Robert Graves Personal Library Deia

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Title Author Publisher Date Edition Condition Dedication Comments
Black Bookcase
Comrade Chiang Ch'ingRoxane WitkeLittle Brown & Co19771st EdnVery good - torn D/W - incomplete
Looking at ChinaPaul HogarthLawrence & Wishart19561st EdnVery good - D/W To Robert, a primer about China from Paul, Deya 1972
Shoting an ElephantGeorge OrwellSeeker & Warburg19501st EdnGood copy- No DWTo Evelyn [Neep] from Dorothy & Betty Christmas 1950
Windsor Scketch-bookCedric Enamuel & Patricia ThompsonRigby, Adelaide19751st EdnVery good copy, DWTo Robert from Grace witrh love, June 1975
The '81 Luna CalendarNancy PassmoreLuna Press, Boston19801st EdnGood copy
The House of Nell Gwyn 1670-1974Adamson & DewarWilliam Kinber, London19741st EdnVery good copy, DWRobert Graves, to remind you of your all too infrequent visits to Oakley Street & Cheyne Walk - "Seats" of the 13th D of St A. Charles - 19/1/75 [13th Duke of St Albans]
Bacchylides - Complete PoemsTr. By Robert FaglesYale UP19611st EdnVery good copy, DW
The Oresteia - by AeschylusTr. By Robert FaglesViking Press1975Galley ProofGood CopyWith letter from Publisher
Thespis - Theodore H. GasterDoubleday1961PB
An Unofficial RoseIris MurdochChatto & Windus1962Fair copy
Writers at Work - The Paris review InterviewsE. Malcolm CowleyViking Press19581st EdnFair copy
A Mirror for MamaVivien WinchMacdonald, London19651st EdnGood copy, torn DWRobert with love from Vivien [Married to Robert's brother Charles Graves]
Dr ZhivagoBoris Pasternak - tr. MaxHaywardPanthon19581st EdnFair copyFor Robert Graves in appreciation from Ester Salerno 24 Jun 1961 [unidentified]
The MastersC.P.SnowMacmillan. London19511st EdnSlight foxing, no DW
The TempterAnthony BloomfieldHogarth Press, London19611st EdnSlight foxing, no DW
The Face of InnocenceWilliam SansomHogarth Press, London19511st EdnSlight foxing, no DW
The Unaltered Cat Albert LewinShribners, NY19671st EdnGood copy, torn DWFor Robert & Beryl with Love, A.L. Aug 1967 [signed TS poems by A.L.]
Our Mother's HouseJulian GloagSimon & Schuster19631st EdnFair copy, no D/W
Rebecca's PrideDonald McNutt DouglassHarper & Brothers, NY19561st EdnFair copy, no D/W
The TempterNorbert WienerRandon House, NY19591st EdnFair copy, no D/WWith thanks for many discussions to the Lamsons, from Norbert Weiner
The Greengage SummerRumer GoddenMacmillan London19581st EdnPoor copyGraves, Deyá [Beryl´s hand]
TriadMary LeaderCoward McCann and Geoghegan19731st EdnFair, paperback...with all my love, Mary
The ReprieveJean-Paul Sartre trans. Eric SuttonHamish Hamilton, London19471st EdnFoxed, no d/w, fairGraves Canelluñ
The OutsiderAlbert Camus, trans. Stuart GilbertHamish Hamilton, London19461st EdnFoxed, fair copyAlan Hodge, not from, but as it were by, or do I mean with? J.A. [probably John Aldridge]
PictureLillian RossGollancz19531st EdnFoxed, fair copyGraves Deyá Mallorca [Beryl´s hand]
The Honeyed PieceMartha GellhornDeutsch, London19541st ednFoxed, good copyFor Robert and Beryl from Martha
Chigago May, Her Story-May Churchill SharpeSampson Low, LondonNo date1st edn?Good copy
A Landing on the SunMichael FraynViking Press19921st USV. good copy, d/wFeb 22 1992 For Dearest Beryl, Happy happy birthday-and a great year! Much love--[illegible]
HardyMartin Seymour-SmithBloomsbury19941stV Good
Chelsea ReachTom PocockHodder and Stoughton, Llondon19701stV. Good
Adversary in the HouseIrving StoneDoubleday19471st AmScuffed, no DWFor my confrere, Robert Graves: who was so astonished to learn that he was a biographical novelist. From his friend and admirer, Irving Stone, Florence, Jan 1957
The Tumbled HouseWinston GrahamHodder & Staughton19591st EngScuffed, no DWFor Robert Graves, from Winston Graham, with kindest wishes, October 1959
The Flamingos of Cadiz BayGerald HawsonHutchinson19651st engScuffed, no DWTo Robert Graves, In admiration, gratitude and respect, from Graham Hawson, 27 August 1965, London
The Golden LandEd. Jamed ReevesConstable19581st engScuffed, no DW
Chess PiecesEd. Norman KnightSamson Low19491st engGood copy, DW, To Robert Graves, In happy memory of Deya, from Norman Knight, July 1956.
King Queen & Knight - A Chess anthology.Ed. Norman KnightB.T.Batsford, London19751st EdnGood copy, DWSee page 19 - For Robert Graves from the senior compiler
I Stammer it to AngelsDavid Lee CastlemanPivately printed1981USAP/BFor Robert Greaves, with more admiration than I dare attempt to express. From a fellow Elizabethan, David Lee Castlemam
The Flame of LifeAlan SillitoeW.H.Allen19741st EngGood copy, DW,
Storm, New poemsAlan SillitoeW.H.Allen19741st EngGood copy, DW,
Key to the DoorAlan SillitoeW.H.Allen19611st EngGood copy, slight foxing, no DWTo Robert & Beryl, love from Ruth and Alan
A Falling out of Love and Other PoemsAlan SillitoeW.H.Allen19641st EngGood copy, DW, slight foxing
A Falling out of Love and Other PoemsAlan SillitoeW.H.Allen19641st EngGood copy, DW, slight foxingAll Love to Robert, Alan
The Death of William PostersAlan SillitoeA.Knopf19651at AmGood copy, slight scuffing, no DWTo Beryl & Robert, All love, Alan
Road to VolgogradAlan SillitoeW.H.Allen19641st EngGood copy, DW, slight foxingTo Beryl & Robert, with much love, Alan. La Posada, Deya, 19 May 1964
The Widower's SonAlan SillitoeW.H.Allen19761st EngGood copy, DW,
The Story TellerAlan SillitoeW.H.Allen19791st EngGood copy, DW,
Raw MaterialAlan SillitoeW.H.Allen19721st EngGood copy, DW,
Snow on the North Side oF Lucifer -PoemsAlan SillitoeW.H.Allen19791st EngGood copy, DW,
Mountains and Caverns - EssaysAlan SillitoeW.H.Allen19751st EngGood copy, DW,
Saturday Night and Sunday MorningAlan SillitoeW.H.Allen19581st EngGood copy, slight foxing, no DWTo Robert and Beryl, with best wishes, from Alan [Dick Struinger's address enclosed]
The Loneliness of the Long Distance RunnerAlan SillitoeW.H.Allen19591st EngGood copy, slight foxing, no DW
Leading the Blind - A century of Guidebook Travel 1815-1914Alan SillitoeMacmillan19951st EngGood copy, DW, To Beryl, from Alan & Ruth, 8 Nov 1995, Deia.
The Broken ChariotAlan SillitoeFlamingo 19981st EngGood copy, DW,
Men, Women & ChildrenAlan SillitoeW.H.Allen19731st EngGood copy, DW, For Robert & Beryl, Love from Alan
Love in the Environs od Voronezh -PoemsAlan SillitoeMacmillan19681st EngGood copy, DW, For Robert, with love from Alan. 9 August 1958, Deya.
The Rats & other PoemsAlan SillitoeW.H.Allen19601st EngGood copy, DW, Alan Sillitoe
The Open DoorAlan SillitoeGrafton Books19891st EngGood copy, DW,
Collected PoemsAlan SillitoeHarper Collins19931st EngGood copy, DW, Love to Beryl, Fromm Ruth and Alan, 11 Nov 1995.
Without Beer or BreadAlan SillitoeOutposts Publications19571st EngV Good copy, foxing. Corrected by author
Alligator Playground - Collection of Short StoriesAlan SillitoeFlamingo 19971st EngGood copy, DW,
The Ragman's DaughterAlan SillitoeW.H.Allen19631st EngGood Copy, slight foxing, Slightly torn DWFor Beryl and Robert,Love from Alan
The Fishing-Boat Picture Alan Sillitoe - ed by Toshio & Hiroshi Ebizuka (intro and notes in Japanese)Tsurimi Shoten - Tokyo1965P/B - good copyFor Fritz Klauke from Aland Sillitoe. Mss Poem encl.
The German Numbers WomanAlan SillitoeFlamingo 19991st EngGood copy, DW slightly torn
Down from the HillAlan SillitoeGranada19841st EngGood copy, DW,
Life without Armour - An AutobiographyAlan SillitoeHarper Collins19951st EngGood copy, DW, For Beryl, (at last), Love from Aland and Ruth, 18-11-1995
BirthdayAlan SillitoeFlamingo 20011st EngGood copy, DW, For Beryl, Much love from Alan and Ruth June 15, 2001
The Foundation PitAndrey Planov - tr Robert Chandler & Geoffrey SmithHarvill Press1996PB, Good Copy
Oxford Junio EncyclopaediaEd. Laura E. Salt & Robert SinclairOUP19511st AmVols 4 & 5 only
Childerens' EncyclopaediaArthur MeeThe Educational book CompanyPoor condition. Vols 1 to 10 (vols 2,5,7 are rebound)
In the IslandsEdward LeahyManuscriptSpiral BoundFor Robert Graves, with rest regards, from Edward Leahy
A History of HungaryEd. Irvin ErvinpamlenyiCollets19731st Eng translationGood copy, DW,
Hispanski DnevnikMihiail KoltsovSovietki Pisatel1957RussianGood copy
ANTAEUS - Literary MagazineVols 12, 32,33,34
New Hugarian Quarterly - 1967 to 200361 issues - Some missing
SHIRLEY BAKER and the kingdom of TongaNoel RutherfordThesis1966To mt Robert Fgraves in the hope that it will be of use. N. Rutherford
BikasiratoDevecseri GaborLtd Edn Szanto Tibor1971Sl. Torn - good copyTo Robert & Beryl, affectionately, Gabor, and the bellow Printer, Tibor.
That Gettysburg AddressE.A.WassonPriv. Prnt at Officina Bodoni19651stV. Good copy, quarto bound in leather
The Book of the Thousand Nights and a NightH.S.Nichols. London18941stExcellent set.
The Golden FleeceRobert Graves Illus. Gahame BakerFolio Society, London2003Mint Copy in Slip Case
The Twelve Caesars - SuetoniusTr. Robert GravesFolio Society, London1964V.Good copy in slip caseIncludes TS synosis by J.C Braulle
The Greek MythsRobert Graves Illus. Gahame BakerFolio Society, London1996Mint Copy in Slip Case
I, ClaudiusRobert Graves Illus. Neil PackerFolio Society, London1994Mint Copy in Slip Case
Claudius the GodRobert Graves Illus. Neil PackerFolio Society, London1994Mint Copy in Slip Case
PoemsRobert Graves Ill Paul HogarthLimited Edn Club1980Mint Copy in Slip Case
The Marmosite's MiscellanyRobert GravesPharos Press, Victoria, B.C1975Ltd Edn Mint Copy in Slip Case2/750 - signed Robert Graves. Fly leaf inscribed "Library Copy of Robert Graves -- 1975"
The Golden Ass - Lucius ApuleiusRobert Graves Illus. Michael AyrtonFolio Society, London1960Good copy - Some foxing on fore edge
Beyond GivingRobert GravesRota1969Excellent copy 5/536 signed by author
Robert Graves Love PoemsSel. By Sue radburyFolio Society, London1990Mint CopyLibrary Copy []in Beryl Graves's hand]
The Twelve Caesars - SuetoniusTr. Robert GravesAllen LaneGood copy.
