodge] 1940A52
SP-143Armistice, 1918Robert Graves and Alan HodgeA52Text
SP-144Revolution Averted, 1919Robert Graves and Alan HodgeA52Text
SP-145WomenRobert Graves and Alan HodgeA52Text
SP-146Reading MatterRobert Graves and Alan HodgeA52Text
SP-147Post War PoliticsRobert Graves and Alan HodgeA52Text
SP-148Various ConquestsRobert Graves and Alan HodgeA52Text
SP-149SexRobert Graves and Alan HodgeA52Text
SP-150AmusementsRobert Graves and Alan HodgeA52Text
SP-151Screen and StageRobert Graves and Alan HodgeA52Text
SP-152Revolution Again Averted. 1926Robert Graves and Alan HodgeA52Text
SP-153Domestic LifeRobert Graves and Alan HodgeA52Text
SP-154Art, Literature and ReligionRobert Graves and Alan HodgeA52Text
SP-155Education and EthicsRobert Graves and Alan HodgeA52Text
SP-156Sport and ControversyRobert Graves and Alan HodgeA52Text
SP-157The Depression, 1930Robert Graves and Alan HodgeA52Text
SP-158Pacifism, Nudism, HikingRobert Graves and Alan HodgeA52Text
SP-159The Days of the Loch Ness MonsterRobert Graves and Alan HodgeA52Text
SP-160The Days of Non-InterventionRobert Graves and Alan HodgeA52Text
SP-161Recovery 1935Robert Graves and Alan HodgeA52Text
SP-162The Deepening Twilight of BarbarismRobert Graves and Alan HodgeA52Text
SP-163Three Kings in One YearRobert Graves and Alan HodgeA52Text
SP-164Keeping Fit and Doing the Lambeth WalkRobert Graves and Alan HodgeA52Text
SP-165Social ConscienceRobert Graves and Alan HodgeA52Text
SP-166Markets Close Firmer'Robert Graves and Alan HodgeA52Text
SP-167Still at PeaceRobert Graves and Alan HodgeA52Text
SP-168Rain Stops Play, 1939Robert Graves and Alan HodgeA52Text
[Heading]The Reader Over Your ShoulderA55
SP-169The Peculiar Qualities of EnglishRobert Graves and Alan HodgeA55Text
SP-170The Present Confusion of English Prose Robert Graves and Alan HodgeA55Text
SP-171Where Is Good English to Be Found?Robert Graves and Alan HodgeA55Text
SP-172The Use and Abuse of Official EnglishRobert Graves and Alan HodgeA55Text
SP-173Beginnings of English ProseRobert Graves and Alan HodgeA55Text
SP-174The Ornate and Plain StylesRobert Graves and Alan HodgeA55Text
SP-175Classical ProseRobert Graves and Alan HodgeA55Text
SP-176Romantic ProseRobert Graves and Alan HodgeA55Text
SP-177Recent ProseRobert Graves and Alan HodgeA55Text
SP-178The Principles of Clear StatementRobert Graves and Alan HodgeA55Text
SP-179The Graces of ProseRobert Graves and Alan HodgeA55Text
[Heading]Examinations and Fair CopiesA55
SP-180Poets and GleemenRobert GravesA61Text
SP-181The Battle of the TreesRobert GravesA61Text
SP-182Dog, Lapwing and RoebuckRobert GravesA61C313, C321, C322Text
SP-183The White Goddess (1)Robert GravesA61Text
SP-184Gwioris RiddleRobert GravesA61Text
SP-185A Visit to Spiral CastleRobert GravesA61Text
SP-186Gwion's Riddle SolvedRobert GravesA61Text
SP-187Hercules on the LotusRobert GravesA61Text
SP-188Gwion's HeresyRobert GravesA61Text
SP-189The Tree-Alphabet (1) & (2)Robert GravesA61Text
SP-190The Song of AmerginRobert GravesA61Text
SP-191Palamedes and the CranesRobert GravesA61Text
SP-192The Roebuck in the ThicketRobert GravesA61Text
SP-193The Seven PillarsRobert GravesA61Text
SP-194The Holy Unspeakable Name of GodRobert GravesA61Text
SP-195The Lion with the Steady HandRobert GravesA61Text
SP-196The Bull-Footed GodRobert GravesA61Text
SP-197The Number of the BeastRobert GravesA61C322.2Text
SP-198Conversation at Paphos, A.D. 43 [Conversation at Paphos]Robert GravesA61C326Text
SP-199The Waters of the StyxRobert GravesA61Text
SP-200The Triple MuseRobert GravesA61Text
SP-201Fabulous BeastsRobert GravesA61Text
SP-202The Single Poetic ThemeRobert GravesA61Text
SP-203War in HeavenRobert GravesA61Text
SP-204The Return of the GoddessRobert GravesA61cText
SP-205Postscript 1960Robert GravesA61fText
[Heading]Observations on Poetry (1922-1925)A63
SP-206The Poetic TranceRobert GravesA63Essay
SP-212Prose and PoetryRobert GravesA63Essay
SP-213SchoolsRobert GravesA63Essay
SP-214Hounds of SpringRobert GravesA63Essay
SP-215The Outward and Inward EarsRobert GravesA63Essay
SP-216The Arrogance of PoetsRobert GravesA63Essay
SP-217Scientific EnglishRobert GravesA63Essay
SP-218Fashions in PoetryRobert GravesA63Essay
SP-219Bread I Dip in the RiverRobert GravesA63Essay
SP-207Hélas, C'est Victor HugoRobert GravesA63Essay
SP-208Shakespeares Fair CopiesRobert GravesA63Essay
SP-209The Grosser SensesRobert GravesA63Essay
SP-210CentenariesRobert GravesA63Essay
SP-211HamletRobert GravesA63Essay
SP-220Loving Mad Tom [The Rediscovery of Loving Mad Tom]Robert GravesA63, A75b-cB13Introduction Introduction to "Loving Mad Tom", Ed. by Jack Lindsay
SP-221Rudyard KiplingRobert GravesA63B14Essay
[Heading]Essays from EPILOGUE 1935-1937A63
SP-222Nietzsche. [Germany (by Madeleine Vara)]Robert GravesA63, A75b-cB22Essay
SP-223Coleridge and WordsworthRobert GravesA63, A75b-cB22Essay
SP-224Keats and ShelleyRobert GravesA63, A75b-cB22Essay
SP-225A Note on the PastoralRobert GravesA63B22Essay
SP-226Official and Unofficial LiteratureRobert GravesA63B24Essay
SP-227Lucretius and JeansRobert GravesA63, A75b-cB24Essay
SP-228Poetry and Politics [Politics and Poetry]Laura Riding, Robert Graves, and Harry KempA63B25, B29Essay
SP-229Poetic Drama. [Drama]Laura Riding and Robert GravesA63B25Essay
SP-230How Poets SeeRobert GravesA63, A75b-cEssay
SP-231The Poets of World War II. [War Poetry in This War (1942)]Robert GravesA63C300Essay
SP-232Mad Mr. Swinburne [An Old Saying]Robert GravesA63, A75b-cB32EssayForward to "An Old Saying" by Algeron Charles Swinburne
SP-233The Ghost of MiltonRobert GravesA63, A75b-cEssay
SP-234The Common Asphodel [What Is Asphodel?]Robert GravesA63, A75b-cC345, C357Essay
SP-235The Cult of ToleranceRobert GravesA65Essay
SP-236Horses: A PlayRobert GravesA65B31Play
SP-237Colonel Blimps AncestorsRobert GravesA65Essay
SP-238The Search for Thomas AtkinsRobert GravesA65C322Essay
SP-239It Was a Stable WorldRobert GravesA65B34C330EssayMediterranean world with Imperial Rome as the focis
SP-241Caenis on Incest - A.D. 75Robert GravesA65Story
SP-240Feud of St. Peter and St. Paul [Está en su casa]Robert GravesA65C336.Story
SP-242How Mad Are Hatters?Robert GravesA65C361Essay
SP-243Pharaohs Chariot WheelsRobert GravesA65EssayOriginally intended as part of The White Goddess
SP-244Bins K to T [Dead Man's Bottles]Robert GravesA65b.C676.Story
SP-245Occupation: WriterRobert GravesA65Essaywriting
[Heading]The Clark LecturesA75
SP-246The Crowning PrivilegeRobert GravesA75, A126TalkClark Lecture 1
SP-247The Age of Obsequiousness [My Favorite Forgotten Book]Robert GravesA75, A126C365, C368TalkClark Lecture 2
SP-248The Road to Rydal MountRobert GravesA75, A126TalkClark Lecture 3
SP-249Harp, Anvil, OarRobert GravesA75, A126TalkClark Lecture 4
SP-250Dame OcupacyonRobert GravesA75, A126TalkClark Lecture 5
SP-251These be Your Gods, O Israel! [These Be Thy Gods, O Israel!]Robert GravesA75, A126C479, CC506TalkClark Lecture 6
[Heading]Various Essays on PoetryA75
SP-252Mother Gooses Lost GoslingsRobert GravesA75, A126C383EssayNonsense Poetry
SP-253The Old Black CowRobert GravesA75, A126C402ReviewReview of An Introduction to Welsh Poetry from the beginnings of the Sixteenth Century, by Gwyn Williams.
SP-254The Essential E.E. CummingsRobert GravesA75C446ReviewA review of Six Nonlectures, by Geoffrey Cumberlege, OUP.
SP-255Juana de Asbaje afterwards Juana Inés de la Cruz (with two poems)Robert GravesA75, A126C425EssayJuana Inés de la Cruz
SP-256A Poet and His PublicRobert GravesA75C463EssayHome Service 1954. This was reprinted in Ward, A. C., Editor. Modern Non-Fiction.[London:] Longmans,[1968], pp. 137-145.
