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Title Type Date Archives/Published Description History
SONG FOR SHEBAmusical libretto1959St John's CollegeMusical Libretto written by Robert Graves and Jenny Nicholson based on the "Song of Songs". Contract dated 19 March 1959 - Between Alexander Cohen & Robert Graves - Signed by Cohen only. Tyrone Guthrie was to write the music.
ST PETER AND THE GUNMAN/ Island of Calm/ "The Silver Key"Screenplay1957St John's College"The Silver Key" /"Island of Calm" (Blue Binding) - Film script by John Barnes based on "Esta en Su Casa", short story by Robert Graves.Never produced
WORLD'S DELIGHTDraft Screenplay1952St John's CollegeFilm script based on the "1001 Nights". Written by Graves and American director Will Price (once married to Maureen O'Hara). The script was written in Deya in 1952. It was to be produced by Forrest Judd and several actors were approached to play the lead including Alec Guinness and Fernadel.
ALL THINGS TO ALL MENPlay1971St John's CollegeAll Things to All Men - by Robert Graves. A play in three acts, based on St Paul.Originated by Graves - no takers
THE FOOL OF ROMEDraft Screenplay1936St John's CollegeGraves's film script of I, CLAUDIUS for the Korda productionThis script was not used, or was heavily modified for the shooting of the Korda's epic film of I, Claudius with Charles Laughton and Merle Oberon which was never completed.
I, CLAUDIUSPlay1971St John's CollegeScript of I, CLAUDIUS play by John Mortimerperformed at Queen's theatre -
I, CLAUDIUSDraft Screenplay1958St John's CollegeI, CLAUDIUS - Draft Screenplay by Bridget Boland and Robert Graves.Alec Guinness was to play Claudius.
YO,CLAUDIOPlay2003PublishedScript of I, CLAUDIUS play, in Spanish, by Alonso de SantosPentacion production. Directed by Jose Carlos Plaza, with Hector Alterio as Claudius. Opened at the Merida Festival in 2003 with great aclaim. Then travelled around Spain.
SUSSANA AND THE ELDERSDraft Screenplay1953St John's CollegeScreen Play by Graves/Price probably based on novel (?) by Martin Seymour Smith (See MSS letter of 27 July 1952). First draft Screen play - Ts - Paper foxed - Probably 1950's - 120 pp. Incomplete draft 21pp - Contains text "looks like Jeff Chandler" . This would date it around 1953/1953
THE ANGER OF ACHILLESRadio Play1965St John's CollegeRadio Play based on Graves's "THE ANGER OF ACHILLES" (Homer's Iliad) - BBC entry - "Italia Prize 1965" (Winner)
BUT IT STILL GOES ON - Play1930PublishedA play in Three Acts by Robert GravesCommissioned in 1930 but never staged. Published in "But It Still Goes On"
CHRISTMAS TRUCEDraft Screenplay1964St John's College"Christmas Truce" - First Draft Script by Charles Frend. - Based on a Short Story by Robert Graves
HORSESPlay1939PublishedA Play for Children by Robert GravesPublished in "Occupation Writer"
ANTIGUA PENNY PUCEMusical Libretto1969St John's CollegeAntigua, Penny, Puce - Adapted as a stage musical by Diana Morgan.
GREEKS AND TROJANSPlay1950s ?St John's CollegeGreek & Trojans - a play by Robert Graves -.
LOVEMusical Libretto1970St John's CollegeLibretto for Opera based on "More poems 1961" - in Swedish by Eskil Hemberg
ROBERT GRAVES BIRTHDAY PLAYSPlay1950s-1960sSt John's CollegePerformed every year for Graves's Birthday Party in the Canellun Theatre