The Twelve Caesars - SuetoniusTr. Robert GravesPenguin - large Illustrated formatMint Copy
The Greek Myths Illustrated EditionRobert GravesCassell1981Good copy.
The St Trinian's StoryKaye WebbPerpetua19591stGood, no DW
Rimes de la Mere OieTr. Ormonde de KayLittle Brown & Co1971Very Good copy, DW,
Historical Relics Unearthed in New ChinaForeign Languages Press, Pekin1972Very Good copy, DW, slip-case, English foreword.
Atlas of European BirdsK.H.VoousNelson1960Good copy, torn, incomplete DW
The Book of KeelsWith a study of the Manuscript by Francoise HenrtThames and Hudson, London1976reprintVery Good copy, DW, slip-case (with coffee stain)
Jami In Sixteenth Century MiniaturesSoviestki Hudozhmik, Moscow19661st endGood copy, DWFor Mr & Mrs Graves with love Andrei and Linda, June 1967
Death Without End Jose Gorostiza, tr Laura VillaseñorU of Texas19691st endGood copy, DW
Janus Panonius -Poems ChoisisTibor KardosCorvina, Budapest19731st endGood copy, DW
Edward Munch - The University MuralsJ.H.Langaard & R. RevoldNorsk Kunstreproducsjon, Olso1960Good copy, DW torn
The Goddesses and Gods of Old EuropeMarija GimbutasU of Califonia Press, Berkeley1989PB
The Language of the GoddessMarija GimbutasHarper and Row, NY19891st edGood copy, DW
The Civilization of the GoddessMarija GimbutasHarper, San Francisco19911st EdGood copy, DW
Desseses-Diosas-GoddessesCatalogueAjunament de Barcelona20001st Edn
The Hungarian Illuminated ChronicleEd. Dezso DercsenyiCorvina, Budapest19691st EdGood copy, DWPasted ono endpapers - "to Robert Gaves [sic] on his 80th birthday with the compliments of the Hungarian P.E.N. Club, Laslo Kery
RunenmundAlbert Vigoleis ThelenOffizin Camillus Lehle, Munich1985Ld edn - No 86/150- signed. Slightly foxed, Excellent copy
London's ImmortalsJohn BlackwoodSavoy Press1989Good Copy, Torn endpaper, Sl torn DWFor Beryl, with very best wishes, John Blackwood
The Art of Central AsiaMilos Hrbas, Edgar KnoblochPaul Hamlyn, London19651st ednGood copy, DW scuffed
OREGFAKVajda Erno, Devecseri GaborNatura, Budapest19691st EdnGood copy, DW. To Robert & Beryl, with love Klari and Erno Vajda.
Arte de la Nacion BuriataCatalogueAjuntanment de Palma19951st EdnGood copy, DW.
Romankori Epiteszet MagyarorszagonDezso DercsenyiMagyar Helikon19721st EdnGood copy, DW scuffed
The Graham CollectionCatalogueDurer and Domjan19721st Edn1981/2000To Robert Graves respectfully, the author, Denver, Colorado 80203, USA - See particularly p.12
Rambert, A CelebrationJane Pritchard et al.Rambert Dance Company1996PB
Focus on Robert GravesEd. P Quinn1993-95
Xenophontis Opuscula SchneiderClarendon Press Oxford1812Leather Bound - excellent copy
Edmund BlundenBarry WebbYale Uni. Press19901st EdnGood copy, DW.
Wild OlivesWilliam GravesHutchinson19951st EdnGood copy, DW.
Los PapalagiEd Erich Schuermaun, tr Yolanda RubialesIntegralGood Copy
William Nicholson PainterEd Andrew NicholsonGiles de la Mare19961st EdnGood copy, DW.
La España de los EspañolesPublicaciones Españolas, Madrid19642nd ednPoor copy
Mythologie GéneraleEd. Félix GuirandLibrerie Larrouse19651st ednGood copy
The BibleOxford University Press1857Leather bound, broken spine,Poor condition. Graves´s reference book.
Codex Gerundensis 9075, facsimilBeato de LiébanaCatedral de Gerona1975Excellent condition, Number 266 of 3000
25 issues of Horizon MagazineAmerican Heritage Publishing1965-1975Incomplete collection, good condition
Pamiatnik Drevnerusskoi ZhivopiciM.V.AlpatovIzdatelstvo Iskusstvo1964Good copy, scuffed d/w
The New Concise British FloraW. Keeble MartinMichael Joseph1982Very good, d/w
The Collegium Maius--Jagiellonian University, KrakowKarol EstricherInterpress Publishers, Poland1973Good, scuffed d/w
Dictionary of Garden PlantsRoy Hay & Patrick SyngeMichael Joseph19691stGood copy, scuffed d/w
Pamiatnik Drevnerusskoi Zhivopici v Sobranii ...Isogis, Moscow1963Good CopyWith deep gratitude to the author of The Sufis from his Moscow reader.....
3 ¨Skaski¨" (children´s illustrated fables)I.A.Vilívina? Moscow 1957, 1965,1968Good
A propos del´USSRHenri Cartier-Bresson (photos)Chene19731stGood
The Hitler FileFrederic V. GrunfeldWiedenfeld & Nicolson19741stGood
Picture Post 1938-1950Tom HopkinsonPenguin Books1970fair
The Best od Gerald Durrell - Chosen by Lee DurrellGerald DurrellHarper Collins19961st ednGoodTo Beryl with best love, Padddy. Xmas 2000
CatwiseWilbur PippinHutchinson,London19791st EdnPBBeryl, much love from Mina
Curious CatsBritish Museum Press19991st ednExcellent conditionDereast Beryl, much love, Veronica. Xmas 1999
Cats, Cats, Cats...John R. GilbertPaul Hamlyn, London19611st ednGood, no DW
Louis Wain, CatlandText: Rodney DaleGerald Duckworth, London19771st ednGood, no DW
Treasures of Russian Art of the 11th to 16th CenturiesM.V.AlpatovAurora,Lenigrad1991Good copy, scuffed d/w
Greek MythologyJohn PincentPaul Hamlyn, London19691st ednGood copy, ripped d/w
Figures of MotionLen LyeAuckland UP & OUP19841stGood copy, d/w
EspañaPhotography by Peter ChristopherMock-up
Artesania Popular EspañolaMaria Antonia PelauzyBlume, Barcelona19771stGood copy, d/w
Man WatchingDesmond MorrisJohnathan Cape. London19771stGood copy, scuffed torn d/w
Adventures in ValueText: ee Cummings, Photgraphs Marion MorehouseHarcourt, Brace & World, NY19621stfair copy, no DW
The Natural History of the USSRAlgirdas KnystautasCentury, london19871stGood copy, d/w
Nil BurwitzCatalogueMuseu d'art Contemporani, Sa Pobla2001Good copy
Eloise in MoscowKaye ThompsonSimon & SchusterBeryl, ... Francie Weismiller, 2002
EloiseKaye ThompsonSimon & SchusterBeryl, ... Francie Weismiller, 2002
Die romanischen Steindenkmäler von SavariaLajos Balla et al.Academiai Kiado, Budapest19711stGood copy, d/w
Evidence for the Minoan LanguageCyrus GordonVentnor, New Jersey19661stExcellent copy
UepHa´f Al-sonPrivate edition19861stGood, no. 15 of 25Signed
Two-tone HomePaul GoodchildPrivate edition19781stGoodTo the Gravessss from Paul Goodchild, my 1978
And also much cattleD.S. SavageBrentham press, London19751stGoodTo Robert with gratitude admiration and affection, sept 75
Peter Abelard´s ConffessionTransposed by D.S. SavageHeadland Publications19751stGood, foxedTo Rrobert with deepest respect and affection, Derek 1975
The Kingfisher CatcherStephen MorrisAquila Poetry1977For Robert Graves with admiration, aug 1977
William Carlos WilliamA Centennial LectureReed Whittlemore19841stExcelllent
Robert Lowell: a lectureAnthony HechtLibrary of Congress19831stecxellent
Theories of CriticismM.H. Abrams et alLibrary of Congress19841stexcellent
Poems to Light through Love and BloodTim CloudsleyPrivately printed19801stGoodLetter to Beryl enclosed with poem dedicated to RG 1986
Inioxos (Poems in Greek)Foibou DelfiEkloseis A. Karavia, Athens 19731stFine, uncut editionLong dedication to RG from author
Emilio Arnau Poemas de Amor y vértigoPaisaje, Vizcaya19921stGoodPara Beryl...1984, Emilio Arnau
Adam (French//English literary magazine, 2 issues 1954 & 1969
The Fall of the KingJohannes B. Jensen, trans by P.T. Federspiel et alHenry Holt, NY19331stFair, foxed, no d/w
Selected PoemsRodney HallUQP19751stExcellentFor RG with gratitude and admiration, Rodney Hall, 3-xi-75
Geschlescht und geschichteErnst Werner KlimowskyArthur Niggli und Willi, Vienna19561stfairTo Mr Robert Graves from EW Klimowski to supplement our talk at Hertseliyah (?) January 21st 1959
Our Man in HavannaGraham GreenHeinemann19581stGoodGraves, Deya in Beryl´s hand
The Green FoolPatrick KavanaghMarti Brian & O´Krieffe London1971ReprintFair, DWLa Torre (in RG´s hand?) Graves (different hand?, same pencil)
The First SexElizabeth Gould DavisJM Dent, London19731st UkV good, DWGraves, Deya in Beryl´s hand
Rank and Religion in TikopiaRaymond FirthGeorge Allen & Unwin19701stGood, dw
Adventures in the SupernormalEileen J GarrettCreative Age, NY19491stFairTo dear RG from his pet "mother of magic", Eileen, New York 1949
The Great Hunger Ireland 1845-9Cecil Woodham-Smith Hamish Hamilton19621st Good, no dw
Florence Nightingale 1820-1920Cecil Woodham-SmithConstable, London1950reprintfair, rebound
New and Selected PoemsIrving FeldmannViking Ppress19791stexcellent, dwPublishers compliments slip
Nothingmas DayAdran Mitchell and John LawrenceAllison and Busby, London19841stPaperback, goodTo Beryl with affectionate greetings from Adria, Celia, Sascha and Benty Mitchell, july 24th 1987
The OrestiaAeschylus, trans Robert FaglesViking Press, NY19751stexcellent, dw
The Love ObjectEdna O´BrienJonathan Cape19682nd printingexcellent, dwFor Beryl and for Robert, Edna
Casualties of PeaceEdna O´BrienPenguin Books1966reprintPaperback, good
The High RoadEdna O´BrienWiedenfeld & Nicolson19881stexcellent, dw, includes reviews
A pagan placeEdna O´BrienWiedenfeld & Nicolson19701stFair, no dwTo dear Arthur, from me love Edna
Girls in their Marrriied BlissEdna O´BrienJonathan Cape19641stslightly foxed, no dw
Johnny I hardly knew youEdna O´BrienWiedenfeld & Nicolson19771stGood, scuffed d/w
NightEdna O´BrienWiedenfeld & Nicolson19721stEcxellent, slightly scuffed dwFor Robert, for Beryl wiith love from Edna
The Selfish GeneRichard DawkinsOUP19762nd printingGood, torn scuffed dw
The Blind WatchmakerRichard DawkinsLongmans Scientific19861stExcellent, dw
River out of EdenRichard DawkinsWiedenfeld & Nicolson19954th impGood, scuffed dw
Along the Passaic River William Carlos WilliamsNew Directions, Norfolk Conn,19381stGood, no dwSigned: Creeley 1946
Vvoyage to Faremido CapillariaFrigyes Karanthy, trans Paul TaboriCorvina, Budapest19651stGood, scuffed dw
A Brief History of TimeStephen HawkingBantam Press19884th printingGood
Michael CollinsRex TaylorHutchinson, Loondon19581stGood, slight foxing, slightly discolouured dw
The Pardoners TaleJohn WainMacmillan19781stExcellent, good dw
Letters of John Masefield to Florence LamontCorliss and Lansing LamontColumbia University Press19791stexcellent, dw
The Early Education of a Deep Sea DiverJohn BlackwoodCompton Press, Salisury19691st ednGood copyFor Robert & Beryl, with very best wishes, John
Miss Hogg and the Brontë murdersAustin LeeJohnathan Cape. London19561st EdnGood copy, slight foxing, torn DW
The ConversionsHarry MathewsRandon House, NY19621st EdnGood, with sl. Scuffed DWFor Robert and Beryl, affectionately, Harry, 7-9-62
Changing PatternsSir MacFarlaney BurnetHeinemann1969reprintVery good copy, DWTo Robert Graves, with admiration and gratitude, Mac Burnet
Left over Life to KillCaitlin ThomasLittle Brown & Co19571st ednGood copy, no DW
The Games PlayersJohn BrooksNew York Times Books19801st EdnVery good copy, DWFor Mr $ Mrs Robert Graves, hoping chapter V may interest you, sincerely, John Brooks
Memed, My HawkYashar Kemal, tr Edouard RoditiCollins Harville1990ReprintPB
The Undying GrassYashar Kemal, tr Thylda KemalCollins Harville19771st EngGood copy, scuffed DW
The Legend of the Thousand BullsYashar Kemal, tr Thylda KemalCollins Harville19761st EngGood copy, scuffed DWCompliments of the Author slip
The Saga of a SeagullYashar Kemal, tr Thylda KemalCollins Harville19811st EngVery good copy, DW
Salman the SolitaryYashar Kemal, tr Thylda KemalCollins Harville19971st EngExcellent copy, DW
Previous ConvictionsCyril ConnollyHamish Hamilton, London19631st ednVery good copy, DW slightly foxed
John Claire - A lifeJW & Anne TibbleMichael Joseph19721st ednExcellent copy, DW
Elizabeth, The Winter QueenJessica Gorst-WilliamsAbbelard, London19761st ednGood copy, scuffed DW
Ruling PassionsTom DribergJonathan Cape. London19771st ednVery good copy, DW
MemoriesJulian HuxleyGeorge Allen & Unwin1970V.good, with d/wOn endpapers:For Robert Graves in memory of a long acquaintance now renewed Julian Huxley, Majorca 1972
There Must be a PonyJim KirkwoodJonathan Cape. London19611st Engslightly foxed, no dw
The Kiss of JudasPeter UryExpostion Press, NY19761st ednV.good, with scuffer d/wBook dedicated to Robert & Beryl Graves
The Cronos Complex IMichael BradleyNelson, Foster & Scott, Toronto19731st edn
Honourable CompanyM. BellasisHollis & Carter, London19521st ednslightly foxed, no dw
The Masterpiece and the Man - Yeats As I know Him.Monk GibbonRuper Hart-Davis, London19591st ednFair Copy foxed, torn DW
An Experiment with TimeJ.W.DunneA & C Black, London19272nd (1929)Poor copy
Lady Hester Stanhope - A biographyJoan HaslipCobden-Sanderson, London19342nd Imp.Good Copy foxed.