SP-257Best Man, Bore, Bamboozle, EtcRobert GravesA75EssayThe OED
SP-258Theft [Stealing]Robert GravesA75B24Essay
SP-259Kynge Arthur is Nat DedeRobert GravesA75C467ReviewReview of The Works of Sir Thomas Mallory, ed. Eugene Vinaver, OUP
SP-260Dr. Syntax and Mr. PoundRobert GravesA75, A126C422EssayPrompted by The Poetas Translator; TLS, 18 Sept 1953
[Book]CATACROCK 1956A78
SP-261Varro s Four Hundred and Ninety BooksRobert GravesA78, A84C457EssayPunch - RG's writing habits
SP-262Treacle TartRobert GravesA78, A84, A106C436StoryEnglish Story
SP-263The Full LengthRobert GravesA78, A84, A106C442StoryEnglish Story - Wm Nicholson
SP-264An Appointment for CandlemasRobert GravesA78, A84, A106C499StoryEnglish Story - "contemporary Magology"
SP-265The Devil is a ProtestantRobert GravesA78, A84C399EssaySaints and the Devil
SP-266Trin Trin TrinRobert GravesA78, A84, A112C501StoryPunch
SP-267Earth to EarthRobert GravesA78, A84, A106C475StoryEnglish Story - Composting
SP-268Epics are out of FashionRobert GravesA78, A84, A106C474StoryRoman Story
SP-269School Life in MajorcaRobert GravesA78, A112C430StoryPunch - "letter from Margaret"
SP-270Bulletin of the College of St. Francis of Assisi [Bulletin of the College of St Modesto Bobbio]Robert GravesA78, A112StoryAppendix to "School life in Majorca"
SP-271New Light on Dream-FlightRobert GravesA78, A84C494EssayDreams
SP-272Period PieceRobert GravesA78, A84, A106StoryEnglish Story
SP-273Protocols of Kitsch - Touristic CircularRobert GravesA78EssayTourism
SP-274They Say ... They SayRobert GravesA78, A84, A106C483StoryMajorcan Story
SP-275Week-End at Cwm TatwsRobert GravesA78, A84, A106C438StoryEnglish Story
SP-276Six Valiant Bulls [6 Valiant Bulls 6]Robert GravesA78, A84, A106C448StoryMajorcan Story - "letter from Margaret"
SP-277He Went out to Buy a RhineRobert GravesA78, A84, A106StoryEnglish Story
SP-278A Man May Not Marry His…Robert GravesA78, A84, A106C460StoryEnglish Story
SP-279God Grant Your Honour Many YearsRobert GravesA78, A84, A106, A112C445StoryMajorcan Story
SP-280The White Horse [Great Southern Ghost Story]Robert GravesA78, A84C472StoryAmerican Civil War Setting
SP-281A Bomb under My MonumentRobert GravesA78Story
SP-282Thy Servant and God'sRobert GravesA78, A112C454StoryMajorcan Story - "letter from Margaret"
SP-283Ever Had a Guinea-Worm?Robert GravesA78Story
SP-284Sappy Blancmange. [From The Uneconomist]Robert GravesA78C444EssaySpoof Review of "Sappy Blancmange Management North of the Tweed
SP-285Cambridge UpstairsRobert GravesA78C508Story"As a child, Psychopath R.G. was conditiond to despise the Light Blues
SP-286Kill Them! Kill Them!Robert GravesA78, A84, A106StoryRG's son David, killed in action in Burmah 1943
SP-287The Five GodfathersRobert GravesA78, A84, A106C470StoryMajorcan Story - "letter from Margaret"
SP-288The Abominable Mr. GunnRobert GravesA78, A84, A94, A106C489StoryEnglish Story - School
SP-289Harold Vesey at the Gates of HellRobert GravesA78, C84, C106StoryEnglish Story
SP-290Flesh-Coloured Net TightsRobert GravesA78C452StoryMajorcan Story - "letter from Margaret"
SP-291"Ha, Ha!" Chort-led Nig-gerRobert GravesA78C509StoryPunch -
SP-292Life of the Poet Gnaeus Robertulus GravesaRobert GravesA78, A84StorySpoof Roman Biography
SP-294Ditching in a Fishless SeaRobert GravesA78, A84, A112C520StoryBased on Spainish airliner ditching on Palma Beach
SP-296The Whitaker NegroesRobert GravesA78, A84, A106C491StoryMajorcan Story
SP-298Bathunts at BathurstRobert GravesA78MiscellaneaAustralian fantasy provokes by a Spanish compositor's end of line hyphens
[Book]5 PENS N HAND 1958A84
[Heading]I ForewordA84
SP-293Why I Live in Majorca [Report from Majorca; Majorca, the Fortunate Island; and A Place for a HolidayRobert GravesA84, A112[B36]“C330.5”, C455Essay
[Heading]II American LecturesA84
SP-295Legitimate Criticism of Poetry [John Milton Muddles Through & Wordsworth by Cable]Robert GravesA84, A86, A126[C555], [C568]TalkGiven at Mount Holyoke College, Feb 7, 1957
SP-297The White Goddess (2)Robert GravesA84, A86, A126C560TalkGiven at Y.M.H.A, New York, Feb 9, 1957.
SP-299The Diseases of Scholarship Clinically ConsideredRobert GravesA84C544TalkGiven at at Yale University, Feb 13, 1957
[Heading]III Critical EssaysA84
SP-300Pandora s Box and Eve's AppleRobert GravesA84, A86C518, C521ReviewReview of "Pandora's Box: The Changing Aspects of a Mystical Symbol" by Dora nd Erwin Panofsky, Routledge & Kegan Paul
SP-301The Golden Roofs of Sinadon. [Roots of Arthurian Mythology]Robert GravesA84, A86C530ReviewReview of Wales and the Arthurian Legend, by Roger Sherman Loomis, U. of Wales Press.
SP-302Numismatics for Student ChristiansRobert GravesA84C482ReviewReview of Christ and the Caesars, by Ethelbert Stauffer, S.C.M.
SP-303An Eminent Collaborationist [The Criticism of Sir Herbert Read]Robert GravesA84, A86C531ReviewReview of The Nature of Literature. By Herbert Read, Horizon Press
SP-304Answer to a Religious QuestionnaireRobert GravesA84C358Essay
SP-305Paul's ThornRobert GravesA84C429ReviewReview of The Birth of Christianity, by Maurice Goguel, George Allen
SP-306Religion: None, Conditioning: ProtestantRobert GravesA84C511ReviewReview of Red, Black, Blond and Olive, byEdmund Wilson, OUP.
SP-307Dont Fidget, Young Man!Robert GravesA84, A86C524ReviewReview of The Brook Kerith, by George Moore, The Macmillan Company
SP-308Colonel Lawrences Odyssey. [A Soldier's Homer]Robert GravesA84, A86C522ReviewReview of The Odyssey of Homer,translated by T.E. Shaw (Col. T.E.Lawrence), a Galaxy BOOK
[Heading]IV Mostly Stories, Mostly FunnyA84
SP-309I Hate PoemsRobert GravesA84C527StoryAbout recieving unsolicited poems
SP-310The French ThingRobert GravesA84, A106StoryEnglish Story
SP-311Evidence of AffluenceRobert GravesA84, A86, A106C571StoryMajorcan Story
SP-312A Bicycle in MajorcaRobert GravesA84, A86, A106C559StoryMajorcan Story
[Heading]V Historical AnomaliesA84
SP-313The Fifth Column at TroyRobert GravesA84, A86, A90TalkGiven at Trinity College, Cambridge
SP-314A Dead Branch on the Tree of Israel. [Majorca Xuetas]Robert GravesA84, A86, A90, A112C535, C537EssayXuetas of Mallorca
[Heading]V Poems 1955-1957A84
SP-315Prologue to a Poetry ReadingRobert GravesA84IntroductionGiven at M.I.T. 8 February 1957.
[Book]STEPS 1958A86
SP-316The Viscountess and the Short-Haired GirlRobert GravesA86, A90, A106C599StoryMajorcan Story
SP-317A Toast to Ava GardnerRobert GravesA86, A90, A106C583StoryMajorcan Story
SP-318Sweeney among the BlackbirdsRobert GravesA86, A90, A126C580TalkUniversity of Texas (Feb 17, 1958)
SP-319The Making and Marketing of Poetry [The American Poet as a Businessman]Robert GravesA86, A90C598TalkNew York University (Feb 7, 1958)
SP-320Pulling a Poem Apart [How to Pull a Poem Apart]Robert GravesA86, A90, A126C605TalkChicago Arts Center, (Feb 13, 1958)
SP-321Maenads, Junkies and OthersRobert GravesA86, A90C576ReviewReview of Drugs of the Mind, by Robert S. DeRopp
SP-322The Language as SpokenRobert GravesA86C439ReviewReview of The Oxford BOOK of English Talk, Edited by James Sutherland
SP-323It Ended with a Bang [A Life Full of Kicks and Shocks]Robert GravesA86, A90C577ReviewReview of Collected Poems by Roy Campbell
SP-324Legends of the Bible [Legends of the Jews]Robert GravesA86, A90C556ReviewReview of Legends of the Bible, by Louis Ginzberg, with an Introduction by Professor Shalom Spiegel
SP-325And the Childrens Teeth are Set on EdgeRobert GravesA86C572ReviewReview of Leftover Life to Kill, by Caitlin Thomas
SP-326Progressive PuericultureRobert GravesA86C418ReviewReview of A Critical Hostory of Children's Literature: A survey of Children's BOOKs In English from Earliest Times to the Present, by Cornelia Meigs, Ann Eaton, Elizabeth Nesbit and Ruth Hill Viguers
SP-327Preface to a Reading of New PoemsRobert GravesA86TalkUniversity of Michigan
[Heading]Studies in HistoryA86
SP-328Was Benedict Arnold a Traitor?Robert GravesA86, A90Essay
SP-329The Cultured Romans. [The Etruscans]Robert GravesA86, A90C504, C540Essay
SP-330New Light on an Old MurderRobert GravesA86, A90C586EssayClaudius's Murder and Mushrooms
SP-331What Food the Centaurs Ate [Centaur's Food, and Mushrooms; and Food of the Gods]Robert GravesA86, A90C564.Essay
SP-332She Landed YesterdayRobert GravesA90, A106C608, C610StoryMajorcan Story
SP-333The Lost Chinese [The Case of the Difficult Husband]Robert GravesA90, A106C637, C643StoryMajorcan Story
SP-334You Win, Houdini!Robert GravesA90, A106C647StoryEnglish Story
[Heading]Studies in HistoryA90
SP-335To Be a Goy [What It Feels Like to Be a Goy]Robert GravesA90, A125C611TalkDelivered at Zoa House, Tel Aviv, to the Israel and Commonweath Association, Jan 19, 1959
SP-336To Minorca! [Isle of Tranquillity: Minorca]Robert GravesA90C642EssayA visit to Minorca
SP-337Dour ManRobert GravesA90, A125C618, C623EssayDyscolos (The Dour Man) by Menander
SP-338Praise Me, And I Will Whistle to You.Robert GravesA90, A125C596EssayPoltergeists
SP-339What Was That War Like, Sir?Robert GravesA90, A125C602EssayNovember 11, 1958
[Heading]Critiques of New booksA90
SP-340Puck, Mab and the Billy BlinRobert GravesA90C619ReviewReview of The Anatomy of Puck: An Examination of Fairy Beliefs among Shakespeare's Contemporaries and Successors, by K.M.Briggs
SP-341The Pirates Who Captured Caesar [Caesar and the Pirates]Robert GravesA90, A125C588ReviewReview of The Young Caesar, by Rex Warner
SP-342The Butcher and the CurRobert GravesA90“C607.1” ReviewReview of In Flanders Fields by Leon Wolff. With an Introduction by Major General J.F.C. Fuller, C.B., C.B.E., D.S.O.
SP-343Two Studies in Scientific AtheismRobert GravesA90, A125C584ReviewReview of Why I am Not A Christian, by Bertrand Russell. Religion without Revelation, by Julian Huxley
SP-344Archetypal Wise Old ManRobert GravesA90C582ReviewReview of The Undiscovered Self, by C.G.Jung
SP-345Preface to a Reading of PoemsRobert GravesA90Introduction
[Heading]Oxford Chair of Poetry 1961A97
SP-346The Dedicated PoetRobert GravesA97, A126C688TalkOxford Chair of Poetry 1961 Lecture 1
SP-347The Anti-Poet [The Virgil Cult]Robert GravesA97, A126C691TalkOxford Chair of Poetry 1961 Lecture 2
SP-348The Personal MuseRobert GravesA97, A126TalkOxford Chair of Poetry 1961 Lecture 3
[Heading]Other lecturesA97
SP-349Poetic GoldRobert GravesA97, A126C704.1TalkAddess to the Oxford Philological Society (Nov 17, 1961)
SP-350The Word BárakaRobert GravesA97, A126C690TalkAddress to the Oxford University Poetry Society (Oct 30, 1961). Previously given in a modified form to the American Academy and Institute of Arts as the Bashfield Address
SP-351The Poet's Paradise [Journey to Paradise; and The Sacred Mushroom-Trance]Robert GravesA97, A126C705.1, C707, C727.1TalkAddress to the Oxford University Humanist Group (Nov 1, 1961)
SP-352Nine Hundred Iron Chariots [A Poet's Investigation of Science]Robert GravesA103, A111C739TalkThe Twelfth Arthur Dehon Little Memmorial Lecture, MIT, Boston, May 14, 1963
[Pamphlet]MAMMON 1964A104
SP-353MammonRobert GravesA104, A111C752TalkAnnual Oration, London School of Economics and Political Science, December 6, 1963
SP-354El fenoneno del turismoA108[A112]TalkTalk Given at El Ateneo, Madrid , Mar 3, 1964
[Heading]English StoriesA106
SP-355Christmas Truce [Wave No Banners]Robert GravesA106C716StoryEnglish Story
[Heading]Roman StoriesA106
SP-356The Apartment House [An Imperial Tale; and The Tenement: A Vision of Imperial Rome]Robert GravesA106C651, C697StoryRoman Story
SP-357The Myconian [The Gaudy Games]Robert GravesA106C656StoryRoman Story
[Heading]Oxford Chair of Poetry 1962A111
SP-358Some Instances of Poetic Vulgarity [Pretense on Parnassus]Robert GravesA111, A126C727TalkOxford Chair of Poetry 1962 Lecture 1
SP-359Technique in Poetry [Poetry's False Face]Robert GravesA111, A126C736TalkOxford Chair of Poetry 1962 Lecture 2
SP-360The Poet in a Valley of Dry BonesRobert GravesA111, A126C723TalkOxford Chair of Poetry 1962 Lecture 3
SP-361Real WomenRobert GravesA111C741Essay
SP-362Moral Principles in TranslationRobert GravesA111C765TalkThrelford Memorial Lecture, The Institute of Linguists, Dec 10, 1962
[Heading]Oxford Chair of Poetry 1963 A111
SP-363Intimations of the Black GoddessRobert GravesA111, A126TalkCombining the three Oxford Chair of Poetry 1963 lectures
SP-364Postscript 1965 (to Why I live in Mallorca)Robert GravesA112[A108][A125]EssayTranslation of "El Fenomeno del Turismo" A108.
