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Composer Title RG Poens Published Setting Publisher
Addison, John (1920-) "Apples and water", Apples and water 1965mezzo-soprano or baritone and guitar
Adler, Samuel Hans (1928-) , Two Views of Love, Symptoms of love TTBB chorus a cappella,
Alvarez, GeoffreyMy Last Muse: 5 Poems by Robert Graves for Bass and Orchestra "The Tousled Pillow", "The Narrow Sea", "Her Beauty", "The Window Pane", "The Green Woods of Unrest"2009Bass and OrchestraTousled Pillow - ; Narrow Sea =2065, Her Beauty =2066, The Window Pane =2067, The Green Woods of Unrest=2068
Bainton, Edgar Leslie (1880-1956) ,"In the wilderness""In the wilderness"1928SATB a cappellaOxford University Press, 1928: The Oxford Choral Songs
Barber, Samuel (1910-1981)"Despite and still" Op. 411. "A last song", 3. "In the wilderness", 5 "Despite and still". (No 2 is by Roethke, and No 4 by James Joyce)1969high voice and piano, ED2163. The American Composers Series. 20th Century. 137 pages. Published by G. Schirmer (HL.50328780). ISBN 0793590256.
Berkeley, Sir Lennox (1903-1989) "Counting the beats","Counting the beats",1972high voice and pianoCentury of English Song VII, Ten songs for Tenor and piano. Thames
Bevan, Albert E. "The succubus" "The succubus" tenor and orchestra
Bielawa, Herbert (1930-)"The cradle", "The cradle" 1969four-part chorus of treble voices a cappella
Blank, Allan (1925-) , "The legs" "The legs" medium voice and piano
Blank, Allan (1925-) , "Two witches""Two witches"SA chorus and piano
Britten, (Edward) Benjamin (1913-1976) , Two Part-Songs, "Lift boy" ("Tail Piece: A Song to Make You and Me Laugh" )1934SATB chorus and piano, M051418503. Boosey and Hawkes Secular Choral. 12 pages. Published by Boosey & Hawkes (HL.48003212)
Crosse, Gordon (1937- ) Four songs, "The Cool Web", "Allie", "Vanity" (a fourth is by Stevie Smith)1974high voice and piano,
Dubery, DavidThree songs to poems by Robert Graves"Under the olives", "I will write", "On giving"2005for medium voice, recorder (S/A) and pianoHebden Bridge : Peacock Farm
Downie, Robin (1933- )Four songs to Words by Robert Graves"Counting the Beats", "She Tell Her Love While Half Asleep", "Despite and Still", Seldon Yet Now" UnpublishedVoice and pianoMs 1968
Farkas, Ferenc (1905-2000)Two little Songs"Double Red Roses", "Henry and Mary"Unpublished?For Children's ChoirMs. 12 June1979.
Farran, RamonEL OLIVO / OLIVE TREE, Poemas de Robert Graves y musica de Ramon Farran"A Lost World", "All I Tell You from My Heart", "Olive Tree", "Seven Fresh Years", "The Far Side of Your Moon", "The Green-Sailed Vessel", "The Promise", "Three Words Only"1976Farran Musica Dep. Legal B - 45.251 - 1976 (Bilinguial, translation to Spanish by Lucia Graves)
Finzi, Gerald (1901-1956)"The cupboard", "The cupboard", 1923voice and piano
Gurney, Ivor (1890-1937)"Brittle bones", "Brittle bones", 1920voice and piano
Gurney, Ivor (1890-1937)A Second Volume of Ten Songs"Hawk and buckle"1921?, , 1938voice and piano, London: Oxford University Press,
Gurney, Ivor (1890-1937)A First Volume of Ten Songs "Nine of the clock" (first stanza), 1938mezzo-soprano or baritone and pianoLondon: Oxford University Press,
Gurney, Ivor (1890-1937)"Star-Talk", Star-Talk 1927voice and pianoLondon: Stainer and Bell,
Gurney, Ivor (1890-1937)"Loving Henry", Loving Henry 1920 voice and piano
Gurney, Ivor (1890-1937)"Goodnight to the meadow", "Nine of the clock" (second stanza)1952 mezzo-soprano or baritone and pianoLondon: Oxford University Press,
Hattey, Philip Seven Poems of Robert Graves"Horizon", "Is now the time?", "Lift-Boy", "She tells her love while half asleep", "Lift-Boy", "The sharp ridge", "Two witches", "Variables of green".1969voice and piano,Boosey & Hawkes (1969)
HavrØy, Frank3 Magic Songs1: Amergins Charm 2.The Allansford Pursuit 3. Intercession in Late October2021for SSAA choir a capellaPermission sought
Heath, John Rippiner, 1877-1950."Cherry time""Cherry time"1920Songs for pianoLondon : Enoch E.& S.5453.