The Greeks and the IrrationalE.R.DoddsUnv. California Press, Berley, LA19738th PrintingPB
PiccadillyLaurence OliphantConstable, London1928ReprintFair Copy foxed.
Aspects of OccultismDion FortuneAquarian Press, london19621st ednFair Copy foxed, scuffed DW(Marth Chandley, Ibiza 1968)
The Gift to be SimpleEdward D. AndrewsDover Publications, NY1940reprint 1967PB, goodLove to Robert, Anne
The Exploration of the PacificJ.C.BeagleholeA & C Black, London19472nd ednFair Copy foxed, scuffed DW
The Paris Commune of 1871Frank JellinekGollancz, London19371st ednPB, fairInscribed: Beryl Pritchard, 29, Heath Drive.
Memories, dreams, ReflectionsC.G.Jung - ed Aniela JafféPantheon Books, NY19614th printing (1963)Good copy, no DW
Voyage to the Amorous IslandsNewton A. RoweAndre Deutch, London19551st ednGood copy, no DWInscribed: Primrose and Donald Boyd
Revolution in Judea, Jesus and the Jewish resistanceHyam MaccobyOrbach & Chambers, london19731st EdnFair Copy, scuffed DWFor Robert Graves, in gratitude and appreciation, Hyam Maccoby
Of the Kingdom of Toys and ToolsRonnie WathenPrivately printed19841stgoodBeryl with our love from Ronnie and Aster 1985
The Unwritten MountainsRonnie WathenPrivately printed19901stgoodBeryl with love from Ronnie and Aster Dec 1990
MelkorkaRonnie WathenPrivately printed19921stFairBeryl with all our love Ronnie and Aster 1992
Lord Byron in the ClotRonnie WathenPrivately printed19931stFairBeryl with all our love the Wathens, January 1993
Under the AraratRonnie WathenPrivately printed19881stGood, includes card about Wathen´s memorialFor Beryl and for Beryl only, love from Aster and Ronnie
Bricks - Poems 1958-60Ronnie WathenDolmen press19631stGood, includes poem for Wathen´s wakeLong dedication to RG from author
Family HappinessTolstoyPitman2ndFairAddress in RG´s hand on cover
Poems for MnemosyneHarry KempPrivately printed19931stExcellentIncludes letter to BG
Collected PoemsHarry KempPrivately printed19851stexcellentBeryl with love from Harry, 24th March 1990
Doctor Clock´s Last CaseRuth FainlightVirago19941stgood
The Good TerroristDoris LessingFlamingo1993paperbackgood
Comrade PrincessEkaterina MeshcherskayaCorgi1991paperbackPoor copy
NoraBrenda MaddoxMinerva1989paperbackfaiir
ImperiumRyszard Kapuscinski, trans Klara GloczewskaGranada Boooks, London1984excellent
EstacionesNicole d'AmonvillePrivately printedNo dategoodFor Beryl with best wishes and all my love, Nicole Barcelona 30 VIII 1996
They Won't Take me AliveClaribel Alegría, ttrans Amanda HopkinsonWomen's Press, LondonNo dateGoodTo Beryl who now knows Central America, with much love Claribel and Bud, Managua jan 29 1987
Luisa in RealitylandClaribel Alegría, trans Darwin J. FlakollKerbstone, Ct19871stExcellent, slightly discoloured dwTo Beryl with all my love, Claribel
Thresholds/UmbralesClaribel Alegría, trans Darwin J. FlakollKerbstone, Ct1996Ist (bilingualExcellent
FuguesClaribel Alegría trans Darwin J. FlakollKerbstone, Ct19931stGoodTo Beryl with muuch llove Claribel, Deyá, sept 19th 1994
Ana Maria AlegríaVariousPrivately printed19961stMemorial to Claribel's sister "Anushka"
This Time of YearRuth FainlightSinclair-StevensonreprintPB
Sugar-Paper BlueRuth FainlightBloodaxe19971stPB
The InventorJacov LindMethuen, London19871stVery Good, DW
The House of UlloaEmilia Pardo Bazán tr. Paul O'Prey & Lucia GravesPenguin Books19901stPB -Excellent
Charmed LivesMichael KordaPenguin BooksreprintPB
The Letters of TE Lawrence of ArabiaEd David GarnettSpring Books, London1938reprint 1964Robert. Wot a coincidence. Lots of love, Tiger. May 1975
A Woman UnknownLucia GravesVirago19991st ednExcellent - DW
The Weather in the StreetsRosamond LehmannViragoPB - fair
Une Femme inconueLucia Graves tr. Beatrice DunnerAnatolia20021stPB
Visions - bilingual ed.Desanka Maksimovic. Tr by Reginald deBrayNolit, Belgrade1988Very Good, DWFor Beryl from Reginald, Camberra, 5-1-92
The House by the DvinaEugenie FrazerCorgireprintPB
No Accounting for ParadiseWilliam OxleyRockingham Press19991st ednVery Good, DWFor Beryl Graves, The admired consort of an admired past. Best wishes, William Oxley
Franco British Studies Nos 24-25JournalBritish Institute, Paris1997
Metamorphoses d'une imageAnne MounicL'Harmattan20001stPB -ExcellentA Beryl, avec mes meilleurs sentiments, Anne
L'EspaceAnne MounicLa Bartavelle19991stPB -ExcellentA Beryl, avec mes meilleurs pensé, en [illegible], Anne
Poemes Choisis - Robert GravesAnne MounicCollections Club des Poetes.19941stPB -Excellent
Gift From the SeaAnne Morrow LindbergPantheon Books, NY1997PB -ExcellentHappy Birthday Beryl, Lots of Love, Susie T.
The Captain's DaughterAlexander Pushkin - Tr Paul DebreczenyEveryman19921stExcellent, DW
Desire in BelfastSean HaldaneBlackstaff Press, Belfast19921stPB -ExcellentFor Bery Graves with very best wishes, Sean H.
What do You Care What Other People ThinkRichard P FeynmanGrafton1992Reprint
The Literary Companion to CatsClaire BoylanSinclair-StevensonReprintTo Beryl, on her birthday, with love from Brian [Patten] ... Feb 1996
In My Graves I am NotHardinge PritchardNew Millenniun19981stSigned by Author
Parades EndFord Madox FordCarcanetPB
Joan Miro - PinturaCatalogueAjuntament de Palma19781stGood
Joan Miro - Serie MallorcaCalalogueSala Pelaires19731stLoose leaf
IrisJohn BayleyAbbacus, LondonPB
Iris and the FriendsJohn BayleyDuckworth 19991stExcellent, no DW
Poems From NorwayDesanka Maksimovic. Tr by Reginald deBrayProsveta, Belgrade19841stExcellent -PBFor Beryl withlove and best wishes, fron Reginald - Canberra 23-2-1992
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HindsightsJohn Heath-StubbsHodder & Staughton, London19931stExcellent, DW
Men Dislike WomenMichael ArlenBernhard Tauschnitz, Liepzig19311st, reboundRebound
The PrescriberJohn H. Clarke, MDHomeopathic Publiishing C.1930reprint
The EUP Concise Russian and English DictionaryJohn GrosbergEnglish Universities Press19571stGood, no dw
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Gedichte und ÜbersetzungenAlexander LenardBlumenau,1970Limited ednno 111/300 good
Francisca Sagana, tristitia salveAlexander Lenard, translatorEditora Sao Paulo, Brasil1963ltd ednno 553/ 1500, good
More Trranslations from the ChineseArthur WhaleyGeorge Allen & Unwin1920reprint
He Knew He was RightAnthony TrollopeOUPreprint
Figures in a Red LandscapePilar Bonet, trans Norman Thomas di GiovanniWoodrow Wilson Center Press1993,1st of thhis transExcellent, dw
Folk Tales of Central AsiaAmina ShahOctagon Press19701stFair, no dw
Edible FungiJohn RamsbottomKing Penguin19431stSpine missing, otherwise good
Casanova in London and other essaysPeter QuennellWiedenfeld & Nicolson19711stGood, dw slightly scufffedTo RG--the first modern poet I ever met, and the only modern poet I can still read, from Peter Quennell April 1971
Archy & mehitabelDon MarquisFaber and FaberreprintGood, paperbackTo Beryl with love Paul (Oprey?)