SP-365George Sand In Majorca [Foreword and Historical Summary]Robert GravesA112, (A77)Essay
[Heading]Oxford Chair of Poetry 1964A117
SP-366Lecture I. [Standards of Craftsmanship]Robert GravesA117TalkOxford Chair of Poetry 1964 Lecture 1
SP-367Lecture II [A Favourite Cat Drowned]Robert GravesA117TalkOxford Chair of Poetry 1964 Lecture 2
SP-368Lecture III [A Pretty Kettle of Fish]Robert GravesA117TalkOxford Chair of Poetry 1964 Lecture 3
[Heading]Oxford Chair of Poetry 1965A117
SP-369Lecture I [Duende]Robert GravesA117TalkOxford Chair of Poetry 1965 Lecture 1
SP-370Lecture II. [Muntu, Mammon, Marxism]Robert GravesA117TalkOxford Chair of Poetry 1965 Lecture 2
SP-371Lecture III [Ecstasy]Robert GravesA117TalkOxford Chair of Poetry 1965 Lecture 3
[Heading]Talk A117
SP-372The Word RomanticRobert GravesA117TalkTo Bennet College, New York
[Book]THE CRANE BAG 1969A125
SP-373The Crane BagRobert GravesA125C815ReviewReview of Anne Ross, Pagan Celtic Britain.
SP-374Language of Monsters [What is a Monster]Robert GravesA125C837Essay
SP-375Case for Xanthippe [The Case for Zanthippe]Robert GravesA125C661Essay
SP-376Lost AtlantisRobert GravesA125Essay
SP-377ReincarnationRobert GravesA125C833Essay
SP-378The New English Bible [An Uneasy Compromise]Robert GravesA125C675, *C677.2*ReviewReview of the New English Bible.
SP-379Mr. Nabokov's Democratic Eclecticism [Language Levels]Robert GravesA125C788ReviewReview of translation of Pushkin's Eugene Onegin, by Nabokov, Routledge and Kegan Paul
SP-380Forgotten LoyalistsRobert GravesA125Essay
SP-381Do You Remember Albuhera [The Toughest Battle of All: When a Regiment is Fighting for Its Life]Robert GravesA125C704EssayAbout maintenance of regiments, regimental names and regimental traditions.
SP-382A significant lecture at Mount Holyoke [The Lecture I Hope to Have Given at Mount Holyoke]Robert GravesA125“C532.1”Essay
SP-383Tyger,TygerRobert GravesA125Essay
SP-384Five Score and Six years agoRobert GravesA125Essay
SP-385The Decline in Bullfighting [Enter, the Leaden Age of Bullfighting; and Bullfighting]Robert GravesA125C625, C635Essay
SP-386The Phenomenon of Mass TourismRobert GravesA125[A108][A112]Essay
SP-387The Idiom of the PeopleRobert GravesA125ReviewReview of The Idiom of the People by James Reeves, Heineman.
SP-388My Best ChristmasRobert GravesA125C717.1StoryEnglish Story
SP-389Charterhouse Flourishes [Poet and Public School.]Robert GravesA125C746ReviewReview of Charterhouse: An Open Examination Written by the Boys. Replies 5 April, p.19. Reply by Graves, 12 April, p.19.
SP-390Miss Briton's Lady Companion [Miss Britain’s Lady Companion; The Many Lives of My Mother]Robert GravesA125C822, "833.2"StoryEnglish Stories - RG's mother
SP-391The Uses of SuperstitionRobert GravesA125TalkGraves claims it was given in 1963, but there is no mention of this in his diary. The only talk mentioned as being given at MIT was "Nine Hundred Iron Chariots" (SP-352)
SP-392Witches Today [Witches in 1964; and Britain's Witches Make a Comeback]Robert GravesA125C759, C767Essay
SP-393Translating the Rubaiyyat [Robert Graves Translates the Rubaiyyat]Robert GravesA125C840, C825Essay
SP-394An Absolute Criminal [The Shocking Case of Miss Sweet]Robert GravesA125C835Essay
SP-395Address to the Poets of Hungary [Crane and the Horse]Robert GravesA133C905TalkText of talk given to members of Hungarian PEN Centre, Budapest, 28 May 1971
SP-396GeniusRobert GravesA133C860Essay
SP-397Arts and CraftsRobert GravesA133Essay
SP-398The Bible in EuropeRobert GravesA133Essay
SP-399Poetry and Obsenity Robert GravesA133Essay
SP-400Goddesses and ObosmaRobert GravesA133Essay
SP-401The Universal ParadiseRobert GravesA133Essay
SP-402Mushrooms and ReligionRobert GravesA133Essay
SP-403The Two Births of Dionysus [What the Gods Turned On; Divine Rite of Mushrooms]Robert GravesA133C863, C870ReviewReview of Soma: Divine Mushroom of Immortality, by Gordon Wasson: Harcourt Brace & World Inc.
SP-404What Has Gone WrongRobert GravesA133Essay
SP-405RationalityRobert GravesA133Essay
SP-406Greek TraditionRobert GravesA133Essay
SP-407Ovid and the Libertines [The Amorous Verse of P.O. Naso]Robert GravesA133C843ReviewReview od new translation of Ovid's Amores by Joseph Lee
SP-408Birds and MenRobert GravesA133Essay
SP-409The Kaiser's WarRobert GravesA133B---Essay
SP-410Fighting CourageRobert GravesA133“C867.1”EssayOn military courage.
SP-411A Soldier's HonourRobert GravesA133Story
SP-412The Absentee FusilierRobert GravesA133C918Story
SP-413The Inner EarRobert GravesA133Essay
SP-414The Pentagram of IsisRobert GravesA133Essay
SP-415Solomon's SealRobert GravesA133Essay
SP-416The Heart ShapeRobert GravesA133Essay
SP-417The Sufic Chequer BoardRobert GravesA133Essay
SP-418The Nine DiamondsRobert GravesA133Essay
SP-419Speaking FreelyRobert GravesA133InterviewInterview by Edwin Newman on the American Air Feb 15, 1970
SP-420Why Jigsaws Went out of FashionRobert Graves and Rosaleen GravesC2StoryStory for Children
SP-421RagtimeRobert GravesC3Essay
SP-422One Hundred Years AgoRobert GravesC4Essay
SP-423Origin of Words in use at CharterhouseRobert GravesC6.1Essay
SP-424How to Do ThingsRobert GravesC7Essay
SP-425Honey and FlowersRobert GravesC7.1Essay
SP-426To Ed. The Green ChartreuseRobert GravesC8.1Letter
SP-427General Library Committee Robert GravesC26LetterCharterhouse
SP-428Untitled (Green Chartreuse)Robert GravesC29LetterAbout triolets
SP-429The Druids ClubRobert GravesC30Essay
SP-430Some Trench ScenesRobert GravesB18C34Essay
SP-431Parodies and PrisonersRobert GravesC59ReviewReview of E. de Steins The Poets in Picardy and Alec Waugh's The Prisoners of Mainz.
SP-432A Nine-Year-Old Looks at the WorldRobert GravesC65ReviewReview of Daisy Ashford's The Young Visiters.
SP-433An Old FriendRobert GravesC68ReviewReview of Samuel Butler's The Way of All Flesh.
SP-434A Robert GravesC70ReviewReview of Collected Poems of W H. Davies.
SP-435Untitled- signed FUZE (Books at Random) Robert GravesC85EssayAbout the dropping of compulsory Greek at Oxford, Hardy's honorary degree and John Masefield.
SP-436Untitled (Books at Random)Robert GravesC88ReviewReview of Aldous Huxley's Limbo and speculations about who buys BOOKs.
SP-437Untitled- signed FUZE (Books at Random) Robert GravesC89EssayOn the 'holiness' of BOOKs, the bad effect of BOOKsellers on publishers and E. B. Browning.
SP-438Untitled- signed FUZE (Books at Random) Robert GravesC91EssayOn literary back-scratching.
SP-439Untitled- signed FUZE (Books at Random) Robert GravesC92EssayAbout his library and reorganizing his BOOKshelves.
SP-440Untitled- signed FUZE (Books at Random) Robert GravesC93EssayAbout Mabel Nicholson and referring to women artists by their married names.
SP-441Untitled- signed FUZE (Books at Random) Robert GravesC94EssayAbout children's literature.
SP-442Untitled- signed FUZE (Books at Random) Robert GravesC97EssayAbout slang.
SP-443Untitled (Isis)Robert GravesC100ReviewReview of Robert Nichols' Aurelia.
SP-444Untitled- signed FUZE (Books at Random) Robert GravesC101EssayAbout Irene Iddesleigh.
SP-445Untitled- signed FUZE (Books at Random) Robert GravesC102EssayAbout Traherne, Campion, Donne, Douglas, Henryson, Darley, Clare and Skelton: 'neglected and recently rescued' poets.
SP-446Untitled- signed FUZE (Books at Random) Robert GravesC105EssayOn blasphemy in art.
SP-447Untitled- signed FUZE (Books at Random) Robert GravesC106EssayA 'holiday letter' from Hwch Goch.
SP-448Isis Idol: Mr. T.E. Lawrence (Arabia and All Souls)Robert GravesC112EssayT.E.Lawrence
SP-449Untitled (Cherwell)Robert GravesC112.3ReviewReview of Louis Golding’s Forward from Babylon.
SP-450Poets and anthologiesRobert GravesC133LetterLetter commending T.S. Eliot's complaint about anthologies.
SP-451How English Is TaughtRobert GravesC134ReviewReview of The Teaching of English in England by a committee of the President of the Board of Education.
SP-452Answers to a QuestionnaireRobert GravesC143EssayPoetry and modern life. In answer to questionnaire set by Harold Monro
SP-453Alexander Pope. Robert GravesC148EssayShort biographical and critical note.
SP-454Mr Graves RepliesRobert GravesC151Letter??
SP-455The Eagle and the WrenRobert GravesC166ReviewReview of Edith Sitwell's Bucolic Comedies and C.M. Doughty's Mansoul.
SP-456British or EnglishRobert GravesC176EssayAbout usage of the two words.
SP-457A Poetess and Five PoetsRobert GravesC177ReviewReview of Trentaremi, and Other Moods by Sir Rennell Rodd, Poems by W.S. Blunt, Autumn Midnight by Frances Cornford, The Day’s Delight by Geoffrey Dearmer, A Devonshire Garden by R.H. Foster and Plummets by Henry Allsopp.
SP-458A "Galileo of Mares' Nests"Robert GravesC179, C183ReviewReview of the Shrewsbury Edition of Samuel Butler. (In 20 Volumes. Cape)
SP-459The Victorian PageantRobert GravesC180ReviewReview of John Drinkwater's Victorian Poetry and Frances M. Sims Robert Browning: Poet and Philosopher.
SP-460Ejaculations before ReviewingRobert GravesC185ReviewReview of At Dawn by Hon. Evan Morgan, An Offering of Swans by Oliver Gogarty, The Death of Itylus by Edward Glyn-Jones, The Wise Men Come to Town by William Jeffrey and Frogs at Twilight by Helen Nicholson.
SP-461The Freeing of ArielRobert GravesC187ReviewReview of Ariel: A Shelley Romance by André Maurois.
SP-462Wanted: Poetic Value ChartsRobert GravesC188ReviewReview of The Chilswell BOOK of English Poetry, ed. Robert Bridges.
