Fourteenth International Robert Graves Conference


Robert Graves and Europe: Good-bye to All That / But It Still Goes



CaixaForum, Palma, and Deià, Mallorca, Spain


10–14 July 2018


Organised by the Robert Graves Society, the Fundació Robert

Graves, and the University of the Balearics





Tuesday 10 July


5.00 – 5.45 pm:                      Registration (CaixaForum, Palma), checking into hotels, etc.


5.45 pm:                                    Welcome to Participants and announcements (Lecture Theatre)

Charles Mundye (President, Robert Graves Society)

William Graves (Robert Graves’s literary executor; Director, Fundació Robert Graves)


6.00 pm:                                 Concert Recital: April Fredrick (soprano) and Eric McElroy



7.30 pm:                                  Coaches to Castillo de Bellver (Bellver Castle), Palma


8.00 pm                                  Welcoming Reception at Bellver Castle (light buffet) offered by the Ajuntament de Palma (Palma Town Hall)




9.30 pm                                   Coaches return to CaixaForum, Palma












Wednesday 11 July


9.15 – 10.15 am:

Michael Schmidt: ‘Graves Aloud’


10.15 – 10.45 am:                   Refreshments


10.45 – 11.45 am:                   Music Matters (1)

April Fredrick and Eric McElroy in conversation


11.45 am – 12.15 pm:            Exhibition: Jenny Nicholson


12.15 – 1.00 pm:                    Round Table on Jenny Nicholson (Pedro de Montaner, Juana

Maria Seguí, William Graves)


1.00 – 2.00 pm:                       Lunch (own arrangements)


2.00 – 3.00 pm:                        Editorial Matters (1): Robert Graves Society Talk  Dunstan Ward: ‘Versions of Robert Graves’


3.00 – 4.00 pm:                       Editorial Matters (2): Off the Shelf Talk

Natalia Farrán Graves and Charles Mundye: ‘Robert Graves and the Road to War’


4.00 – 4.30 pm:                       Break


4.30 – 5.15 pm:                       Translation Matters

Lucia Graves in conversation with Patrick McGuinness: ‘On Translation’


5.15 – 6.15 pm:                      Book Launch and Refreshments

Paul O’Prey: ‘An Introduction to Counter-Wave: Poetry of Rescue in the First World War


6.15  – 7.30 pm:                      Films


Robert Graves: My Own Work Granada Production 10 May 1957 (13’ 19’’)


Serra de Tramuntana – Consell Insular de Mallorca

Presented and narrated by William Graves (Robert Graves’s

Literary Executor; Director, Fundació Robert Graves) (50’)



8.30 pm:                                 Dinner (own arrangements; a booking will be made for a pay-

for-oneself group to dine at a nearby restaurant)





Thursday 12 July


9.15 – 10.15 am:

Patrick McGuinness: ‘Graves and Sensuous Thought’


10.15 – 10.45 am:                   Refreshments


10.45 am – 12.15 pm:            Panel Session 1

Nancy Rosenfeld: ‘If “Princess Europa” returned to her namesake today’


Tanja Cvetković: ‘The White Goddess and the Quest for



Andrew Kalaidjian: ‘Europe’s Witchy Future’


12.15 – 1.15 pm:                     Music Matters (2)

Sue Curtis and Jools Scott: ‘Fire, Blood and Wine: the making of The Cool Web


1.15 – 2.15 pm:                       Lunch (own arrangements)


2.15 – 3.45 pm:                       Panel Session 2

Anett Jessop: ‘Modernists in Mallorca’


Juana Maria Seguí Aznar: ‘Hillgarth, Churchill and Graves:

Mallorca – a crossroads in wartime’


Richard Gwyn: ‘Borders and Crossings: varieties of exile’


3.45 – 4.15 pm:                       Break


4.15 – 5.15 pm:                       Panel Session 3

Nicholas Carter: ‘Visioning the Impossible’


Laura McKenzie: ‘“If Only […] You and I Could Emerge from the Slaughter”: The Ghost from Arakan in The Anger of



5.15 – 6.15 pm:                       Plenary Lecture

Fran Brearton: ‘Graves, Time and Memory’


6.15 – 7.30 pm:                      Readings (Lecture Theatre)

Richard Gwyn, Gregory Leadbetter, Patrick McGuinness,

Michael Schmidt


7.30 pm:                                  Dinner (own arrangements)



Friday 13 July


9.15 – 10.15 am:

Jean Moorcroft Wilson: ‘Robert Graves: from Great War Poet to Good-Bye to All That


10.15 – 10.30 am:                   Refreshments


10.30 am – 12.00 pm:            Panel Session 4


Stephen Regan: ‘Winter in Majorca: Graves, Sand and Chopin’


Michael Joseph: ‘Who Did That? Robert Graves?’


Gregory Leadbetter: ‘Graves and the Supranational Poet’


12.00 – 12.30 pm                    Jim Dicke II remembers Mallorca (film)


1:15 pm [Prompt]                  Coach departs from CaixaForum for Deià                                 NB: Best to have lunch or sandwich before departure if you don't want to eat lunch in Deià (expensive). The coach will not wait for latecomers, due to parking restrictions outside CaixaForum, the conference venue.


2:00 pm                                  Coach arrives in Deià. Participants walk (5–10 mins) up to the church square/tomb for a short poetry reading


2.30 – 4.30 pm:                      Visit: Deià. Free to walk down to the Cala (20–25 mins.) for a swim, have a coffee or refreshments in the village, or visit Ca n'Alluny early as a paying guest (reduced rates for  conference attenders).


4.30 pm                                   Re-assemble at Ca n'Alluny for:

La Casa de Robert Graves (‘The House of Robert Graves’ Introductory film (15 mins) (Auditorium).

A private visit to Ca n’Alluny, Robert Graves’s home, and its 1930s garden, hosted by William Graves and other members of the Graves family.


5.15 – 6.15 pm                        Reading at Ca n’Alluny:

To include Ruth Fainlight, Sean O’Brien, Dunstan Ward


6.15 – 6.45 pm                       Refreshments and early launch of Robert Graves: From Great War Poet to Good-bye to All That (1895-1929) by Jean Moorcroft Wilson. Readings from Jean Moorcroft Wilson's forthcoming biography


6.45 – 7.30 pm                       A Concert of Graves’s Favourite Folksongs and Ballads Performed by Anne Hills and Jay Ansill with special guests including Natalia Farrán Graves, Tomás Graves and more.





7.30 pm &                              Walk or take minibus to Cala de Deià.

7.45 pm                                   Minibus makes second trip to Cala de Deià.


8.00 pm                                  Conference Dinner (fish supper) at Restaurant Ca's Patro March, filmed in the BBC series The Night Manager, based on the novel by John le Carré.


10:00 pm &                            Minibus to coach at top of Cala road

10:15 pm                                Minibus to coach at top of Cala road


10:30 pm                                 Coach leaves from top of Cala road for Palma


11:30 pm                                Coach arrives at Palma (CaixaForum and main conference hotels)




Saturday 14 July


9.30 – 10.30 am:                     Panel Session 5

Joseph Bailey: ‘Further into the Labyrinth:  More Letters between Robert Graves and Basil Liddell Hart’


Julia Simonne: ‘“Through a glass brightly”: Re-adjustments of

“good-bye” identifiable in Graves’s late life and poetry’


10.30 – 11 am:                        Refreshments


11 – 12 pm:                             Plenary Lecture

Sean O’Brien: ‘Unclean and Untidy: Notes on Graves, Myth and

European War’


12.15 – 1 pm:                          Meeting of the Robert Graves Society


End of conference