The Second CuckooEd. Kenneth GregoryGeorge Allen & Unwin19831stExcellent, dw
The New ClassMilovan DjilasThames and Hudson, Londonreprintfair, no dwGraves, Deya in BG´s hand
The Man who Sold a GhostTrans.Yang Hsien-Yi and Gladys YangForeign languages Press, Peking19581stscuffed, torn dwDear Robert, many happy returns of the day with love from your Moscow friends, Volodya, Galia and Andrei, Moscow 17th July 19970
StrikerMichael IrwinAndre Deutch, London19851stV.good, dwTo Beryl with love ad best wishes, Michael (no need to read the ?? Bits)
The Fine Art of Roman CookingAlexander LenardE.P. Dutton, NY19661stGood, slightly foxed, dw slightly scuffed
The White MenJulia BlackburnOrbis19791stGood, dwFor Beryl with love from Julia, October 1979
The Emperor´s Last IslandJulia BlackburnSeeker annd Warburg19911stGood, dw
Who the Devil Made ItPeter BogdanovichAlfred A Knopf, NY19971stGood, dw
Memoirs of Dmitri ShostakovichEd Solomon VolkobFaber and FaberreprintPoor, paperbackBeryl with much love from Dunstan, May 1991
A CelebrationHenry ChapinWilliam L. Bauham, NH19741stExcellent, scuffed dwRobert, I think you will find some of these poems speak to you. Henry, Oct 1974
Theme and Variations, poemsR. Holcombe SullyPrivately printed19901stExcellentFor Beryl, love Russ, dec. 1990
The Blue Unicorn (magazine), no. 9, June 1986To Beryl Pritchard with gratitude, (illegible) Paalma Oct 23rd 1986
Pêcheurs de NauruSolange Petit-SkinnerEd Lanore19821stPaperback, goodÀ R.G, with best wishes of the author Mallorca 11-11-82
The Land of MercyStephen SeleyDe Bezige Bij, Amsterdam19691stExcellentDdear Mr Graves, we have been neighbouurs for 20 years and so I'd like to wish you a happpy birthday, sincerely Stephen Seley, Bar Eesrella, Ibiza 1975
The Pieces of a FanVincent SheenanDoubleday, NY19371stGood
African WorldsVarious authors, ed Daryll FordeOUP19541stGood, scuffed slightly torn ddw
Constance GarnettRichard GarnettSinclair-Stevenson19911stGood, dw
Memorial Volume 1930-1965Christopher PerretPoesie Vivant Geneva19671stPB - good
Notes on ProsodyVladimir NabokovOffprint from Bollingen Series19631stPB - good
Cats in BooksSelected by Rodney DaleBritish library19771stvery good, dust wrapper
The MoonstoneWilkie CollinsEveryman1992New editionGood, stained dw
DoraPolly DevelinArrow books1990PB
According to MarkPenelopy LivelyPenguin Books1988PB
Allen Lane and the Penguin EditorsEd Steve HarePenguin Books19951stPB - good
The Natural CatAnitra FrazierThorsons19821st EngPB - goodTo dearest Beryl whose cats were not un-natural anyway. With lots of love from Ruth [Manion?]
The Stories Raymond CarverPicador1985PB - good
The Song LinesBruce ChatwinPicador1988PB - good
All the Trouble in the WorldP.J.O'RoukePicador1995PB - good
The Cuckoo in the NestMrs OliphantHutchinson, London1893End paper split, otherwise fair.
On understanding WomenMary R. BeardLongmans, Green & Co, London19311stGood, no DW
Lore and Language of School-childrenIona & Peter OpieClarendon Press Oxford19591stGood, slightly scuffed DW
Redburn - His First VoyageHerman MelvilleJonathan Cape, London1948reprintGood, slightly foxed, dw slightly torn
The Killing of the UnicornPeter BogdanovichWillian Mkorrow, NY19841stGood, slightly scuffed DWJuly 30th 1984 - For the Graves Family - ... Peter Bogdanovich
Ten Messengers - Carvbings vy Witold Gracjan KawalecText: Harry KempRegency Press, London19771stExcellent
The Best of FriendsJoanna TrollopeBloomsbury, London19951stPB - fair
Mike - Memoirs of the Rt Hon. Lester B. PearsonLester B. PearsonUniversity of Toronto Press1973reprintTo the Poet Robert Graves, ... From Dianne Maclaren Campbell
Portrait of Guy FaukesHenry GarnettRobert Hale, London19621stVery Good., DW
The Ghost RoadPat BarkerViking, London19951stGood, DW
The Eye In the DoorPat BarkerViking, London19931stGood, DW
RegenerationPat BarkerDutton19921st AmGood, scuffed DWTo Beryl, for the Collection, Love, Susie, March 1993
The Akhmatova Journals - Vol 1Lydia ChukoskayaHarvill, LondonreprintGood, DW
ClodiaRobert de MariaVinyard press, NY1965reprintPB, very Good
Attic and AreaFrancesca MartinHamish Hamilton, London19481stGood, slight foxing, no DW
The First CuckooEd. Kenneth GregoryGeorge Allen & Unwin19761stGood, DW slightly discoloured, coffee stains
A reader's Guide to Graham GreenPaul O'PreyThames and Hudson, London19881stExcellent, DWTo Beryl, lots of love, Paul
The Undoubted DeedJocelyn DavieChatto & Windus, London19561stGood, foxed, torn DW
One Fat EnglishmanKingsley AmisGollancz, London19631stGood, slight foxing, no dw
Torture in GreeceAmnesty Int'lAmnesty Int'l Publications19771stPaperback, good
Translation (Magazine)Spring 1991Translation Magazine, NY1991Good
The Spanish Civil WarHugh ThomasEyre and Spottiswode, London1961reprintgood, v. Slight foxing, no d/w
Professing PoetryJohn WainMacmillan, London19771stgood, torn/scuffed dw
The Eye of HeavenIsabel QuiglyCollins, London19552ndGood, foxed, no dw
The Iron in the SoulJean-Paul SartreHamish Hamilton, London19501st EnglishGood, foxed, no dw
The Human FactorGraham GreeneThe Bodley Head, London19781stV.Good, dw
The Spanish laberynthGerald BrennanCambridge U.Press1990reprintgood, paperback
The CircusJuanita CaseyDolmen Press19741stexcellent, dw
Hath the rain a father?Juanita CaseyDent and Sons, London19661stgood, slightly scuffed dw
Horse by the riverJuanita CaseyDolmen Press19681stexcellent, dwIt's all in the mind, you know... Dear Robert from Juanita
The Winter Calligraphy of Ustad SelimPoems by Peter Lambourne WilsonGolgonooza Press, Ipswich1975Limited edn of 350Complementary copy for Roberrt Graves
Poetry Australia (magazine), dec. 19681968
The Name of the RoseUmberto EcoMartin Secker, London1980paperback, good
The Art of MemoryFrances A. YatesPenguin Booksreprintpaperback, fair
The Sword of JusticePaul GoodchildTough Talk Press, Bristol20001stpaperback, v.goodTo Beryl and the Gravesters-- love, peace and prosperity and poetical inspirations, Paul G, 25-12-2000
The Philosophy and Teachings of IslamHazrat Mrza Ghulam Ahmad of QadianLondon Mosque19791stFairWith the complement of Mohammed A. Nazir, Imman, La Mezquita Basharat, Pedro Abad (Cordoba, España)
Les Images MurmurentMarie Laure DavidMaryla TyszkiewiczMDCCCCLII1stGood
Robert Graves et la dualité du RéelJean-Paul ForsterHerbert Lang , Berne19751stGoodTo RG with my best wishes, Jean paul Forster, May 14th 1975
Ein Tag im Unsichtbaren HausAlexander LenardDeutsche Verlags anstalt, Stuttgart1970ReprintGood, dw
An Alastair Reid ReaderAlastair ReidMiddlebury College Press19941stGood, paperback
Family Album Claribel Alegría, trans Amanda HopkinsonThe Women´s Press, London19901stPaperbackTo Beryl and Lucia with love and respect, Claribel, Deia, June 13th 1991
The Early History of the Akan States of GhanaEva MeyerowitzThe Red Candle press, London19741stPaperbackBook dedicated "To Robert Graves in Friendship"
The I Ching (Vol 2)Trans. Richard WilhelmRutledge and Keegan,London1951reprint, 1960Good, no dw
SobrevivoClaribel AlegríaDominica Diez, La Habana19781stScuffed dwA Robert y Beryl a quienes tanto quiero y admiro, Claribel
The Jaguar SmileSalman RushdiePicador1987 1stGood
Harvest on the DonMikhail Sholokhov, trans H C StevensA Knopf, NY19611st USGood, scuffed slightly torn dw
Shadow linesAmitav GhoshBlack Swan, London1989reprintGood
Pilgrims of the WildWa-Sha-Quon-Asin (Grey Owl)Lovat-Dixon & Thomposon, London1935reprintStained copyTo dearest Beryl, with lots of Love, Ruth.
A Suitable BoyVikram SethPhoenix House1993reprintVery Good Copy
Lelia - The Life of George SandAndree Maurois, tr Gerard HopkinsHaper and Bros, NY19531st Amlosse foxed copyIncribed "Eula White"
Private LivesNoël CowardWilliam Heinemann, London19301stfoxed, otherwise good
The Moon is DownJohn SteinbeckWilliam Heinemann, London19421st EngGood -
The Begining of SpringPenelopy FitzgeraldCollins, London1988reprintGood, dw
Signals of WarLawrence Friedman, Virginia Gamba-StonehouseFaber and Faber19901stGood, dwSigned by Author
The RevoltNina Berberova, tr Marian SchwartzFlamingo1990PBGood -
The Prime of LifeSimonne de Beavoir, tr Peter GreenAndre Deutch & Widenfeld & Nicholson, London19621stEnd paper split, otherwise fair.