SP-463Kensington Garden to Looking Glass LandRobert GravesC189ReviewReview of Kensington Gardens by Humbert Wolfe, The Pilgrim of Festus by Conrad Aiken and The Sleeping Beauty by Edith Sitwell.
SP-464The Cup FinalRobert GravesC191Essay1924- Aston Villa v. Newcastle.
SP-465Eleven PlaysRobert GravesC192ReviewReview of Tunnel Trench by Hubert Griffith, Krishna Kumari by Edward Thompson, First Blood by Allan Monkhouse, The Fanatics by Miles Malleson, The Three Barrows by Charles McEvoy, The Forest by John Galsworthy, Far above Rubies by Alfred Sutro, Taffy by Caradoc Evans, Beyond the Horizon and Gold by Eugene O'Neill and Punchinello by Alfred Rosenberg.
SP-466Critical LimitationsRobert GravesC193ReviewReview of The Awakening and Other Poems by Don Marquis, Selected Poems and New Hampshire by Robert Frost, The White Stallion by F.V. Branford, Tally Ho! and Other Hunting Noises by J.B. Morton, Visiting Winds by Eric N. Batterham, and Wayfaring by William Force Stead.
SP-467Gold and IronRobert GravesC198ReviewReview of H. J. Massingham’s In Praise of England.
SP-468Anthologies Private and PublicRobert GravesC199ReviewReview of N. G. Royde-Smith’s A Private Anthology and John Buchan’s The Northern Muse.
SP-469Poets in War and PeaceRobert GravesC201EssayAbout Hardy, Doughty and the young 'War-poets.
SP-470Eleven Pounds Weight of VerseRobert GravesC203ReviewReview of Flame and Shadow by Sara Teasdale, April Twilights by Willa Cather, The Wayland-Dietrich Saga by Katherine M. Buck, Collected Works and Selected Poems by Herbert Trench, The Magic Grape by Reginald Cripps, Poems by Henry Derozio, The Well of Memory by E.E. Speight and Miss Bedell by C.C. Abbott.
SP-471Muscular PoetryRobert GravesC205ReviewReview of John Crowe Ransom's Chills and Fever.
SP-472Beastly SkeltonRobert GravesC207ReviewReview of Richard Hughes’s edition of Skelton.
SP-473Such Stuff As DreamsRobert GravesC208LetterLetter in reply to review of The Meaning of Dreams
SP-474Mr. Santayana, Mr. Freeman and OthersRobert GravesC211ReviewReview of Santayana' s Lucifer, John Freeman s The Grove and Thomas Moult's Best Poems of 1924.
SP-475Tarantula barpipes and Some PoetsRobert GravesC215ReviewReview of Poems and Fables by R.C. Trevelyan, An Essex Harvest by H.H. Abbott, Collected Poems by Maurice Baring, The Spirit of Happiness by Lord Gorell, Parallax by Nancy Cunard, Complete Poems by Emily Dickinson, First Poems by Edwin Muir and Adriatica by Ferenc Békássy
SP-476Trial Voices and Irish EarsRobert GravesC216.1ReviewReview of AE's Voices of the Stones.
SP-477An Oxford Guide BookRobert GravesC218ReviewReview of L. Rice-Oxley's Oxford Renowned.
SP-478Keats and Mr. MurrayRobert GravesC219ReviewReview of John Middleton Murry's Keats and Shakespeare.
SP-479Mr. George Pontifex and More Recent TravellersRobert GravesC222ReviewReview of The Little World by Stella Benson.
SP-480Untitled (Calendar review)Robert GravesC223.1ReviewReview of Clemence Dane (Winifred Ashton) Naboth’s Vineyard.
SP-481On Foul and Blasphemous Tongues.Robert GravesC225EssayAn article which was later developed and expanded to become A21.
SP-482Donnybrook Fair and Seven PoetsRobert GravesC227ReviewReview of Poems by Barrington Gates, The Old Gods and Other Poems by Richard Rowley, The Cattle Drive in Connaught by Austin Clarke, I Heard a Sailor by Wilfred Gibson, Selected Poems by Aldous Huxley, Songs of Salvation, Sin and Satire by Herbert E. Palmer and Poems, Brief and New by William Watson.
SP-483Untitled (Calendar review)Robert GravesC230ReviewReview of Edward Thompson' s The Other Side of the Medal.
SP-484Piping Peter and OthersRobert GravesC239ReviewReview of The Green Bough by Ann Allnutt Knox, The Laburnum Branch by Naomi Mitchison, Martha-Wish-You-Ill by Ruth Manning-Sanders, Collected Poems by A.E., Poems 1902-1925 by Edward Thompson and Chorus of the Newly Dead by Edwin Muir.
SP-485Mothering PoetryRobert GravesC242ReviewReview of Poets and Their Art by Harriet Monroe.
SP-486Impenetrability IRobert GravesC246Essay
SP-487Impenetrability IIRobert GravesC249Essay
SP-488Untitled (Calendar review)Robert GravesC252ReviewReview of Malinowski' s Crime and Custom in Savage Society and Myth in Primitive Psychology and W.H.R. Rivers' Ethnology
SP-489Lawrence of ArabiaRobert GravesC253.1LetterA reply to A. T. Wilson
SP-490Untitled (Bookman)Robert GravesC254LetterLetter on Poe, with mention of Laura Riding and her address to the Oxford English Society in March 1927.
SP-491Mallory of EverestRobert GravesC255ReviewReview of George Leigh Mallory: A Memoir by David Pye.
SP-492Untitled (Criterion)Robert GravesC256LetterLetter in answer to a review of Laura Riding's The Close Chaplet.[Review by John Gould Fletcher, 6: 168-172, August; rejoinder by Fletcher 6: 546-547 December.]
SP-493To Ed Observer. The Lawrence Legend: A Reply to Mr. St.J. Philby. Robert GravesC258.1Letter A Reply to Mr. St.J. Philby.
SP-494Games Should Be RoughRobert Graves“C258.2”EssayAdvocating "rough" rather than "artistyic" play.
SP-495New Tales about Lawrence of Arabia.Robert Graves[A26]C260EssayPre-publication extract from "Lawrence and the Arabian Adventure" (A26b)
SP-496Lawrence of Arabia as a Buck Private.Robert Graves[A26]C261EssayPre-publication extract from "Lawrence and the Arabian Adventure" (A26b)
SP-497The Real Colonel Lawrence. Robert Graves[A26]C262EssayPre-publication extract from "Lawrence and the Arabian Adventure" (A26b)
SP-498The Making of a Conqueror. Robert Graves[A26]C263EssayPre-publication extract from "Lawrence and the Arabian Adventure" (A26b)
SP-498.1AnagrammagicRobert Graves"C263.1"Essay[Dreams, telepathy and anagrams and Graves’s poem ‘Attercop: The All-Wise Spider’.]
SP-499Robert Graves on Thomas HardyRobert GravesC259EssayOn the occasion of Hardy's death.
SP-500Patronage and the English PoetsRobert GravesC265Essay
SP-501The Enormous Room: A Note by Robert GravesRobert GravesC266ReviewReview of The Enormous Room by E. E. Cummings; see B16
SP-502Trench HistoryRobert GravesC267ReviewReview of Ten Years Ago by R.H. Mottram and Undertones of War by Edmund Blunden.
SP-503The Future of HumourRobert GravesC268LetterLetter in reply to E.V. Knox's review of Mrs Fisher and the Future of Humour in 44:[379], 8 December.
SP-504Romantic Criticism (With Laura Riding)Laura Riding and Robert GravesC269LetterLetter supporting the TLS review of Humbert Wolfe’s Dialogues and Monologues.
SP-505Lawrence of Arabia His Life at All Souls College, OxfordRobert Graves“C269.0.1”Essay
SP-506Why Should a Wife Lose her Own Name?Robert GravesC269.1Essay
SP-507The Egg-Cup MysteryRobert GravesC271.1Essay
SP-508I Solve Man's Dress Problem for Myself, At Least - and Nobody Jeers! Robert GravesC272Essay
SP-509To Ed. Daily Mail: A Poet Defends St. SwithinRobert GravesC272.1Letter
SP-510To Ed. Nation and Athenaeum: Modernist PoetryRobert GravesC272.2LetterAbout A28
SP-511More War BooksRobert GravesC273ReviewReview of A Subaltern's War by Charles Edmonds and The Wet Flanders Plain by Henry Williamson.
SP-512Mr. Robert Graves’s Army Scandal. Robert Graves“C279.2”EssayConcerns an incident in May 1915 in which two miners serving with the Welsh Regiment supposedly murdered their company Sergeant-Major.
SP-513A Brass Hat in No Mans LandRobert GravesC280ReviewReview of BOOK of same title by Brig. Gen. F. P. Crozier.
SP-514to Ed. Daily HeraldRobert GravesC281.1LetterLetter about Sassoon’s Memoirs of an Infantry Officer.
SP-515To Ed. TLS (with Laura Riding): Modern RiddlesLaura Riding and Robert GravesC282Letter in answer to review of A34, TLS, 1 January, p.8.
SP-516Salute of GunsRobert GravesC283ReviewReview of war BOOK of same title by Donald Boyd.
SP-517An Incomplete Complete SkeltonRobert GravesC284Essay
SP-518To Ed. Daily Palma Post.Robert Graves“C284.0.1”LetterLetter in which Graves denies involvement in an alleged brawl at a Deyá hotel. [The account of the brawl to which Graves responds was published in Daily Palma Post, 19 June 1932, p.1.
SP-519The Real David CopperfieldRobert GravesC284.1LetterLetter about The Real David Copperfield.
SP-520To ed John O'Lodon's Weekly: Mr. Micawber in Australia Robert Graves“C284.1.1”LetterReply to review of The Real David Copperfield by Bernard Darwin, John O’London’s Weekly, 1 April 1933, p. 1040; further commentary by readers, John O’London’s Weekly, 6 May, p. 169..
SP-521The Two AbbeysRobert GravesC284.2Essay?
SP-522Old Soldiers Never DieRobert GravesC285EssayLetter about review of Old Soldiers Never Die, TLS, 31 August, p.571; rejoinder TLS, 28 September, p.651.
SP-523To Ed. New York Times Book ReviewRobert GravesC285.1LetterA letter denying authorship of The Gold Falcon.
SP-524To Ed. The Spectator: Quot HominesRobert GravesC285.2LetterLetter signed by Graves, among others, protesting a review of Laura Riding's 'Poet: A Lying Word' by John Sparrow.
SP-525To ed. New Statesman: Lawrence and the ArabsRobert GravesC285.3LetterLetter about David Garnett's review of Lawrence and the Arabs.
SP-526To Ed. The Spectator: I, ClaudiusRobert GravesC285.4LetterLetter in response to a review by Graham Greene.
SP-527A Radish May Know No Greek.Robert Graves“C285.5”EssayReply to a review of I, Claudius.
SP-528To Ed. Bookman: I,ClaudiusRobert GravesC286LetterReply to a review by Jack Lindsay, BOOKman 86:166, June.
SP-529To Ed. TLS: English EpigramsRobert GravesC287LetterLetter ascribing an epigram to Skelton, not Herrick; rejoinder, TLS, 2 August, p.541.
SP-530Untitled (New Verse)Robert GravesC288EssayAnswers to questionnaire on poetry.
SP-531To Ed. The Listener: American PoetryRobert GravesC288.1LetterAmerican Poetry
SP-532Mr. Lindsays RomeRobert GravesC289ReviewReview of Jack Lindsay’s Caesar is Dead.
SP-533Caligula the GoodRobert GravesC289.1ReviewReview of J.P.V.D. Balsdon's 'The Emperor Gaius' (Caligula).
SP-534Mr. Graves and Mr. LindsayRobert GravesC290EssayReply to Lindsay, BOOKman 87: 66, October. See C289.
SP-535Contribution - Focus IRobert GravesC290.1EssayLife in Deya 1935
SP-536Contribution - Focus IIRobert GravesC290.2EssayLife in Deya 1935
SP-537Contribution - Focus IIIRobert GravesC290.3EssayLife in Deya 1935
SP-538How This Document Was WrittenRobert GravesC290.4EssayObituary notice on T.E. Lawrence accompanying Lawrence's self­written obituary 'Myself'.