Hoiby, Lee (1926- )"She tells her love while half asleep", "She tells her love while half asleep", 1952
Holmes, Brian (1946- )The Trumpet and other Songs, ."Allie" tenor, orchestra,
Holloway, RobinWherever We May be: Five Poems of Robert Graves Op 46"Olive tree", "The palm tree", "Robbers" den", "Fig tree in leaf", "Wherever we may be"1982Soporano and pianoBoosey & Hawkes 20654
Hulme, Lance (1960- )The Succubus, an electronic tone poemInspired by "The Succubus".1993ElectronicIn Pegno Music, LLC
Hulme, Lance (1960- )Songs of the Cynics "Symptoms of Love"1991soprano, mezzo soprano and chamber ensembleIn Pegno Music, LLC
Kelly, Bryan (1934-) , "The cradle""The cradle"1964SATB chorus a cappella
La Montaine, John (1920-) Wonder Tidings"Three Kings" ("The Magi and King Herod")1969soprano, alto, tenor, bass, narrator, piano or harp, timpani, and gong or cymbals,
Lauridsen, Morten (Mid-Winter Songs:"Lament for Pasiphaë", "She tells her love while half asleep", "Mid-Winter Waking","Intercession in Late October""Like Snow", 1980ChoralPeermusic (PR.620751810).
Melby, JamesHe Smiles Within His Cradle: Treble voices with optional second part and harpsichord (or piano)/ James MelbyBoosey & Hawkes (1984)
Mansker, CarlStudies in Black Op. 8"The colours of night", "Black", "Song: The far side of your moon"early 1970sTenor, flute and percussion
Mather, Bruce (1939- ) Three songs to poems of Robert Graves"Counting the beats", "Lost love", "The finding of love"1957-8soprano and string orchestra,
Mather, Bruce (1939- ) The White Goddess, "Lament for Pasiphae", "Sick love", "The Song of Blodeuwedd".1960-2 soprano, baritone, SATB chorus, piano, and orchestra,
Maw, Nicholas (1935- )"Counting the beats" "Counting the beats" tenor and piano
Meredith, Evan Twelve Drinking Songs, Includes "Labour in vain"1940
Schoonenbeek, KeesEight English poems, *Includes "In her only way"1991
Searle, Humphrey (1915-1982) , "Counting the beats", Counting the beats 1966soprano or tenor and pianoPublished by Faber Music (AP.12-0571500579).
Shaw, Martin Edward Fallas (1875-1958) "Three Kings""Three Kings"voice and piano, The Oxford Book of Carols (1928) B15
Swain, Freda (1902-1985)Settings of Four Poems by Robert Graves"Allie", "Song: A Phoenix Flame", "Song: Sword and Rose", "The leap"1966baritone and piano ensemble,
Swift, Newton Songs to Sing to Children"I"d love to be a Fairy"s child", 1935
Thackray, Rupert"Neglectful Edward""Neglectful Edward"1952mezzo-soprano or baritone and pianoLondon: Oxford University Press (c.1952)
Tyrwhitt-Wilson, Gerald Hugh , Baron Berners (1883-1950)Three SongsIncludes "The Lady Visitor in the Pauper Ward", 1920 medium voice and piano,
Vaughan Williams, Ralph (1872-1958)"Star-Talk". Notes on a proposed setting."Star-Talk"circa 1925In VAUGHAN WILLIAMS SKETCH-BOOK - British Library Mss Catalogue - Add 69452
Venables, Ian (1955-Flying Crooked Op 28. No. 1"Flying Crooked"2004high voice and piano,Thames/Elkin TH978775
Venables, Ian (1955-Flying Crooked Op 28. No. 1"Flying Crooked"2004baritone and piano,Novello TH980155
Weisgall, Hugo (1912- )Soldier Songs for Baritone, "The Leveller "1953 rev.1965 baritone and piano,
Wishart, Peter(1921-1984)A Book of Beasts"Flying crooked", "Bird of Paradise", "Cat-Goddesses"1969medium voice and piano, London: Stainer and Bell,
Wishart, Peter(1921-1984)Half Way to Sleep"New legends", "She tells her love while half asleep", "The bedpost", "Henry and Mary", "In procession"1961high voice and piano,London: Stainer and Bell,
Wishart, Peter(1921-1984)Songs and SatiresIncludes: "Philatelist Royal", 1961SATB chorus a cappella,London: Stainer and Bell,
Wood, Hugh (1932- )Graves Songs Set 1 Op.18 "The foreboding", "The door", "The Rose"1977high voice and pianoChester Music Ltd
Wood, Hugh (1932- )Wild Cyclamen: Twelve Songs to Poems by Robert Graves Songs. Op.49"A Dream of Francis Speedwell", "Wild Cyclamen", "Beatrice and Dante" , "The Garden", "The Leap", "Not to Sleep", "The Crab-Tree", "Bites and Kisses", "Horizon", "The Window Sill", "A Lost Jewel", "Hedges Freaked with Snow".2007high voice and pianoChester Music Ltd
Wood, Thomas"Cherry Time: Two part Songs""Cherry Time"1929?London: Stainer and Bell, 3958
Yager, R Stewart:"The Penny Fiddle ""The Penny Fiddle "1988voice and piano, London: Stainer and Bell,
Glanville-Hicks, Peggy NAUSICAAAn opera based on Homer's Daughter. The libretto is by Graves and Glanville-Hicks1960OperaApparently unpublished.