Pesnik i zemljotresMoma DimikGradina, Belgrade19781stGoodFor Beryl & Robert Graves, from heart, Moma Dimik, Belgrade 25-11-1978
Fearful Symmetry - Study of Willliam BlakeNorthrop FryePrinceton University Press 1947reprintGoodRobert, with love from Jay [Williams]
The Fox in the AtticRichard HughesChatto & Windus, London19611stGood, slight foxingRobert, from Diccon, Oxford, Oct 27th 1961
Unfinished FuneralNiccolo TucciSimon & Schuster19641stGood, scuffed dwTo Robert, Humbly, with affection and apprehension, Nika NYC, Dec 6th 1966
Ill Met by MoonlightW.Stanley MossGeorge G Harrap & Co, London1950reprintGood, no dwInscribed on Page 8: With very real gratitude - dating back to a grimy hotel in Catcutta four years ago - Bill Moss
After JuliusElizabeth Jane HowardJonathan Cape, London19651stGood, no dwFor Robert with love from Jane
The Money ChangersArthur HaleyDoubleday, NY19751stGood, slight foxing, scuffed dw
Alexis Soyer - Cook ExtraordinairElizabeth RaySouthover Press19911stPB - Good
Will MarinerBoyle Townshend SommervilleFaber and Faber19361stGood, slight foxing, no DW
The Culture and Civilization of Ancient IndiaD.D.KosambiRoutledge and Keegan Paul, London19651stGood, Scuffed DW
About This LifeBarry LopezAlfred A Knopf, NY19981stExcellent, DW
Walking in the ShadeDorris LessingHarper Collins19971stExcellent, DW
The Rainbow SignAlan LomaxDuell, Sloan, & Pearce, NY19591stGood, slight foxing, scuffed dwFor a long admiredand loved writer, from Alan Lomax
Edgar Cayce - The sleeping ProphetJess StearnDoubleday, NY19671stGood, slight foxing, scuffed dw
The MandarinsunknownFontana
Lilliput Goes to WarEd Kay WebbHutchinson, London19851stVery Good, DW
Letters From LexingtonNoam ChomskiCommon Courage Press19931stPB - Good
Hermetic DefinitionH.D.Carcanet19721stPB - Good
The Guinness Book of recordsNorris & Ross McWhirterGuinness, london1966Good, no DW
Western Wind - an introduction to PoetryJohn Frederick NimsRandon House, NY19741stPB - good
The Rose Garden GameEithne WilkinsGolancz, London19691stGood, (one loose section) scuffed dw
The Ancient Solitary ReignMartin HockeGrafton19891stPB - very good
The Various Light - Anthology of Modern PoetryEd.Leah Bodine Drake & Charles Arthur MusesAurora press, Lausanne19641stPB - good
Best Cat StoriesEd Michael JosephFaber and Faber19521stFair, endpapers foxedThis is only for Beryl, with my love, Selwyn Nov 1952
Images sans parolesJean Perrot, Fernand FauLib. Clas. Fernand Nathan19371st?Painted by child, scuffed
Windsor and Eton sketch boookFred RichardsAdam and Charles Black1914?1stSpine missing, watermarked o/w good
The First EdenDavid AttenboroughCollins / BBC books1987reprintGood, dw
Cat Meets DogJames Boswell and Richard BennetHarlton Prress19511stGood, foxed, no dwBeryl, love from Mina Dec 1984
Life on EarthDavid AttenboroughCollins / BBC books1979ReprintGood copy, dw slightly torn
Rose ForbesGeorge BuchananFaber and Faber19501stGood copy, no dwTo Robert to applaud your Clark Lectures....yours ever, George, oct 1955
The Endless ColonnadeRobert HarlingChatto & Windus, London19581stGood copy, no dw, sight foxing
The Fisrt SexElizabeth Gould DavisG P Putnam's and sons, NY1971reprintTorn dw, goodSigned by the author
Absolutely Now!Lynne FranksCentury, london19971stExcellent, dwTo Beryl thank you so much for your friendship and generosity, Lynne, May 4 1997
In the Shadow of ManJane Van Lawick-GoodallCollins19711stGood, scuffed dw
CatwatchingDesmond MorrisJonathan Cape1986 reprintGood, dwFor Beryl with love from Morrow, Christmas 86
Beginner's Guide to HomeopathyT.S. IerB Jane, New Delhi19774th reprint
On The Golden PorchTatiana Tolstaya, trans Antonina W. BouisVirago19891st EnglishGood, dw
Ruslan and LiudmilaAlexander Pushkin - Tr Walter ArndtArdis, Michigan19741st USgood, paperbackBeryl, I thought this might amuse you, affectionately Jay (Macpherson?) Enclosed cutting of verses by Kupriyanov
L'Aventure Terrestre de Jean Arthur RimbaudJean ChauvelL'Archipel / Seghers19711stGood, scuffed cover, paperbackA Robert Graves en hommage, Jean Chauvel
Les jardins de RosesSheikh Muslihuddin Saadi Shirazi, trad Omar Ali ShahAlbin Michel, Paris19661stGood, slightly foxed paperbackTo Robert, baraka basht, Omar sept 1966
Instead of Me David BartonPrivately Published19791stexcellent
Sequences 1David BartonPrivately Published19791stexcellent
Sequences 2David BartonPrivately Published19801stexcellent
Sequences 3David BartonPrivately Published19801stexcellent
Sequences 4David BartonPrivately Published19811stexcellent
Hiding InsideDavid BartonPrivately Published19801stexcellent
With drawingDavid BartonPrivately Published19801stexcellent
Going to waste with interrruptionsDavid BartonPrivately Published19811stexcellent
Personal AppearancesDavid BartonPrivately Published19791stexcellent
Inside OutDavid BartonPrivately Published19811stexcellent
Vulnerable SupplicantDavid BartonPrivately Published1977excellent
Now You See MeDavid BartonPrivately printed19801stexcellent
GottinnenJosefine SchreierRudolph M. Rohrer, Vienna19681stGood, dw
A James Joyce ReaderNotes by Harry LevinPenguin Books1947, reprinted 1975reprintFair, paperback
Lord Rochester's Monkey Graham GreeneFutura Publications, London1976New editionPaperback, good
Childhood and SchooldaysKonstantin Paustovsky, trans Manya Harari and Andrew ThompsonHarvill, London19652ndGood, bright, no dw, slightly foxed
Slow Approach of ThunderKonstantin Paustovsky, trans Manya Harari and Andrew ThompsonHarvill, London19641stGood, bright, no dw, slightly foxed
In That DawnKonstantin Paustovsky, trans Manya Harari and Andrew ThompsonHarvill, London19671stGood, bright, no dw, slightly foxed
Years of HopeKonstantin Paustovsky, trans Manya Harari and Andrew ThompsonHarvill, London19681stGood, bright, no dw, slightly foxed
A Southern AdventureKonstantin Paustovsky, trans Kyril FitzLyonHarvill, London19691stGood, bright, no dw, slightly foxed
An American AnthologyEd Edmund Clarence SteadmanRiverside Press19006th impressionGood copyDeya Library stamp
Motley and other PoemsWalter de la MareConstable, London1922reprintFair, foxed, no d/wFlyleaf signed by R. Blyth (Robin Blyth)
Moourning Becomes ElectraEugene O'NeillJonathan Cape, London19321stGood, slightly foxed
The Ingoldsby LegendsIllustrated by H. G. ThekerMacmillan1911First illustrated ?Excellent, with colour platesTo Dear Thelma from Uncle Dashwood, Leman (?) 1911
Sense and SensibilityJane AustenRichard Bentley and Sons, London1882"New Edition"Cracked spine, worn,
The Mirror of the SeaJoseph ConradDoubleday, NY1925ReprintWornE.M.M., I hope you haven't read these, they're beautiful (illegible) 11-17-26
The Odd Tales of Irene OrgelIrene OrgelEakins Press, NY19661stV good, scuffed torn dwTo RG with admiration because you nce liked my poem (Alcyone) I send you...etc Irene Orgel
Testament for my StudentsKay BoyleDoubleday, NY19701stVery Good DW
The Wrong AngelStanley MossMacmillan, NY19662nd printingGood, poor DW
The MatrixN.H. PritchardDoubleday, NY19701stExcellent
Love of the Scorching WindLazlo Nagy, tr Tony Connor & Ken McRobbieCovina, Budapest19731sr EngVery Good DW
New and Selected PoemsWilliam Jay SmithDelacorte Press, NY19701stVery good, slightlt scuffed DW
An Adequate Response - War poetry of Owen & SassoonArthur E. LaneWayne State U.Press19721stGood, sl. Foxing, scuffed DW
The English Association Book of verseEd. Peter LeylandGeorge Allen & Unwin19531stGood, poor DWInsc. Morris Broughton (ex libris ??)
The Sex life of the AnimalsHerbert Wendt, tr Richard & Clara WinstonArthur Barker, London19651st engfair, no dw
Malahat reviews 1972-1984Quarterly Magazine Un. Victoria
Press Bookcase
Sketches fro FriendsEdward Ardizzone Ch by Judy TaylorJohn Murray20001st ednVery Good, DWSigned by Judy Taylor
Drawings Paintings CollagesDavid TempletonPrivate19911stFairFor Beryl with very best wishes and thanks, David Templeton
Bertolt Brecht's BerlinWolf von Eckardt & Sander L. GilmanDoubleday, NY19651st UsGood, fair DW
Mallorca y Estrada VillarasaEd Baltasar PorcelEd Ausa, Sabadell, y Caja de Baleares19831stVery Good
Wild Life Photographer of the Year - Portfolio 12BBC, London20021stVery GoodGiven to Beryl by Paul & Pilar & Mirella O'Prey -Aug 2003
Whales - A celebrationEd. Greg GatenbyPrentice Hall, Canada19831stGood - soft cover
Pintiras y Dibuxos de Mallorca - Dorothy BradburyPrivate printing19931st
Victoria - Photographs by Ingeborg WoodcockThe Morriss Printing Co, Victoria, BC19711stGood - no dw
The Open Door - paintings & PoetryXnaduPrivate printing, California19791stGood, torn DWTo Robert, the poet of his age, lovingly Xnadu
Milligan's ArkEd Spike MilliganM&J Hobbs19711stGood, fair DW
Modern Masters of Etching - No 16 - William WalcotThe Studio Ltd, London19271stfoxed, spine missing, otherwise good.
The Poems of Sir Walter RaleighEd. Agnes M.C. LathamRoutledge and Keegan Paul, London19511stGood, no dwIncr. Sean Haldane Oct. 1961
Lord JimJoseph ConradDent and Sons, LondonreprintInsc. Morris Broughton
Old Books
Belmonte the MatadorHenry BaerleinThornton Butterworth Ltd, London19341stGood, slightly foxed, no dw
Gaelic/Latin Roman MissalCatholic Church, Dublin1958reprintExcellent
??Pomponius Florence??Old Leatherbound, straps missingInsc: Liam Sandor, Budapest - 1922
DIAPHIKII KainiBible Soc 1904Leatherbound
Humorous Poems of the CenturyEd Ralph H. CaineWaterscott, London188812-8-[18]93 FMN
Terence's Comedies Made English with his Life and some Remarks at the EndLaurence Echard et alJ. Knapton et al17297th ednLeatherbound, title paper loose on spine, otherwise goodEndpapers: coat of arms pasted in (Aequam servare mantem) and inscribed opposite: Rob Raymond his books 29)30
The Works of Horace, vol 1 of 2Trans C.SmartJ. Newberry, London1756Prob. 1stLeatherbound, good
Works of Cicero (Ciceronis Opera.)M.TVLLIILVGD BBTAVORVM, ex Officina Elzeviriana (Amsterdam)1642IstLeatherbound, good, top section of spine missingin red pencil on endpaper: ineptus 345
Novum Testamentum Domini nostri Jesu Christi (New Testament)Interprete Theodoro BezaD. Midwinter, W Innys & R.Maney, A Ward, & T. Longman London1735IstLeatherbound, good, part of title paper on spine missingin faded pencil on endpaper: Books Pope
The Tragedies of Sophocles (Sophoclis Tragediae)SophoclesJ.H. and J Parker, Oxford and London (Oxford Greek and Latin Classics)1862?Spine cracked and reboundInscribed E.H. Pilsbury, E Coll Vigorn (in same hand)
The Gift of the MagiO.HenryDoubleday, NYNo date, 1970-1980?Special gift editionExcellent
Plauti Comoedi Tom II (The comedies of Plautus, vol 2)PlautusNo publisherNo date, prob 17th / 18th centuryLeatherbound, scuffed cover ow very goodInscribed:Edmund Coll
Volume III: Paul's Epistles to the Romans, the Apocalypse, etc (in Greek)NoneNo date (pre-1729)Leatherbound, spine v.scuffedE. Rayner Coll: Doriel (?) Soc. 1729 Donum Hss Patn's W.R.
Complete Works of Seneca, Vol. 1 (in Latin)SenecaOtto Holtz, Liepzig1880-1910??ReprintUnbound, uncut (paper covers),good
De Viperae Natura (treatise on snakes)Baldus Angelus, Abbatius medicusEx Tipogra. Sam. Broun, Bibliopol. Anglica (Samuel Brown, England)16601stV.good, several illustrations, vellum binding
EVRIPIDES FABVULAE (Euripide's Fables)Vol 1Ed Gilbert MurrayClarendon Press Oxford1940reprintGood
Shakespere (sic)Edward DowdenMacmillan London1905reprintFairJ.H (?) Carter 1908
King Soolomon's MinesH. Rider HaggardCassellNo date (1920's?)ReprintGood
Tanglewood TtalesNathaniel HawthorneDent and Sons, London1959reprintFair
British and Irish Silver Assay Office Marks 1544-1968Frederick Bradbury et alJ.W. Northend196812th ednPaperback, fair
Whimsical Stories to TellHelen WilliamsGeorge Harrap, London19271stV. Good,Cover brightBeryl, for you to read to the children. Love Mina, London 1981
The Racing Calendar for the year 1844Charles and James WeatherbyReynell and Weight18451st of this yearLeatherbound, Torn and cracked spineNote on insert in BG's hand: This book was bought by RG in Debrecen (E. Hungary) in 1970
Biblia Sacra (Holy Bible)Authorised by Sixtus V and Clementus VIIISumptibus Tornaesiorum, Colonia (Köln)Approx 1592Vellum bound, excellentStamp on title page: Biblioteca Publica Municipal Castellar del Vallès (probably 1930's)
C. IVLLII HYGINI, AVGUSTI LIBERTI, FABVLARVM LIBER etc (The Works of C. Julius Hyginus)HyginiusIoannem Degabiano, Lugduni1608Vellum binding, v.goodInscription faded, crossed out
The ArgonauticaApollonius Rhodius, ttranns R.C. SeatonHeinemann, London1921ReprintGood
Primer Libro de las cronicas perdidasEduardo MiraVictor Orenga19831stExcellentTo Robert Graves as a proof of respect and as payment of literary debts, Eduardo Mira
El Cristo de Velazquez -poemaMiguel de UnamunoEspasa Calpe - (Austral 781 )19572a edVery good - some foxing
Reptils i Amfibis de les BelearsJoan Mayol SerraEd. Moll, Palma19851stGood
Phehistoria de las BelearesJ. Macaró PasariusJ. Macaró Pasarius19681stGoodTo the british poet, writer and adopted son of our village of Deià...Mascaró Pasarius.