SP-539To Ed. Liverpool Post: The Hawthorden PrizewinnerRobert GravesC290.5LetterLetter about the composition of ‘I,Claudius’ and Graves' continued writing of poetry.
SP-540Hadrian: With EmendationsRobert GravesC290.6ReviewReview of Sulamith Ishkishor's Magnificent Hadrian.
SP-541To Ed. Red Tape.Robert GravesC290.7LetterLetter defending use of 'shall' and 'will' in I, Claudius.
SP-542To Ed. Left Review: A Letter from Robert GravesRobert GravesC291LetterReply to Montagu Slater, 'The Turning Point, Left Review 2: 15-23, October.
SP-543Robert's Likes - Focus IVRobert GravesC291.4Essay
SP-544Contribution - Focus IVRobert GravesC291.1Essay
SP-545To Ed. The Observer. Taxi-and-Gin Shorthand (with Laura Riding)Laura Riding and Robert GravesC291.5LetterComplaint that that Riding was not acknowledged by McNeice in his use of this phrase
SP-546To Ed. Daily Telegraph: A Roman TriumphRobert GravesC291.6LetterLetter about Abyssinia.
SP-547The Naval OfficerRobert GravesC291.7ReviewReview of A. Hillgarth's Davy Jones.
SP-548To Ed. News ChronicleRobert GravesC292LetterLetter about the Lawrence-Feisal letters in reply to front-page article of 16 June.
SP-549To Ed. John O'London's WeeklyRobert GravesC292.1LetterLetter about the Seizin Press.
SP-550To Ed. Daily Telegraph (with Laura Riding): Neglect of the PoetsLaura Riding and Robert GravesC292.2LetterLetter about economic provisions for poets.
SP-551To Ed. Daily Telegraph (with Laura Riding)Laura Riding and Robert GravesC292.3LetterLetter about ways of providing patronage for poets.
SP-552To Ed. Daily Telegraph: Caesar, Il Duce and Cymbeline [signed by Harry Kemp only] Harry Kemp [And Robert Graves]“C292.3.1”LetterLetter by H. V. Kemp, anonymously co-authored by Graves, on parallels between Caesar, Mussolini and Cymbeline
SP-553To Ed. Daily Telegraph: Witchballs & Sea Serpent’s Egg.Robert GravesC292.4LetterLetter on druidical sea-serpents' eggs.
SP-554Powerless in the MatterRobert GravesC293LetterAbout trouble with ministries.
SP-555To Ed. The Sunday TimesRobert GravesC293.1LetterLetter about character of Belisarius in Count Belisarius.
SP-556To Ed. The Sunday TimesRobert GravesC293.2LetterLetter about historicity of Count Belisarius.
SP-557To Ed. TLS: English HumouristsRobert GravesC294LetterLetter about neglect of Skelton.
SP-558To Ed. Time and TideRobert GravesC294.1LetterLetter about Laura Riding's poetry.
SP-559To Ed. The SerpentRobert GravesC294.2LetterLetter in reply to review of Graves' Collected Poems.
SP-560To Ed. Time and TideRobert GravesC294.3LetterLetter in reply to review of Graves' Collected Poems and Laura Riding's Collected Poems.
SP-561To Ed. Daily MailRobert GravesC294.4LetterLetter on returning to poetry and W.B. Yeats.
SP-562To Ed. The Sunday Times [With Laura Riding.] Laura Riding and Robert GravesC294.5LetterLetter about modern poetry.
SP-563Ubu Empereur: La Mort de CaligulaRobert GravesC295ExtractExtract from Franch Translation of I, Claudius.
SP-564Bunker Blaise, ‘The Mark Twain Society’Robert GravesC295.1LetterLetter by Graves
SP-565The Mad Caligula Humors HimselfRobert GravesC296ExtractCondensed for Reader's Digest from I, Claudius
SP-566Nation Gone MadRobert GravesC296.1EssayAbout German character.
SP-567To Ed. New Statesman: Long Week EndRobert GravesC297.1LetterAbour The Long Weekend
SP-568Leave, 1915Robert GravesC298Essay
SP-569To Ed Reader's News: Thursday Morning and Our Long Week-EndRobert Graves and Alan HodgeC299LetterAbour The Long Weekend
SP-570To Ed. The Sunday Times: ‘Et in Arcadia Ego!’ Robert Graves“C300.0.1”LetterReply to a letter by Sir Lancelot Oliphant.
SP-571Atque Ego in Arcadia.Robert Graves“C300.0.2”LetterReply to a letter by F. L. Lucas.
SP-572What I Believe About Ghosts [Common Sense about Ghosts]Robert GravesC300.1, C301Essay
SP-573To Ed. The TimesRobert GravesC302LetterLetter on patience.
SP-574To Ed. Daily Telegraph: George WashingtonRobert GravesC302.1Letter
SP-575To Ed. The TimesRobert GravesC305LetterLetter on Scipio and Belisarius.
SP-576Cartoonists Joke Becomes Film HeroRobert GravesC305.1Essay
SP-577To Ed. TLS: Wife to Mr. MiltonRobert GravesC306LetterReply to review, TLS, 30 January, p.53.
SP-578To Ed Listener: 'Wife to Mr. Milton'.Robert GravesC306.1Letter
SP-579To Ed. The TimesRobert GravesC307LetterLetter about fourth terms for U. S. Presidents in the context of Roman history.
SP-580To Ed Listener: 'Wife to Mr. Milton'.Robert GravesC307.1Letter
SP-581To Ed New Statesman: What Can It Possibly Mean?Robert GravesC307.2LetterLetter in reply to a review of The Reader Over Your Shoulder and with references to The Real David Copperfield.
SP-582To Ed. The Sunday Times: English ProseRobert GravesC307.3Letter Letter in reply to a review of A55.
SP-583To Ed. TLS: Eyes on the ReaderRobert GravesC309LetterReply to review of The Reader Over your Shoulder, TLS, 12 June, p.283; rejoinder, 3 July, p.319; further reply by Graves, 3 July, p.319.
SP-584It Happened in 537 A.D.Robert GravesC310EssayAbout Belisarius
SP-585It Happened in 513 B.C.Robert GravesC312EssayAbout Darius I Hystapis of Persia and his failed invasion of southern Russia
SP-586Bards and GleemenRobert GravesC314ReviewReview of Other Men's Flowers by Field-Marshal Viscount Wavell.
SP-587To Ed. The TimesRobert GravesC315LetterLetter on Independence Day broadcast.
SP-588To Ed. The TimesRobert GravesC316LetterLetter on the unicorn’s beard.
SP-589To Ed. The TimesRobert GravesC317LetterRelated correspondence: Letters in The Times from Frederick S. Boas and Arundell Esdaille, 19 August 1944, p. 5 and letter from Cyril Norwood, 22 August 1944.
SP-589.1To Ed TIME: Their Colors Were Not Taken”. Robert GravesC317.1”LetterLetter correcting an article in Time 44: 17 July, p. 44, which asserted the Royal Welch Fusilier’s surrender to General Washington at Yorktown constituted a blot on the regiment’s record. See also C315.
SP-590To Ed. The Times: Private Atkins.Robert GravesC319LetterLetter about Thomas Atkins.
SP-591To Ed. The Times: From or To?Robert GravesC320LetterLetter on usage of ‘from’ and ‘to’.
SP-591.1To Ed TIME: Milton Unloved.Robert GravesC322.0.1”Letter[Letter in reply to a review of A54, 27 November 1944.]
SP-592The Ethics of QuotationRobert GravesC322.1Letter??
SP-593To Ed. The Times: The Scholar in the SculleryRobert GravesC328LetterLetter on manual work necessary for scholars.
SP-594To Ed. Horizon: Cost of lettersRobert GravesB38.1“C329.1”EssayResponse to a questionnaire on ‘The Cost of Letters.’
SP-595To Ed. The Times: I.N.R.I. Robert Graves“C330.2”LetterLetter in response to a review of King Jesus.
SP-596To Ed. Nation: Christianity and Poetry.Robert Graves“C330.4”LetterLetter in response to a review by Robert Fitzgerald of King Jesus.
SP-597To Ed. TLS: King JesusRobert GravesC331LetterReply to review, 7 December, p. 601. See C332.
SP-598To Ed. News Review: Graves’s Jesus.Robert Graves“C331.01”LetterReply to a review of ‘King Jesus’ in News Review, 5 December 1946.
SP-599To Ed. Birmigham Post: ‘King Jesus.’ Robert Graves“C331.02”LetterReply to a review by H. G. W. in Birmingham Post 7 December 1946 and a rejoinder on 1 January 1947..
SP-600To Ed Listener: King JesusRobert GravesC331.1LetterLetter in response to a review of King Jesus.
SP-601To Ed John O'London: The Crime of JesusRobert GravesC331.2LetterReply to a review by McEwan Lawson.
SP-602To Ed. New Statesman: 'King Jesus'Robert GravesC331.3LetterReply to E. E. Kallett’s review.
SP-603To Ed. TLS: King JesusRobert GravesC332LetterFurther reply to review (see C331). Further reply by Graves, 29 March, p. 141. Rejoinders, 4 January, p. 9; 15 February, p. 91; 8 March, p. 103.
SP-604To Ed. CavalcadeRobert Graves“C332.01”LetterLetter in response to a review of King Jesus by Hayter Preston.
SP-605The History and Logic of 'King Jesus' [The Historic Logic of ‘King Jesus.’]Robert GravesC332.1, C338Essay
SP-606To Ed John O'London: The Crime of JesusRobert Graves“C332.3”LetterLetter regarding King Jesus in reply to a letter from Rev. A. Elliott-Cannon, 7 Feb. 1947.
SP-607To Ed. The TabletRobert GravesC333LetterReply to a review of ‘King Jesus’ by Mgr. Knox.
SP-608Jesus’s Divinity. Robert Graves“C334.1”Essay
SP-609To Ed. Poetry WalesRobert Graves“C334.2”LetterGraves’s contribution is a letter expressing good luck to Wales magazine on its 10th anniversary
SP-610To Ed. Commentary: King JesusRobert GravesC335LetterReply to review by Mordecai S. Chertoff, 3:391-393, April.
SP-611Folk Dance in MajorcaRobert GravesC339EssayThe entire issue of the magazine is devoted to Graves's friend, the artist Joan Junyer
SP-612The Song the Sirens SangRobert GravesC347EssayMentions the forthcoming A61.
SP-613To Ed. TLS: Digested ClassicsRobert GravesC348LetterAbout "The Real David Copperfield". Part of a lengthy correspondence.
SP-614To Ed. The Spectator: The White GoddessRobert GravesC349, LetterReply to review by G.E. Daniel, 180: 680, 4 June.
SP-615To Ed. The Listener: The White GoddessRobert GravesC349.1, LetterReply to a review of The White Goddess, 40:209, 5 August.
SP-616To Ed. TLS: Wordsworth and AnnetteRobert GravesC351LetterAbout Wordsworth's guilt: reply to letter by John Eglinton, 19 March p.185.
SP-616.1To Ed TIME: Wrong Child.Robert GravesC351.1”LetterLetter in reply to a review of A62, 28 March.
SP-617The Future of Western ReligionRobert GravesC355, C388Essay
SP-618Parable of the Talents: A Suggested EmendationRobert GravesC356Essay
SP-619A Motley HeroRobert GravesC356.1ReviewReview of The Hero With a Thousand Faces, by Joseph Campbell. See C368.
SP-620To Ed. TomorrowRobert Graves“C356.2”LetterLetter in reply to critical commentary by Edgar S. Brightman regarding C355 (The Future of Wetsren Religion); Brightman’s letter is printed with Graves’s reply.
SP-621The First Biography of SkeltonRobert GravesC361.1ReviewReview of Skelton: The Life and Times of an Early Tudor Poet by H. L. R. Edwards.
SP-622Did Jesus Have a Fair Trial?Robert GravesC362.1Essay
SP-623To Ed. The Observer: Poets and Saints.Robert GravesC362.2LetterLetter about the encouragement of poetry.
SP-624Revolt in the DesertRobert GravesC363.1EssayAbout T.E.Lawrence and the writing of The Seven Pillars of Widsom.
SP-625To Ed. TLS: The Golden AssRobert GravesC364LetterReply to review, 2 June, p.336.
SP-626A Mantelful of NorthwindRobert Graves[A75]C368ReviewThe first half is a review of Joseph Campbell's The Hero with a Thousand Faces; the second half is "The Age of Obsequiousness"
SP-627The Language of MythRobert GravesC372EssayAddenda to The White Goddess.
SP-628To Ed. TLS: Bunyan at the Seige of LeicesterRobert GravesC374Letter
SP-629The Pharisees and JesusRobert GravesC385.1Essay
SP-630Mr. Alexander CliffordRobert GravesC386EssayObituary od Alex Clifford (Graves's son in law)
SP-631Jungian MythologyRobert GravesC393EssayReview of Introduction to a Science of Mythology by C. G. Jung and C. Kerényi, translated by F.R.C. Hull, Bollinin Series, 1951.
SP-632The Seventh Man: Tributes to Sir Max Beerbohm on His Eightieth BirthdayRobert GravesC395Essay
SP-633To Ed. The Spectator: Myths and MatriarchsRobert GravesC406.1Letter
SP-634The Marriage of Hercules and EveRobert GravesC408ReviewReview of The Sword from the Rock, by G.R. Levy, Faber and Faber
SP-635The Lower CriticismRobert GravesC415ReviewReview of The Other Side of the Story, by Rupert Furneaux, Cassell.
SP-636What Happened to Atlantis? Robert GravesC419Essay
SP-637To Ed. The Observer: 'Nazarene Gospel'Robert GravesC424.1LetterLetter in response to J.M. Cohen concerning The Nazarene Gospel Restored
SP-638Customs of Majorca.Robert Graves*C425.1*Essay
SP-639To Ed. New Statesman: Gospel TruthRobert GravesC427, C431LetterLetter in reply to review of A69 by H.L. Short, 46: 692, 694, 28 November; see C431.
SP-639.1To Ed. Manchester Guardian: The Gospels.Robert Graves & Joshua Podro“C428.1”LetterLetter in reply to review of A69 by H. H. Rowley.
SP-639.2To Ed. Time and Tide: Everybody’s Wrong But Me.Robert Graves & Joshua Podro“C428.2”LetterLetter in reply to a review of A69 by Roger Lloyd.
SP-639.3To Ed Yorkshire Post: Jesus in the Gospel Story. Robert Graves & Joshua Podro“C429.1”Letter[Letter in reply to a review of A69 by “E. Q.”, 11 December 1953; further replies by Graves, Podro and the reviewer, “E. Q.”, 16 January.]
SP-640To Ed. The ListenerRobert GravesC432LetterReply to review of A69, 50: 1136, 31 December 1953.
SP-641Royal VictimsRobert GravesC433ReviewReview of The Divine King in England, by Margaret Alice Murray.
SP-642To Ed. Picture Post: Graves and the Gospels. Robert Graves“C433.2”LetterLetter in which Graves corrects a quotation attributed to him in Picture Post 9 January 1954.
SP-642.1To Ed. Synagogue Review: Jesus the Jew.Robert Graves & Joshua Podro“C433.1”Letter[Letter in reply to a review by Erwin Rosenthal of A69, December 1953, pp. 109-112.]
SP-643To Ed. TLS: The Nazarene Gospel RestoredRobert Graves & Joshua PodroC437LetterReply to review, 19 February, p.125. Further reply by Graves and Podro, 26 March, p.201. Rejoinders 12 March, p.169 and 2 April, p.217. See also the editorial apology, 22 July, 1955, p.413.
SP-644To Ed. Twentieth CenturyRobert Graves & Joshua PodroC441LetterReply to review of A69.Reply to review by E.L. Allen, 155: 256-262 March; rejoinder 155: 435-436 May.
SP-645Discoveries in Greek MythologyRobert GravesC449Essay
SP-646Books in General - New StatesmanRobert GravesC450, C478ReviewReview of Poems by John Claire, Ed. James Reeves, Heinemann
SP-647No. 2 Polstead RoadRobert GravesC451ReviewReview of T.E. Lawrence's Home Letters.
SP-648To Ed. TLS: Freud and Gotthilf von SchubertRobert GravesC453LetterLetter suggesting anticipation of Freud in von Schubert (Graves' great-grandfather).
SP-648.1To Ed TIME:Robert GravesC454.1Letter[Letter in reply to a review of A69, 26 July, p. 45.]
SP-649Majorca, the Fortunate IslandRobert GravesC455Essay
SP-650How the Gospels Were WrittenRobert Graves and Joshua PodroC458EssayMaterial from NGR
SP-651To Ed. TLS: Working Models for Young Poets?Robert GravesC459LetterLetter in reply to suggestion the he and Empson might serve as such.
SP-652To Ed. The Sunday Times: The Clark Lectures. Robert GravesC463.1LetterLetter expressing respect and gratitude to Basil Willey.
SP-653The Nativity - IRobert Graves and Joshua PodroC464EssayMaterial from NGR
SP-654The Nativity - IIRobert Graves and Joshua PodroC465EssayMaterial from NGR
SP-655The Nativity - III Robert Graves and Joshua PodroC471EssayMaterial from NGR
SP-656To Ed. New Statesman: Malory's ArthurRobert GravesC473LetterLetter in reply to Hugh Vaudrey, 49: 45, 8 January, which is a reply to Graves's review: Kynge Arthur is Nat Dede.
SP-657The Lawrence I KnewRobert GravesC473.1LetterReview of Richard Aldington' s Lawrence of Arabia.
SP-658To Ed Truth SeekerRobert Graves and Joshua PodroC475.1LetterReply to a BOOK review.]
SP-659Lawrence Vindicated. Robert Graves“C475.3”Essay
SP-660To Ed. TLS: The Greek MythsRobert GravesC476LetterReply to review, 4 March, p.137. Rejoinder 29 April, p.209.
SP-661To Ed. The Listener: The Integrity of the PoetRobert GravesC477LetterLetters in reply 53: 623, 7 April and 53: 669, 14 April.
SP-662The Terror of HistoryRobert GravesC480ReviewReview of Mircea Eliade's The Myth of the Eternal Return.
SP-663To Ed TLS: Gerald Manley HopkinsRobert GravesC484LetterLetter of apology for siring the new critical approach to Hopkins.
SP-664The Oedipus MythRobert GravesC486Essay
SP-665Christ and CaesarRobert GravesC487LetterLetter in reply to letter by W. A. Wordsworth 49: 580, 23 April, which is reply to "Numismatics for Student Christians".
SP-666Greek Myths and Pseudo-MythsRobert GravesC490EssayAbout the Trojan War and myths surrounding it; material of The Greek Myths.
SP-667To Ed. PoetryRobert GravesC490.1LetterLetter on Poetry's fund raising.
SP-668Under the Shadow of YggdrasilRobert GravesC495ReviewReview of Brian Branston's Gods of the North and Walter Ottos Homeric Gods.
SP-669To Ed. Shenandoah: Robert GravesC498LetterLetter about review of Nazarene Gospel Restored [Review by Hugh Kenner, 6: 44-53 Spring 1955; rejoinder by Kenner 7: 66-67 Autumn.]
SP-670To Ed. New Statesman: Graves, Gods and PsychoanalystsRobert GravesC500LetterReply to Jacquetta Hawkes, 50: 243, 27 August, which is a reply to "Under the Shadow of Yggdrasil"
SP-671The Spoiled HoneymoonRobert GravesC502EssayOn George Sand and Chopin. See Winter in Majorca.
SP-672English Nursery RhymesRobert GravesC505ReviewReview of The Oxford Nursery Rhyme BOOK, ed. Peter and Iona Opie.
SP-673To Ed Sunday Times: George SandRobert GravesC505.1LetterAbout Winter in Majorca.
SP-674Decline of Roman EmperorRobert GravesC510.1ReviewReview of G. Maranoñ’s Tiberius.
SP-675Culture CreepRobert GravesC512ReviewReview of Richard Dorson’s The Negro Folktale in Michigan.
SP-676To Ed. Saturday Review: Knobbed Cudgels No Fair. Robert Graves “C518.1” LetterReply to Horace Gregory’s review of The Crowning Privilege.
SP-677Jewish Jesus, Gentile ChristRobert GravesC524ReviewReview of The BOOK of Kerith by George Moore.
SP-678To Ed. Commentary: Robert Graves DemursRobert GravesC526LetterReply to Arnold Sherman, ‘A Talk with Robert Graves’, 22: 364-366, October. Rejoinder by Sherman, 22: 472, November.
SP-679Two Celtic AnthologiesRobert GravesC532ReviewReview of Early Irish Lyrics, ed. Gerard Murphy and The ed. Gwyn Williams.
SP-680Comments on Lineal and Non-Lineal CodificationsRobert GravesB52C541Essay
SP-681Comments on Symbolization and ValueRobert GravesC542Essay
SP-682To Ed. The Scotsman: The Errors of Poets.Robert Graves “C543.1” LetterLetter in reply to an article ‘Poets on Poets’ published 15 February.
SP-683 The Most Cultured of All Romans [The Ignoblest Roman of Them All]Robert GravesC545, C617EssayAbout Nero..
SP-684Caesar: When Comes Such Another?Robert GravesC546Essay
SP-685An Even More Cultured RomanRobert GravesC549EssayAbout Lucan.
SP-686To Ed. The ListenerRobert GravesC550LetterAbout Nero article.
SP-687How to Avoid Mycophobia Robert GravesC554 ReviewReview of the Wassons’ Mushrooms, Russia and History.
SP-688To Ed. New Statesman: A Deciduous Family.Robert GravesC558LetterLetter in response to Ralph Partridge's review of They Hanged My Saintly Billy (A82), 53: 680, 25 May.
SP-689All Child’s Children Got Itch.Robert GravesC562LetterReply to review of English and Scottish Ballads, 5 July, p. 414.
SP-690To Ed. TLS: Imaginery MuseumsRobert GravesC565LetterReply to a quotation in a leader of 19 July, p.441. Further reply by Graves, 15 November, p.689.
SP-691To Ed TLS: Jesus in RomeRobert GravesC566LetterReply to review, 26 July, p.461. Rejoinder 30 August, p.519. Further letter by Graves and Podro, 20 September, p.561.
SP-692After a Century, Will Anyone Care Whodunit?Robert GravesC567EssayAbout detective stories.
SP-693To Ed. The Times: Private Thomas Atkins. Robert GravesC570LetterLetter on Thomas Atkins.
SP-694Houses in My LifeRobert GravesC572.1Essay
SP-695Mont Blanc Milestone [Dr. Paccard of Mont Blanc]Robert GravesC575.1ReviewReview of Graham Brown and Sir Gavin de Beer's The First Ascent of Mont Blanc.
SP-696The Glass Castle and the GrailRobert GravesC578ReviewReview of Geoffrey Ashe's King Arthur's Avalon. Reply by Ashe 39: 70, 18 January.
SP-696.1Below the Waist. Robert GravesC578.1”LetterLetter in which Graves denies authorship of The Sweeniad, reviewed in Time 71: 10 February, pp. 106, 108 and Graves objects to Time’s description of his waistcoat, 71: 6 January, p. 30.
SP-697The Historical Fiction: 11.Robert GravesC588.1EssayContribution to a symposium on the future of the Fiction.
SP-698To Ed. The Sunday Times: Murder of Claudius.Robert GravesC590.1LetterLetter about the Pumpkinification of Claudius.
SP-699Mostly Its Money that Makes a Writer Go, Go, Go.Robert GravesB65C593Essay
SP-700The Wall Robert GravesC595EssayAbout bad BOOKs and the difficulties of publishing.
SP-701Corn Can Sparkle Like a Star. Robert Graves “C601.1” ReviewReview of E. E. Cummings’s 95 Poems.
SP-702The Sinking of Sea VentureRobert GravesC603LetterAbout "Sea Venture" described in The Tempest, Act 1, Scene 1.