El Tortolo y FenixWilliam Shakespeare tr. Nicole d'AmovilleHerder, Barcelona19971stVery Good
Study Library
Up against it Mike RoykoHenry Regneri Co, Chicago19671stGood, scuffed dwFor RG, Mike Royko
VirgileJacques PerretEdicions du Seuil19591stpaperback
The Assemblies of Al-HaririAminah ShahOctagon Press19801stGood, scuffed dwRobert and Beryl, with much affection Amina 1981
The Sorcerer's ApprenticeTahir ShahWeidenfeld and Nicholson19981stExcellent, dwFor Beril (sic) Graves with love Tahir Shah
Trail of FeathersTahir ShahWeidenfeld and Nicholson20011stV. Good, dwFor Beryl with love Tahir
In search of King Solomon's MinesTahir ShahJohn Murray, London20021stExcellent, dw
Beyond the Devil's TeethTahir ShahOctagon Press19951stvery good, dw
Riddles in HistoryCyrus GordonCrown Publishers, NY19741stVery good copy, v. Slightly scuffed dw
Before ColumbusCyrus GordonCrown Publishers, NY19711stV. Good. Dw, review copy
Ancient Greece from the airRaymond V. SchodderThames and Hudson19741stPaperback, good
ArcharniansAristophenes, trans Douglas ParkerUniversity of Michigan Press19611stGood, slight foxing on endpapers
The FrogsAristophenes, trans Richard llatimoreUniversity of Michigan Press19621stsame
The WaspsAristophenes, trans Douglas ParkerUniversity of Michigan Press19621stSame
The CloudsAristophenes, trans William ArrowsmithUniversity of Michigan Press19621stsame
The BirdsAristophenes, trans William ArrowsmithUniversity of Michigan Press19611stsame
Title ??(Book in Hebrew)John Auerbach ?To Robert and Beryl from John [Auerbach] , Caeseria,Stoth-Tam 3/2/61
Hungarian PotteryGyorgy DomanovszkyCorvina, Bufdapest19732ndV.good
The Wonders of the ZooLilian GaskWells, Gardner, Darton and coNo date (1920's?)Poor
The Complete Works of Lewis CarrollLewis CarrrollNonesuch Press, LondonNo date (1930's?)
Selected Poems of Emily DickinsonSelected by James ReevesWilliam Heinneman, London19591stGood, scuffed dwTo Beryl with love from Ruth London July 1976
The Brothers PowysRichard Perceval GravesOUP19832ndPaperback, fairFor Beryl with love and many thanks for putting me up in the house in the village, from the author, your nephew, RPG, 1985
The Tatooed Heart of Livingston Marian GreenwoodStein & Day, NY19651stGood, faded and scuffed spineTo Sir R.G. (long dedication, poetry?) , signed by author
MarathonRichard HarteisW W Norton & Co, NY19891stVery good copy, slightly coffee-stained dwFor Mrs Graves with pleasure & all best wishes, 10-3-89
The LeopardGiuseppe di Lampedusa, trans. Archibald ColquhanThe Reprint Society, London1960reprintGood, scuffed dwPatricia Stukley, Deya 1962
Americans AbroadPeter NeargoeThe Servire Press, the Hague19321stpoor
The Complete Fables of AesopEd.. Robert TemplePenguin Books, Londn19981stexcellent
Arion no. 5MagazineCorvina, Budapest1972Good
Robert's Birthday PresentNo authorOliphant, Anderson & Ferrier1910 ???reprintWith love to especial Robert, Pauline [Scudamore] 1974, july 24th, Deya
Penguin Modern Stories no. 9Ed Judith BurnleyPenguin Books, Londn19711stScuffed, foxed
Cornish FolkloreRobert HuntThe Tor Mark Press, Truro1970's 1stGoodApril 15th 1978 Dear from Cicely [Gittes]
A Dictionary of Writers and their WorksMichael CoxOUP20011stExcellent
Lives of the PoetsLouis UntermeyerSimon & Schuster, NY19591stTorn dw otherwise good
Lives of the PoetsMichael SchmidtWeidenfeld and Nicholson19982ndExcellent, dw
WritingDavid DiringerThames and Hudson19621stGood, scuffed dw
Beati In Apocalipsin Libri duodecim (Codex Gerundensis)Edilan, Madrid1975Edn faximileExcellent, quaterbound, leather
I, ClaudiusRobert GravesRP-HB
I, ClaudiusRobert GravesRP-HB
I, ClaudiusRobert GravesRP-HB
Claudius the GodRobert GravesRP-HB
Claudius the GodRobert GravesRP-HB
Claudius the GodRobert GravesRP-HB
I, ClaudiusRobert GravesRP-PB
I, ClaudiusRobert GravesRP-PB
Claudius the GodRobert GravesRP-PB
Claudius the GodRobert GravesRP-PB
Claudius the GodRobert GravesRP-PB
The Hanged my Saintly BillyRobert GravesRP-PB
The Hanged my Saintly BillyRobert GravesRP-HB
The Greek Myths I+2 Robert GravesFolio SocRP-HBSlip case
Goodbye to All ThatRobert GravesFolio SocRP-HBSlip case
The Use and Abuse of the English LanguageRobert Graves & Alan HodgeRP-PB
The Use and Abuse of the English LanguageRobert Graves & Alan HodgeRP-PB
Collected Short StoriesRobert GravesRP-PB
Poems Selected by HimselfRobert GravesRP-PB
Poems Selected by HimselfRobert GravesRP-PB
Poems Selected by HimselfRobert GravesRP-PBRebound in leather by Tibor SzantoTo Robert and Beryl, Tibor
The Rubaiyyat of Omar KhayaamRobert Graves & Ali ShahRP-PB
Count BelisariusRobert GravesRP-PB
Count BelisariusRobert GravesRP-PB
Count BelisariusRobert GravesRP-PB
Count BelisariusRobert GravesRP-PB
The Hebrew MythsRobert GravesRP-PB
The Hebrew MythsRobert GravesRP-PB
The Isles of UnwisdomRobert GravesRP-PB
The Golden FleeceRobert GravesRP-PB
Sergeant Lamb of the ninthRobert GravesRP-PB
Proceed Sargeant LambRobert GravesRP-PB
Suetonius: Twelve CaesarsRobert GravesRP-PB
Suetonius: Twelve CaesarsRobert GravesRP-PB
Poems 1970-1972Robert GravesDoubleday, NY19731stGood, sl scuffed DW
Poems About LoveRobert GravesCassell, London2ndGood, scuffed DW
Occupation WriterRobert GravesCassell, London19511stFair, no dw
The Comedies of TerrenceEd Robert GravesBelle Sauvage, Cassell, London19631stGood, sl. stained DWInscribed on title page: Robert Graves 1978
New Poems 1962Robert GravesCassell, London19622ndGood, slightly foxed, no DW.
The Greek Myths I+2 Robert GravesCassell, London2ndGood, slightly foxed, no DW.
Oxford Addresses on PoetryRobert GravesDoubleday, NY19621st amGood, scuffed DW
Man Does, Woman IsRobert GravesDoubleday, NY19641st amGood, scuffed DW
The Original Rubaiyyat of Omar KhayaamRobert Graves & Ali ShahDoubleday, NY19681st amGood, no dw
Translation or TravestyJ.C.E.BowenThe Abbey Press19731stGood
Lucan's PharsaliaTr. Robert GravesBelle Sauvage, Cassell, LondonRP-HBGood, scuffed DW
Lucan's PharsaliaTr. Robert GravesBelle Sauvage, Cassell, LondonRP-HBGood, scuffed DW
The Golden Ass - Lucius ApuleiusTr. Robert GravesPenguin Books, LondnRP-PB
Poems 1965-1968Robert GravesDoubleday, NY19681st amGood, scuffed DW
Poems 1968-1970Robert GravesDoubleday, NY19701st amGood, DW
Colleced PoemsRobert GravesAnchor Books19661st amPB
I, ClaudiusRobert GravesMethuenreprintGood, scuffed DW
Poems 1968-1970Robert GravesCassell, London19701stGood, scuffed DW
Old Soldier SahibFrank RichardsFaber & FaberRP-PB
Old Soldier SahibFrank RichardsFaber & FaberRP-PB
Greek Myths and Legends Robert GravesCassell, London19671stGood copyC Dalton, Cottage, Deya
Poems About WarRobert GravesCassell, London19881stGood copyLibrary Copy [BG]
Poems About WarRobert GravesMoyer Bell, Ltd19901st amGood copy
Collected Poems 1975Robert GravesOUP19881st amGood copy, no dwLibrary Copy [BG]
New Collected PoemsRobert GravesDoubleday, NY19771st amGood, Torn DW
New Collected PoemsRobert GravesDoubleday, NY19771st amGood, no DW
The Hebrew MythsRobert GravesDoubleday, NY19641st amGood, no DWInscr on tiltle page: "Robert Graves"
The Cross and the SwordManuel de Jesus Galván, tr Robert GravesIndiana University Press19541stGood, no DW
An Ancient CastleRobert GravesMichael Kesend, NY19811stGood, DW
The Poor Boy who Followed his StarRobert GravesCassell, London19681stGood, DWFor Robert, with love from Alice - April 1968
The Siege and Fall of TroyRobert GravesDoubleday, NY19621st amWorn, two scuffed DW
An Angle on HungaryThema Dufton, Intro by Robert GravesCorvina, Budapest19771stGood, scuffed DW
The Big Green BookRobert GravesCrowell Collier, NYRP-HBWorn, scuffed DW
Viva CamenaEd. Joseph EberleArtemis, Zurich19611stGood, sl torn DW
Valley of the Latin BearAlexander LenardE.P.Dutton, NY19651stGood, slight foxing, no DW
In Broken ImagesEd Paul O'PreyHutchinson, London19821stGood, scuffed DWPaul O'Prey Library Copy, Canellun, July 1982
Between Moon & MoonEd Paul O'PreyHutchinson, London19841stUsed, scuffed DWLibrary Copy [BG]
The Poems of St John of the CrossEd John Frederick NimsGrove PressRP-HBGood, slightly scuffed DWLibrary Copy [BG]
Winnie Ile PuTr. Alexander LenardE.P.Dutton, NY19622ndGood, slightly foxed, slightly scuffed DWWith many thanks for your forbearance and help you gave me once upon a time, Arturo Hayeox, California, 1966
The House at Pooh CornerA.A.MilneMethuen19281stWorn, 1st end paper missing. Children's scribbles
In The ClearingRobert Frost Holt, Reinhart, London19621stGood, slightly foxed, torn DW
Suetonius: Twelve CaesarsRobert GravesRP-PB
Goodbye to All ThatRobert GravesPenguin Books, LondnRP-PB
The White GoddessRobert GravesFaber & FaberRP-PB
Le Morte D'ArthurNew Rendition by Keith BainesMentor, NY1st1962
King JesusRobert GravesRP-PB
King JesusRobert GravesRP-PB
King JesusRobert GravesRP-PB
Seven days in New CreteRobert GravesRP-PB
Watch the Noth Wind RiseRobert GravesRP-PB
The Complete PoemsRobert GravesPenguin Classics, LondonRP-PB
The Selected Poems of Robert GravesEd Paul O'Prey19861stFairLibrary Copy [BG]
The Selected Poems of Robert GravesEd Paul O'PreyPenguin Classics, London2001RPExellent
Yesterday onlyRobert Graves - ed Beryl GravesGreville Press20001stExellentLibrary Copy [BG]
The Poet as book collector: Siegfried SassoonMax EgremontGrollier Club Gazette (offprint) 20001stExellentTo Beryl Graves from Max Egreemont
Dear Robert, Dear SpikePauline ScoudamoreAlan Sutton, London19911stGood, slightly scuffed DWLibrary Copy [BG]
Antigua Penny PuceRobert GravesPenguin,London1968RPRebound in leather by Tibor Szanto - spine unglued
Wife to Mr MiltonRobert GravesPenguin,LondonRP-PB
Wife to Mr MiltonRobert GravesPortway - Chivers PressRPExellent
Wife to Mr MiltonRobert GravesPortway - Chivers PressRPExellentRobert Graves Library Copy 1969
The White GoddessRobert Graves Ed by Greville LindopFaber & FaberRP-PBExellent
The Greek Myths I+2 Robert GravesMoyer Bell, Ltd1988Excellent
Ben Nicholson: The vicious Circles of his Life and ArtSarah Jane ChecklandJohn Murray, London20001stVery Good