SP-703Seven PoetsRobert GravesC604IntroductionIntroduction to a small anthology of poems by T. S. Matthews, James Reeves, Sally Chilver, Alastair Reid, Terence Hards, Martin Seymour-Smith and Marnie Pomeroy.
SP-704To Ed. Yale Literary MagazineRobert GravesC605.1ReviewLetter on Ezra Pound.
SP-705Who Was a Jew. Robert Graves“C606.1” InterviewInterview with Graves in which he makes comparisons between prime ministers and generals.
SP-706To Ed. New Statesman: Graves on FairiesRobert GravesC622.1Letter
SP-707And What Would We do without "Etc"?Robert GravesC626Essay
SP-708Would-Be JewsRobert GravesC627ReviewReview of San Nicandro: The Story of a Religious Phenomenon by Elena Cassin.
SP-709Pen and GownRobert GravesC632EssayWhy modern literature should not be in the curriculum.
SP-710Homers Winks and NodsRobert Graves[A89]C633EssayReprinted as part of introduction to The Anger of Achilles
SP-711The Anger of AchillesRobert Graves[A89]C634EssayFour of the drawings by Ronald Searle in A89a, with quotes from the BOOK as captions.
SP-712I Discover IsraelRobert GravesC636Essay
SP-713To Ed The Fat AbottRobert GravesC641LetterLetter in reply to review of The Anger of Achilles
SP-714Hebrew and GreekRobert GravesC646ReviewReview of Moses Hadas' Hellenistic Culture.
SP-715To Ed. The Observer: Eccentric (1). Robert GravesC648.1LetterA letter about Clark Lectures.
SP-716To Ed. The Observer: Eccentric (2). Robert GravesC648.2LetterLetter in response to John Wain.
SP-717Sealed Lips.Robert GravesC653.2ReviewReview of Fall's First World War.
SP-718November 5th AddressRobert GravesB55C654Talk"Apparently given in 1928 to the Teachers' Union in London, but I cannot recall the occasion"
SP-719Party of One [Talking about Hexes]Robert GravesB60.2C662Essay
SP-720What Bird for Britain?Robert GravesC664EssayAbout a national bird.
SP-721To Ed. Daily TelegraphRobert GravesC674.1LetterLetter about Graves' Oxford degrees.
SP-722To Ed Manchester Guardian: Two Poets.Robert GravesC674.2Letter[Letter about James Reeves and Graves in reply to a review by Bernard Bergonzi of ‘Collected Poems’ by James Reeves, 20 January, p.6.]
SP-723Before the Ceiling Falls inRobert GravesC679InterviewInterview in Daily Express, mainly quotations.
SP-724Service to the MuseRobert GravesC680Essay
SP-725A Poet’s-Eye View of the World.Robert Graves “C681.01” EssayGraves opines on the state of the world.
SP-726Evening Standard Review Robert Graves C681.1ReviewReview of Harriette Wilson's Mistress of Many.
SP-727To Ed. The ObserverRobert Graves C681.3LetterLetter objecting to a reference by A. Alvarez to the Clark Lectures.
SP-728Words of the Week about. . . Accents. Robert GravesC683.2EssayIn Sunday Telegraph 'Words of the Week about. . . .
SP-729To Ed. Jewish Chronicle:Robert Graves “C689.1” Letter Graves replies to critics of his address to the Hillel Foundation.
SP-730London Magazine QuestionaireRobert GravesC695EssayAnswer to a questionnaire about poetry.
SP-731To Ed. TLS: Criticizing PoetryRobert GravesC696LetterReply to editorial of same title, 12 January, p.25; further reply by Ken Geering, 9 February, p.89; rejoinder by Graves, 23 February, p.121.
SP-732To Ed. The Times: Ignore the PoetRobert GravesC699LetterLetter advising this attitude.
SP-733To Ed. The Times: The Virgil TraditionRobert GravesC702LetterLetter in reply to report of public lecture.
SP-734Robert Graves Gives a Poetic View of Crossing Carfax.[Robert Graves]“C705.0.1”EssayArticle with several quotes by Graves made during the Creweian Oration as well as text of an untitled poem by Graves.
SP-735Words of the Week about. . . Strawberries.Robert GravesC705.2EssayIn Sunday Telegraph 'Words of the Week about. . . .
SP-736NummickRobert GravesC711EssayEtymological speculation.
SP-737Robert Graves Writes...Robert GravesC714Essayin Poetry BOOK Society Bulletin - About Schools of Poetry
SP-738Words of the Week about. . . PoetryRobert GravesC715.1EssayIn Sunday Telegraph 'Words of the Week about. . . .
SP-739Daily Mail ReviewRobert GravesC717ReviewBlurb for Tucci s Before My Time.
SP-740Some Hebrew Myths and Legends [Hebrew Myths and Legends]Robert Graves and Raphael PataiA105C719, C722IntroductionReprinted in The Hebrew Myths as the introduction and sections 5-7, 9-10.
SP-741The Truest PoetRobert GravesC720EssayOn the death of Robert Frost
SP-742The Fight to the Finish in 1914-1918Robert GravesC721Essay
SP-743To Ed. The Sunday Times: Robert FrostRobert GravesC721.1Letter
SP-744T.E. Lawrence and the Riddle of "S.A." [The Riddle of "S.A." of the Seven Pillars]Robert GravesC728, C838Essay
SP-745Redbook Dialogue [The Trouble with Men]Robert Graves and Gina LollobrigidaC730, C737Interview"Duologue" with Gina Lollobrigida
SP-746The Golden AgeRobert GravesC731EssayAbout Virgil
SP-747To Ed. EncounterRobert GravesC736.1LetterLetter responding to earlier letters about C719 and C722.
SP-748Reply to Arion QuestionaireRobert Graves“C739.1”EssayReply to Arion Questionnaire: Classics and the Man of Letters.
SP-749To Ed. The Sunday Times: Innocents Abroad. Robert GravesC742.1LetterLetter about C742.
SP-750Why Read Poetry?Robert GravesC744Essay
SP-751The Inner WorldRobert GravesC748.1EssayGraves’s commentary as host of a television adaptation of Sophocles’ Oedipus the King, staged at the ancient Greek theater at Delphi (1963)
SP-752To Ed. Poetry: Gold, In Medals and in Poems. Robert GravesC748.2LetterLetter about the gold content of medal presented to Graves by the The Poetry Society of America. See ‘Poetic Gold’ in A97
SP-753To Ed. TLS: InsulationRobert GravesC749LetterLetter about an accusation of insularity. See also the leader of 27 February, a letter by Christopher Middleton, 5 March, p.195 and letters of 19 March, p.235.
SP-754To Ed. The Sunday Times: House Training.Robert GravesC750.1LetterLetter about Charterhouse
SP-755The Lasting Echoes of the Kaisers WarRobert GravesC751EssayA somewhat more detached and historical view of WWI
SP-756Graves on 'T.E'. and 'S.A'. Robert GravesC761.1InterviewAbout T.E.Lawrence
SP-757Majorca is Home. Robert Graves “C762.1” Essay
SP-758Making Sound Sense of Shakespeare. Robert GravesC763EssayAbout emending text of Much Ado for Franco Zeffirelli’s production at the National Theatre.
SP-759OdysseusRobert GravesC766Essay??
SP-760Invasion of the IslandRobert GravesC768Essay
SP-761A Polite LieRobert GravesC769EssayAbout language and translation.
SP-762Richard Hughes, Poet with Frying PanRobert GravesC772EssayQuotes part of a letter received in 1922 from Graves in 70th birthday tribute to him.
SP-763To Ed ObserverRobert GravesC769LetterLetter about interview with Philip Toynbee.
SP-764Are Women More Romantic than Men? Robert GravesC778EssayIncludes 'Son Altesse ; see A113 and A114.
SP-765To Ed. TLS: Graves, 1965Robert GravesC780LetterLetter about A114.
SP-766To Ed. Les Cahiers de L'HerneRobert Graves “C780.1” LetterReply to a letter concerning Ezra Pound.
SP-767To Ed. Journal of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers: letter from Robert GravesRobert GravesC---Letter
SP-768To Ed. The Times: George IIIRobert GravesC784LetterLetter about George III and madness.
SP-768.1The Apple-Cheeked Little Toffs. Robert GravesC784.1EssayOn the raising of children and Graves’s recollections of his late Victorian childhood.
SP-769Undiscovered SpainRobert GravesC785Essay
SP-770Oxford Professor of PoetryRobert GravesC786Essay
SP-771Flying Crooked. Robert Graves“C786.1” EssayGraves explains that his poem, ‘Flying Crooked’ is a satire in reply to a parody of Graves’s poem ‘Flying Crooked’. The parody, titled ‘The Butterfly’s Reply’ by C. Garrett-Jones was published in New Scientist 29: 358, 10 February 1966.
SP-772Medieval WindsockRobert GravesC787EssayReprinted in “Y Ddraig Goch,” The Journal of The Royal Welch Fusiliers, Volume 16, Number 2, September 1966, p.68.
SP-773To Ed Daily Telegraph: Graves Readings at Albert Hall.Robert GravesC789Letter
SP-774James JensonRobert GravesC792EssayComment on James Jenson, “The Construction of Seven Types of Ambiguity which immediately precedes on pp 243-255).
SP-775To Ed. The Times: Tomorrows BreadRobert GravesC794LetterLetter about Lord’s Prayer.
SP-776Robert Graves Secret Vice Pays OffRobert GravesC797InterviewInterview by Anne Sinclair Mehdevi. Also reprints the following poems: Face in the Mirror – Portrait – Your Private Way – I Will Write – Like Snow.
SP-777No, Mac, It Just Wouldnt WorkRobert GravesC804Story
SP-778To Ed. The Times: Poetry Chair at OxfordRobert GravesC807Letter
SP-779To Ed. The Times: Matter of AddressRobert GravesC810LetterLetter on epistolary etiquette.
SP-780On PoetryRobert GravesC811Essay
SP-781Alexander Millward In Memoriam. Robert Graves “C811.1” EssaySeen only as an offprint; volume and page number unknown. Contains Graves’s translation of Goethe’s "Wer nie sein Brod mit Tränen ass".
SP-782Robert Graves on John Masefield. Robert GravesB68C814TalkExtracts from an address by Graves at the memorial address for John Masefield in Westminster Abbey on 20 June 1967 - Full text in B68.
SP-783To Ed. News Letter (Belfast)Robert GravesC814.1LetterLetter in reply to a review of A117.
SP-784Chaucers ManRobert GravesC820Essay
SP-785One of the FewRobert GravesC823EssayRemarks on Robert Frost including BBC1’s ‘Robert Frost – A Lover’s Quarrel with the World’.
SP-786To Ed. Guardian: Dr. Starkie for OxfordRobert GravesC826LetterLetter in support of Starkie's candidacy for the Oxford Professorship of Poetry.
SP-787.1To Ed TIME: Spinning in His Graves. Robert GravesC828.1”Letter[Letter in reply to a review of A120, 3 November.]
SP-787To Ed.The Listener: Omars Puppet ShowRobert GravesC829LetterLetter in reply to review by Martin Dodsworth, 9 November, of the Graves/Shah Rubaiyyat.
SP-788To Ed. The Times: The Rubaiyyat.Robert GravesC830LetterLetter concerning the Graves/Shah translation.
SP-789Penthouse InterviewRobert GravesC831Interview
SP-790To Ed. The Times: Poet Laureate. Robert Graves“C833.1”LetterGraves responds to an article in The Times, 2 January, p. 1 which suggested that Graves was a candidate for the Poet Laureateship.
SP-791To Ed. The Sunday Times: A dusty answer to the Persicologists. Robert GravesC834LetterLetter concerning articles about the Graves/Shah translation of the Rubaiyat.
SP-792The Riddle of 'S. A.' of the Seven Pillars. Robert GravesC838LetterLetter about T.E. Lawrence.
SP-793Robert Graves Guesses About the Resurrection – in Conversation with Robert Kee. Robert GravesC845Interview
SP-794How to Hold the Readers AttentionRobert GravesC846Essay
SP-795Greece, Gods and ArtRobert GravesB72“C845.2” Introduction Introduction to Greece, Gods and Art (B72)
SP-796Robert Graves on WomenRobert GravesC848Essay
SP-797Place for the Old MagicRobert GravesC849ReviewReview of Dorsan's The British Folklorist.
SP-798[Interview with Graves.] Robert Graves“C849.1”InterviewLe Monds des Livres
SP-799Art of Poetry, IX: Robert Graves.Robert GravesC852InterviewInterview with Peter Buckman and William Fifield.
SP-800Fifty Helpful Hints. Robert GravesMiscellaneaGraves was one of fifty figures asked to suggest first words to be spoken by the first man on the moon. Graves’s words: ‘Forgive the intrusion, Ma’am. Don’t’s smile so bitter | At good Yanks tidying up your Sputnik litter.
SP-801Una Conversation con Robert Graves. Robert GravesC856InterviewInterview with Juan Bonet (Spanish)
SP-802Robert Graves: An Interview. Robert GravesC857InterviewInterview by Bruno Friedman.
SP-803One Foot in the Trenches.Robert GravesC858InterviewInterview with Terry Coleman.
SP-804Goodbye to all What?Robert GravesC859Essay
SP-805To Ed. The Times: Export of MSSRobert GravesC860Letter
SP-806A Blast Against Modern Trends in All the ArtsRobert Graves"C915.1"Essay
SP-807Jesus as ToadstoolRobert GravesC874ReviewReview of J.M. Allegro's The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross.
SP-808Where the Crakeberries Grow - Robert Graves Gives an Account of Himself. Robert GravesC876InterviewAn interview with Graves by Leslie Norris from BBC TV Wales; also includes poems listed in C875 above. Reprinted in Romanian translation as ‘In Cultura Engleza: Robert Graves despre sine insusi poezie si legatura cu traditá’ in Romania Literara 31: 21, July 1970.
SP-809If it Looks Like Zeus, and Sounds Like Zeus, It Must be Robert Graves: Or else some kind of nut. Robert GravesC886EssayPrimarily article by Jack Skow, but contains an interview with Graves and quotations from his poems.
SP-810Borges, Banshees and BasilicksRobert GravesC889ReviewReview of J.L. Borges, with Margarita Guerrero, The BOOK of Imaginary Things, trans. N.T. di Giovanni.
SP-811Playboy Interview: Robert Graves. A Candid Conversation with the Venerable Poet, Author, Critic and Mythologist. [Interview with Jim McKinley.]Robert GravesC890InterviewInterview with Jim McKinley.
SP-812To Ed. Western Mail (Cardiff): Obscenity in SnowdoniaRobert GravesC891, LetterLetter about industrial encroachment in Wales.
SP-813Gravedigger. Robert GravesC894.1Interview[Telephone interview with Graves concerning Rio Tinto Zinc's mining operations in Wales and New Guinea. The article also quotes a portion of C891.]
SP-814Great Years of Their LivesRobert GravesC903Interview – Robert Graves, C. E. Lucas Phillips, Henry Williamson and Lord Chandos talk to Leslie Smith about the First World War.
SP-815William MerchantRobert GravesC907LetterQuotation from letter by Graves to William Marchant about Goodbye to All That.
SP-816Science, Technology and PoetryRobert GravesC909Essay
SP-817My First Amorous AdventureRobert GravesC911Story
SP-818To Ed. The Times: Lilliburlero on the Overseas NewsRobert Graves“C913.1” LetterLetter concerning the introductory air on the BBC Overseas News.
SP-819To Ed. The Times: LilliburleroRobert GravesC914Letter
SP-820Gabor Devecseri: Record of a Poetic FriendshipRobert GravesC917Essay
SP-821Where Has Art GoneRobert GravesC918Essay
SP-822Pickwick Papers RewrittenRobert GravesC936MiscellaneaNote as to the provenace: First two chapters were rewritten by Robert Graves to give Norman Cameron a start. The text is taken from Norman Cameron's transcription.
SP-823An Interview with Robert Graves.Robert Graves“C945.1”InterviewThe interview, conducted by Robert McDonald, was first broadcast on the CBC radio program Anthology.
SP-824All Things to All MenRobert GravesC959PlayAbout St Paul
SP-900The British SoldierRobert GravesB2Introduction Introduction to "The British Soldier" - An Exhibitionof Pictures by Eric H. Kennington
SP-901John Crowe RansomRobert GravesB8Introduction Introduction to "Grace after Meat" by John Crowe Ransom
SP-902E.E.CummingsRobert GravesB16Introduction Introduction to "The Enormous Room", by E.E.Cummings
SP-903The Roman EmpressesRobert GravesB21Introduction Introduction to "The Roman Empresses" by J. Boergas de Serviez
SP-904EnthusiasmRobert GravesB24EssayEndnote to Homiletic Studies in Epilogue II
SP-905The Exercise of EnglishRobert GravesB24EssayDiscussion on words - Possibly initial work on Riding's "Dictionary of Related Meanings".
SP-906Neo-Georgian EternityRobert GravesB24Essay
SP-907BOOK-AdvertisingRobert GravesB25Essay
SP-908The Theme of FameRobert Graves as Madeleine VaraB25Essay
SP-909From a Private Correspondence on Reality Robert GravesB25LetterCorrespondence between Laura Riding and Robert Graves (three letters from Riding, two from Graves, )
SP-910T.E. LawrenceRobert GravesB26EssayContribution to "T.E.Lawrence by His Friends", Ed A.W.Lawrence, - (Largely adapted from Lawrence and the Arabs)
SP-911The World and Ourselves Robert GravesB28LetterContribution to "The World and Ourselves" by Laura Riding and 65 Others.
SP-912Ronald BottrallRobert GravesB29.1LetterLetter use as the introduction to "The Turning Path" by Ronald Bottrall.
SP-913Alun LewisRobert GravesB33Introduction Foreward to "Ha! Ha! Among the Trumpets" by Alun Lewis
SP-914Grupo de los SieteRobert GravesB35Introduction Presentation to the Exposicion Grupo de los Siete
SP-915Sovereign Rights in PalestineRobert GravesB36.1Introduction Appendix B to "Experiment in Anarchy" by R.M.Graves. About the Promised Land, what it was, to whom it was promisd and on what conditions
SP-916Robert RossRobert GravesB37LetterContribution to "Robert Ross", Ed. Margery Ross
SP-917Eddie MarshRobert GravesB38EssayBiographical memoir, contribution to "Eddie Marsh", Ed. Hassall/Matthews
SP-918Chopin's Winter In Majorca Robert GravesB39.1Introduction Foreword to "Chopin's Winter In Majorca", by Luis Ripoll
SP-919Brain-Washing in Ancient TimesRobert GravesB40EssayChapter 8 of 'Brain-Washing in Ancient Times', by William Sargant
SP-920Norman CameronRobert GravesB41Introduction Introduction to COLLECTED POEMS OF NORMAN CAMERON
SP-921Piero HeliczerRobert GravesB44LetterYOU COULD HEAR THE SNOW MELTING, by Piero Heliczer
SP-922Yet once more, O ye laurelsRobert GravesB45.1EssayContribution to TRIBUNE 21. Ed. Elizabeth Thomas
SP-923Alston AndersonRobert GravesB46Introduction Foreword to "Lover Man", by Alston Anderson
SP-924Joshua PodroRobert GravesB47Introduction Foreword to "The Last Pharisee" by Joshua Podro
SP-925Edward MarshRobert GravesB48LetterContribution to "Edward Marsh", by Christopher Hassall
SP-926MythologyRobert GravesB49Introduction Intoduction of LAROUSSE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MYTHOLOGY
SP-927Letter to Jenny NicholsonRobert GravesB52.1LetterSwinbourne
SP-928Letter to HertzogRobert GravesB52.1LetterSwinbourne
SP-929Recipe for Sevillian yellow plum conserveRobert GravesB54MiscellaneaContribution to THE ARTISTS' AND WRITERS' COOKBOOK, Ed, B. Barr & B.Turner Sachs
SP-930letter to George BrazillerRobert GravesB55.1LetterOn dustjacket of THE VIOLENT SEASON, by Robert Goulet
SP-931Sir Tomas MalloryRobert GravesB57Introduction Introduction to LE MORTE D'ARTHUR - MALORY, Ed. Keith Baines
SP-932Letters to T.E.LawrenceRobert GravesB58LetterLetters in LETTERS TO T.E.LAWRENCE, ed A.W.Lawrence
SP-933Robert Frost (1)Robert GravesB59Introduction Introduction to IN THE CLEARING, by Poems Robert Frost
SP-934 The Troll's NosegayRobert GravesB60EssayComment on his poem * The Troll's Nosegay, in POET'S CHOICE, Ed. Engle/Langland
SP-935Interview with Huw WheldonRobert GravesB60.1InterviewBroadcast in BBC "Monitor" programs by Huw Wheldon
SP-936Robert Frost (2)Robert GravesB60.3Introduction Introduction to SELECTED POEMS OF ROBERT FROST. It is so thoroughly revised a version of the introduction in B59 as to constitute a new work.
SP-937Idries ShahRobert GravesB61Introduction Introduction to "The Sufis", by Idries Shah
SP-938Te Pelasgian Creation MythRobert GravesB62Introduction Prologue to GOLDEN SHEEP, poems by Keith Baines.
SP-939Robert Graves Writes...Robert GravesB62MiscellaneaBlurb to GOLDEN SHEEP, by Keith Baines.on p (1) and dustjacket
SP-940Terrence HardsRobert GravesB63Introduction Foreword to AS IT WAS, poems by Terrence Hards
SP-941Frank PrewettRobert GravesB64"C762.2"Introduction Introduction to THE COLLECTED POEMS OF FRANK PREWETT
SP-942Alexander LenardRobert GravesB66Introduction Foreword to THE VALLEY OF THE LATIN BEAR by Alexander Lenard
SP-943The Poet and the PeasantRobert GravesB67InterviewNarrative interview with Graves at age 68 in Maida Vale, in SCAN, by Kenneth Allsop
SP-944Tail PieceRobert GravesB---Miscellanea three–paragraph statement on factory farming, in Unlived life — a manifesto, Campaigners Against Factory Farming
SP-945Letters to Wildfred OwenRobert GravesB68.1LetterTwo letters in WILFRED OWEN COLLECTED LETTERS, ed. H.Owen
SP-946AUTHORS TAKE SIDES ON VIETNAM Robert GravesB69"C822.1"Miscellanea [Graves's contribution is his answer to the questionnaire (pp.53-54).]
SP-947Bulfinch's MythologyRobert GravesB70Introduction Foreword to BULFINCH'S MYTHOLOGY
SP-948A Lo DivinoRobert GravesB71EssayAs a foreword to POEMS OF ST JOHN OF THE CROSS, Ed. J.F. Nims
SP-949Greece, Gods and ArtRobert GravesB72“C845.2” Introduction Introduction to GREECE, GODS, AND ART, Ed by Alexander Liberman
SP-950RondallasRobert GravesB---Introduction Foreword to TALES FROM MAJORCA
SP-951David SuttonRobert GravesB72.1Introduction Introduction to "Out on a Limb", Poems by David Sutton
SP-952John Aldridge Water ColoursRobert GravesB72.2Introduction Introduction to exhibition: John Aldridge Water Colours 1931-1968
SP-953"Without Hardware"Robert GravesB73Introduction Preface to WITHOUT HARDWARE, by Catherine Dalton
SP-954Sonnets of William ShakespeareRobert GravesB75Introduction Preface
SP-955John Aldridge PaintingsRobert GravesB---Introduction Preface to Catalogue of exhibition of John Aldridge paintings
SP-956UlsterRobert GravesB76Miscellaneastatement about Ulster in "Irish Strategies"
SP-957Thelma DuftonRobert GravesB77Introduction Preface to "An Angle On Hungary", An Album of Photographs by Thema Dufton
SP-958Letters to T.S.MattewsRobert GravesB77.1LetterTwo letters in "Jacks or Better" by T.S.Matthews
SP-959John BiramRobert GravesB---Introduction Forword to "Teknosis" by John Biram
SP-960Letter to Walter AllenRobert GravesB79LetterPortion of a letter in "As I Walked down New Grun Street", by Walter Allen.