Spike Millingan: a BiographyPauline ScoudamoreGranada, London19851stGoodFor Beryl with appreciation and love, Pauline - Dec 1985
Open Heart UniversitySpike MilliganPenguin Books, LondonPB-RPGoodTo Robert - "May the stars always fly for you" love from Spike. Aug 1980
Children of AberfanSpike MilliganThe New Broom Press19691stExcellentTo Robert Graves from Spike Milligan
Lost Goddesses of Ancient GreeceCharlene SpretnakMoon Books19781stExcellentTo Robert Graves with best wishes from Charlene Spretnak 15 February 1979
Student Guide to John DonneSean HaldaneGreenwich Exchange, London19961stFair
The Greek Myths, Ill. EdnRobert GravesPenguin BooksPB-RPGood
Bendan Behan's Island: An Irish Sketch BookBendan Behan - Illustrated by Paul HogarthHutchinson, London19621stFair, slightly foxed, torn DWFor Robert Graves from the artist - Deya 1963, Paul Hogarth
I, Claudius & Claudius the GodRobert Graves - Ed Richard FrancisCarcanet1998Excellent
The Sergeant Lamb NovelsRobert Graves - Ed Caroline ZilboorgCarcanet1999Good
Centenary Selected PoemsRobert Graves - ed Patrick QuinnCarcanet1995Good
Collected Writings on PoetryRobert Graves - ed Paul O'PreyCarcanet1995Good - slightly wornLibrary Copy [BG]
Complete Short StoriesRobert Graves - ed Lucia GravesCarcanet1995Good
Some Speculations on Literature, History and ReligionRobert Graves - ed Patrick QuinnCarcanet2000Good
Complete Poems Vol IRobert Graves - ed Beryl Graves & Dunstan WardCarcanet1995Good - slightly worn
Complete Poems Vol IRobert Graves - ed Beryl Graves & Dunstan WardCarcanet1995Good - no DWLibrary Copy [BG]
Complete Poems Vol IIRobert Graves - ed Beryl Graves & Dunstan WardCarcanet1997Poor - scuffed DWLibrary Copy [BG]
Complete Poems Vol IIIRobert Graves - ed Beryl Graves & Dunstan WardCarcanet1999Poor - worn, torn DWLibrary Copy [BG]
Complete Poems in One VolumeRobert Graves - ed Beryl Graves & Dunstan WardCarcanet2000Poor - worn, torn DWLibrary Copy (Susie Townsend's hand)
The White GoddessRobert Graves Ed by Greville LindopCarcanet1997Good - slightly scuffed DWLibrary Copy (Susie Townsend's hand)
The Assault HeroicRichard Perceval GravesWidenfeld & Nicholson19861stWorn, torn DWFor Beryl, with love from the author your nephew, Richard Perceval Graves
The Years With LauraRichard Perceval GravesWidenfeld & Nicholson19901stWorn, scuffed DWLibrary Copy
Robert Graves and the White GoddessRichard Perceval GravesWidenfeld & Nicholson19951stWorn, dirty DW
Robert Graves, his life and worksMartin Seymour SmithHutchinson, London19821stWorn, no dwInscribed Martin Seywmour Smith on title page; Library Copy on flyleaf
Robert Graves, Life on the EdgeMiranda SeymourDoubleday, NY and London19951stWorn, no dw
Robert Graves, The Lasting Poetic AchievementD.N.G. CarterMacmillan19891stWorn, scuffed, discoloured dwTwo letters enclosed to Beryl
Robert GravesJ.M. CohenOliver and Boyd19601st paperbackPoorInscribed "I hope this will persuade you to restore some of your rejected poems to the next collected volume. Yours, J.M. Cohen, sept 1960
The Poetry of Robert GravesMichael KirkhamThe Athlone Press, London19691stGood, slightly foxed, scuffed dw
A wild civilityPatrick J. KeanUniversity of Missouri19801stFair copy
Jacks or BetterThomas MatthewsHarper and Row19771stFair, scuffed dw
A Bibliography of the works of Robert GravesFred H. HigginsonNicholas Vane19661stWorn, no dw
The Dain CurseDashiell HammettAlfred A. Knopf19301strebound (hardback)
Red HarvestDashiell HammettAlfred A. Knopf19291stTorn spine
The maltese FalconDashiell HammettAlfred A. Knopf19301strebound
The Thin ManDashiell HammettAlfred A. Knopf1930reissueTorn spine
Those Folk of BulboroEdgar WallaceWard, Locke and Co London19181stScuffed, worn, o/w good
The Moon and SixpenceSomerset MaughamGeorge H. Doran, NY19191st Torn spine, scuffed
The Luck of the BodkinsP.G. WodehoseHerbert Jenkins19351stFairly good, slightly foxed
Heavy WeatherP.G. WodehoseHerbert Jenkins19331stGood, foxed
The Small BatchelorP.G. WodehoseMethuenreprintFoxedInscribed: J.M. Reeves
The Case of the Lucky LoserEarl Stanley GardnerWilliam Morrow, NY19571stfairTo Robert Graves with all best wishes, yours E Stanley Gardner, March 1957
FibreBarry SullivanFaber & Faber19461stSlightly foxedLetter from B. Sullivan
Then a SoldierGeoffrey CotterellEire and Spottiswode19441stFair, foxedTo Robert Graves from Geoffrey Cotterell
Left-handed DeathRichard HullCollins (Crime Club), London19461stfoxedStamp: F.G. Short Lending Library, Palma
Daddy Long-LegsJean WebsterHodder and Stoughton, LondonreprintWorn, foxedStamp: Park Hotel, Gstaad
The Chinese Confessions of Charles Welsh MasonCharles Welsh MasonThe Richards Press, London1927reprintfoxed. Otherwise fair
The Bridal BedJoseph BraddockJohn Day NY19611st USworn, ow goodTo Robert Graves from Joseph Braddock, June 1st 1961
An Apple for the SergeantAntthony CotterellHutchinson, London1950?1stScuffed, no dwAbout WWII
Men at ArmsEvelyn WaughChapman and Hall, London19521stGood tight copy
A Charmed LifeMary McCarthyWiedenfeld and Nicholson19561stFoxed, fairGraves, Deyá
The Angry MillionaireSelwyn JepsonHarper and Row19681stWornTo Beryl and Robert with love Selwyn, Nov 5th 1968
The Hungry SpiderSelwyn JepsonDoubleday19501stworn, foxedFor my readers in bed, the Robert Graves's; can they really take three Eves in now? Selwyn Jepson, Oct 1950
The Laughing FishSelwyn JepsonRupert Hart-Davis London19601stgood, slightly foxedFor Robert and Beryl with love from Selwyn, June 1960
The Black ItalianSelwyn JepsonThe Crime Club (Collins)19541stFairInscribed, after dedication "with great afffection, SJ, 5th May 1954
"Letter to a Dead Girl"Selwyn JepsonMacmillan19711stGoodFor Robert & Beryl - with love - Selwyn 29 August 1971
A Noise in the NightSelwyn JepsonRupert Hart-Davis London19571stFairFor Robert & Beryl - with love - Selwyn - May 1957
Man DeadSelwyn JepsonThe Crime Club (Collins)19511stFairInscribed, after dedication "and this copy in particular for Robert (parent of the first part) and Beryl Graves, for reading aloud in bed, as usual, with Selwyn's affectionate regards - 3rd August1951".
Man RunningSelwyn JepsonMcDonald & Co, London19481stDiscoloured spine but goodFor Beryl & Robert (second time around) with love from Selwyn - Liss - November 1972
Man RunningSelwyn JepsonMcDonald & Co, London19481stReboundFor Robert & Beryl (to be read aloud in bed) with affectionate regards Selwyn J. August 1950
Fear in the WindSelwyn JepsonW.H.Allen, London19641stFoxed, othewise goodBeryl & Robert with love from Selwyn . April 1964
The Third PossibilitySelwyn JepsonW.H.Allen, London19651stGoodBeryl & Robert with love from Selwyn . May 1965
Real LifeDeborah PeaseWWNorton, NY19711stGood, scuffed DW
A Summer NightAlan MoorheadHamish Hamilton19541stFair, foxed
A War of ShadowsW.Stanley MossMacmillan, NY19521stScuffed spine, otherwise good
JawsPeter BenchleyDoubleday19741stGood, scuffed DWCanellun sticker
The Enormous ShadowRobert HarlingChatto and Windus19551stFoxed, othewise goodGraves, Deyá
Quebec BoyRobert GouletVinyard Press, NY20011stGoodFor Beryl, in Memory of Robert ...
MadhouseRobert GouletHoward Greenfeld, Chicago19731stVery Good, DWFor Robert on his eightieth from Robert on his fifty-first. Love, Robert, Balitx July 24, 1975
Midnight PeopleJohn KnittelJohn Long, London19351stFoxed, othewise goodTo Robert with love from John
MarnieWinston GrahamHodder and Stoughton, London19611stGood, slightly foxed
The Dark Saviour??? (Rebound)???Good, rebound (missing prelims)
The GardenKathrin PerutzAthneum, NY19621stFoxed, o/w goodFor Robert and Beryl with love, Kathy
The Power HouseAlex ComfortGeorge Rutledge, London19451stGood, slightly soiled
George Orwell, a lifeBernard PrickPenguin1982paperback reprintGood
The Sea Around UsRachel L. CarsonOUP, NY19511stScuffed spine, otherwise good
Horse Power and MagicGeorgeEwart EvansFaber & Faber19791stGood, scuffed DWTo RG with warm greetings, George Ewart Evans, 23.IV.79
The Pattern Uunder the PloughGeorgeEwart EvansFaber & Faber19661stPoor, split dw
The Farm and the villageGeorgeEwart EvansFaber & Faber19691stGood copy, dw
The days that we have seenGeorgeEwart EvansFaber & Faber19751stGood, good dw
From Mouths of MenGeorgeEwart EvansFaber & Faber19761stGood, dw
The Strength of the Hills, an autobiographyGeorge Ewart EvansFaber & Faber19831stExcellentTo Robert Graves with warm greetings from George Ewart Evans. 1.I.84
The Leaping HareGeorgeEwart Evans & David ThomsonFaber & Faber19721stGood, dw
Let Dogs DelightGeorge Ewart EvansFaber & Faber19751stGood, scuffed DWRobert Graves: a small token of my gratitude and admiration, sent in the autumn after your eighty summers, George Ewart E, 11.IX.75
The Importance of being OscarOscar WildeSilent Booksreprint (1988Very good
Lillian Hodge and Dr JohnsonSamuel JohnsonPrimrose Hill Press, London1998Excellent
A Smaller Classical Dictionary of Biography, Mytholgy & GeographyEd. Sir William SmithJohn Murray, London1906Rebound - good
Prater VioletChristopher IsherwoodMethuen19491stFoxed, fair copy
Two by TwoMartha GelhornSimon & Schuster, NY19581stGood
Cuba RevisitedMartha GelhornOffprint from Granta Magazine1985Xerox
Late HarvestNorman DouglasLindsay Drummond, London19461stFair, foxedIncludes signed photo of Author dedicated to Lotte (Lisa Sworn)
Old Man GoyaJulia BlackburnJonathan Cape, London20021stExcellentBeryl, with Love, Julia
Personal ImpressionsIsaiah BerlinHogarth Press, London1981Good
The Thread of Ariadne: Tha Labarinth of the Calendar of MynosCharles F. HerbergerPhilosophical Library, NY19721stGoodTo Robert Graves, From an Indebted Admirer, Charles F. Herberger
Death Plus Ten YearsRoger CooperHarper Collins19931stVery Good - DWTo Beryl with love and gratitude for writing to me in Evin. Roger Cooper
Games From an Edwardian ChildhoodRosaleen CooperDavid & Charles, London19821stVery GoodTo dear Beryl and her family, with much love form Roz, Oct 1982
A Home in MajorcaTomás GravesJJ de Olañeta19981stVery GoodFor Mother, Thanks for your help in proofing...
Volem Pa amb OliTomás GravesJJ de Olañeta19981stGoodFor Mother, All my love, Tomás
A Woman UnknownLucia GravesVirago, London19991stVery GoodFor Mother, with love form Lucia, Christmas 1998
Mujer DesconocidaLucia GravesSix Barral20001stVery GoodFor Mother, my first copy, with lots of love Lucia, Deya 13.9.00
La Casa de la MemoriaLucia GravesSix Barral19991stVery GoodFor Mother, with all my love, Lucia, Putney, Nov 3, 1999
Telling TalesAlan BennetBBCPB
Enjoying MajorcaPamela LeggeGG Baker, Surrey19951stSlightly soiledTo Beryl, a reminder of the halcyon days when live was fun and we were all young, Pamela, May 1995
The Book of Imaginary BeingsJorge Luis BorgesJonathan Cape, London19701stVery Good
The Birds Fall DownRebbeca WestMacmillan, London19661stWorn, otherwise good.Graves, Deyá
The Sweet and TwentiesBeverly NicholsWiedenfeld and Nicholson19581stGood, slightly foxedTo Beryl from... From Tim ("Tent") 1990
The Earth in BalanceAl GoreHoughton Mifflin, Boston19921stGood
The Circle of ReasonAmitav GhoshViking19861st USGood, slightly scuffed DW
Book of the BookIdries ShahOctagon Press19691stGood, slightly scuffed DWFrom Idries Shah
Oriental MagicIdries ShahOctagon Press1968SecondVery foxed, ow good
Tales from the BazaarsAmina ShahOctagon Press20021stExcellentDearest Beryl, a happy christmas and new year 2003, I hope you can keep THIS copy, much love Amina
The Conference of the BirdsFarid Ud-din Attar, trans. C S NottRutledge and Keegan paul1961reissueGood, scuffed DWKelly Fearing, march 16 1965
The Tatooed Heart of Livingston Marian GreenwoodW.H.Allen, London1966reissueGood
The Hungry OneC P Clayton, ed Michael ClaytonGomer Press19781stV.good
The Lost Tribes of IsraelTheodore LasarreThe Earth Company, NY19761stExcellent
Athens Festival 1961 cataloguePublished by organiser1961Good
Ponent (magazine)Palma de MallorcaTardor 1962Good
Desmos (magazine)Paris2002Excellent
The earlly Poetry oof Rrobert GravesFrank KernowskiU of Texas, Austin20021stGood, slightly scuffed dwTo Beryl Graves with my gratitude, Frank Kosnowski, San Antonio, Texas 4 Feb 2003
Essays from EpilogueLaura Riding and Robert Graves, ed Mark JacobsCarcanet20011stPoor, usedWith Gratitude and respect and thanks to Mrs Beryl Graves Mark Jacobs, Aug 2001
The Penguin Complete Novels of George OrwellGeorge OrwellPenguin1983Ist of this compilationGood
Spike Pauline ScudamoreSutton Publishing2003reprintgood, worn
Three LivesGertrude SteinVintage Books NYNo dateFacsimile paperbackFair
Pieces of Time Peter BogdanovichArbour House, NY19851stWornMay 17 1985, For Beryl and Robert, none of these are all that terrific... Peter
War and PeaceLeo Tolstoy, trans Constance GarnettHeinemann, London1961reprintWorn
The Writers WorldEd Elizabeth JanewayMc Graw-Hill, NY19691stGood
Overtones of War (Poems of WWI)Edmund Blunden, ed Martin taylorDuckworth19961stExcellent
Faber Book of Irish VerseEd. John MontagueFaber & Faber19741stGood, slightly soiled
Selected poems of Alun LewisSelected by Jeremy Hooker and Gweno Lewis (Mother of Alun), Foreword by RGUnwin, London19811stGood
The War Poems of Siegried SassoonSSRupert Hart-Davis London1985reprintfair
As it WasTerence HardsSeizin Press (RG)19641stv. Good
WhereaboutsAlastair ReidNorth Point Press, San Francisco19871stgoodFor Beryl, Robert, William, Lucia, Juan, Tomás with love from Alastair 1987
The Penguin Book of First World War PoetryEd Jon SilkinPenguin1986reprintgood
Soldiers From the Wars ReturningJerrard TickellAlbatross19471stFair
Post-War Polish PoetryEd and Trans by Ceszlaw MilowiszPenguin Books19701st UKGood
Alun Lewis: a miscellany of his WritingsAlun Lewis, ed John PicoulisPoetry Wales Press19821stExcellent
Wilfrid OwenJohn StallsworthyOUP1998reissueGood, paperback
The IdlerNevil BraybrookeSecker and Warburg, London19611stV. Good, slightly discoloured dwTo Robert Graves in admiration of this work, Neville Braybrooke, 16. X. 61
TacitusHugh Trevor-RoperNew English Library19661st UKPaperback, good
Franco British StudiesAnne MounicBritish Institute, Paris2001Paperback, good
Theophilus of AntiochTr. Robert M. GrantOUP19701stSoiled DW, otherwise good
Homer's Blind AudienceRoberto Salinas PriceScylax Press, San Antonio Texas19831stGoodFor Robert Graves, whose The White Goddess was instrumnetal in developing my approach to Homeric scholarship, R. Salinas, March 18, 1985.
The Homeric Hymns: A verse TranslationThema SargentWWNorton, NY19731stGood
Robert Graves against the Gannon CultC.R.DaltonOchre Press19981stPoor - splitFor Beryl with love from Catherine, Eden, March 1998
Poets at Work: Essays based on the Lookwood Memorial Libary CollectionEd. Charles AbbotHarcourt Brace, NY19481stGood, scuffed DW
The Strange Death of President HardingGaston B. Means - as to May Dixon ThackerJohn Hamilton, LondonNo dateFoxed, fair
The Anatomy of SwearingAshley MontaguCollier Books, NY1967PB reprintGoodFor Robert Graves and 1927 (Lars Porsena) the "onlie begotten" from Ashey Montagu
A History of Queens College, LondonElaine KayeChatto and Windus19721stExellent
Manners and Rules of Good SocietyA Member of the AristocracyFrederick Warne, London188615thSlightly worn, otherwise good
The Magic CarpetShlomo BarerSecker and Warburg, London19521stFoxed and worn, torn DWTo Dr Robert Graves, with sincerest compliments on the occasion of his visit to Israel at the Sharon Hotel [unreadable signature], Jan 1959
The Walls of JerusalemChaim RaphaelAlfred A. Knopf19681stScuffed DW, otherwise goodRobert Graves to continue the conversation, Chaim Raphael, London, July 26, 1968
Lord of the Rings - The two TowersJ.R.R.TolkienGeorge Allen & Unwin1956reprintGood, slightly wornBeryl Graves, Deya, Mallorca
Lord of the Rings - The Return of the KingJ.R.R.TolkienGeorge Allen & Unwin1956reprintGood, slightly worn
Lord Love UsWilliam SansomHogarth Press, London19541stGood, slightly foxedFor Robert, Bill Sansom, 1954
Sons of the SteppeHans BaumannOUP1973reprintPBGood
The Secret of the Golden CalfZacatariousHouse of Zwillingsbruder Press, Berkley, Ca19741stGood, scuffed DW
Poetry in the Therapeutic ExperienceEd. Arthur LernerPergamon Press19781stExcellent 12.9.81, to Robert Graves, A small token... Sincerely Arthur Lerner
Black Lamb and Grey Falcon Vol IRebbeca WestMacMillan1942reprintFair
Black Lamb and Grey Falcon Vol IRebbeca WestMacMillan1942reprintFair
Rogue HerriesHugh WalpoleMacMillan19301stSpine split, fair
Tomasz GluzinskiPrzwbieg WydarzenWindawnictwo19771stGoodTo Mr Robert Graves with Gratitude for the prize pf the Pen Club, Tomasz Gluzinski
Odessy of a TroubadourColin the DarkPrivately Printed (NZ)19761stGoodTo Robert, a truly great poet...
The North Wind's DaughterMargaret Korwen-DePonziPrivately Printed19841stGoodSigned
Origin - featuring Denis GoacherMagazine1969GoodFor Robert Graves, New Year's day, 1969
If Words Were BirdsDaevid AllenOutpost Publications -London19641stGoodFor Robert, a book of early & naked footprints from the Puig - This copy specially illustrated for Graves R
The Man From MarsRosemary SeymourOutpost Publications -London19641stGood
A Journal & Other PoemsFrank LissauerOutpost Publications -London19651stGood - slightly foxedThis copy for Robert Graves with compliments - Frank Lissauer - 24 Feb 1965.
The Merry Muses & Other Burnsian FrolicsRobert Burns Ed. Eric L RandleLuxor Press, London19661stGood - slightly foxed
To Tell the TruthPaul RocheGerald Duckworth, London19671stGood - slightly foxedFor Beryl Graves, especially "the Spring Song of the Petroleum Board Meeting" Paul Roche
SamarasMario SatzArgonauta, Barcelona19811stGoodFor Robert Graves, Poet, Historian, Magician, Wise, with great admiration, in Barcelona, Mario Satz, 1981
An Anthology of English Poetry 1945-1960Thomas BlackburnPutnam, London19601stScuffed
To the End of WestHenry ChapinWilliam L Bauhan, New Hampshire19701stGoodDear Robert, here's a clean copy, thanks again, Henry.
Modern Hugarian PoetryEd Miklos VajdaColumbia University Press, NY19771stScuffed DW, otherwise good
PartyAnthony AstburyOnly Poetry Publications, UK19821stGood 118/200For Robert Graves, with deep respect, Anthony Astbury.
Just the Two of UsAnthony AstburyOnly Poetry Publications, UK19811stGoodFor Robert Graves, in homage, Anthony Astbury
Poet's ChoicePhilip RobertsIsland Press, Sidney19701stVery Good, 10/600. Text Hand-setTo Robert with thanks for putting the idea into my head, Philip
The Prince of the Golden AppleMichael MarksFaber & Faber19751stVery GoodTo Robert & Beryl with Love, Michael, June 1975
The Wonder BookNathaniel HawthornWatergate Classics, London1947reprintScuffed, OK
Word in the Desert (The critical Quartely Magazine)Ed. C.B.Cox & A.E.DysonOUP19681stGoodFor Robert Graves from C-B.Cox and A.E.Dyson, with all good wishes.
The Second Mrs TanquerayAdapted from Sir Arthur Pinero's palyWilliam Heinneman, London19161stBroken spine
The Mimosa and the MangoDuchess of St AlbansW.H.Allen, London19741stGoodFor Dear Dear Robert, with best wishes for his birthday, and great love from Suzanne, 24-7-1074
Real StoriesGareth ReevesCarcanet19841stGood
Poems from the SanscritTrans. John BroughPenguin1969reprintBroken spineTo Robert Graves with compliments
AD 2100, a narrative of SpaceJohn Williams AndrewsBrandon Press, Boston19691stScuffed DW, otherwise goodFor RG with admiration......John W M Andrews, West Point, Connecticut 1969
Eternity SmithJuanita CaseyDolmen Press1st1985GoodWith love to you, Juanita
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Translations of Graves in Study109
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