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Type Title Published By Type Media Date Ref ISBN Country Description Contents
AudioBookI, ClaudiusCSA TelltapesCD2007TT4CD 231978-1906147020UKBy Robert Graves, Abridged by Sarah Kilgariff, Produced by Victoria Williams, Read by Derek JacobiAbridged version of I, CLAUDIUS
AudioBookGoodbye to All ThatCSA TelltapesCD2007TT4CD 232978-1906147037UKBy Robert Graves, Abridged by Neville Teller, Produced by Penelope Reid, Read by Martin Jarvis - 4 CDs (5hrs)Abridged version of GOODBYE TO ALL THAT
AudioBookClaudius the GodCSA TelltapesCD2009TT4CD 248 978-1906147389UKBy Robert Graves, Abridged by ..., Produced by ..., Read by Derek JacobiAbridged version of CLAUDIUS THE GOD
AudioBookLawrence and the ArabsBlackstone Audio BooksCD2008978-1433250019USARobert Graves, Read by Joseph Porter. UnabridgedUnabridged LAWRENCE AND THE ARABS
AudioBookLawrence and the ArabsBlackstone Audio BooksTape1994Robert Graves, Read by Joseph Porter. Unabridged 10 cassettesUnabridged LAWRENCE AND THE ARABS
AudioBookI, ClaudiusBlackstone Audio BooksTape1993USARobert Graves
AudioBookClaudius the GodBlackstone Audio BooksTape1993USARobert Graves
AudioBookSuetonius: The Twelve CaesarsPenguin HighbridgeTape1993978-0453008341Translated by Robert Graves - Classics on Cassette - Read by Fritz Weaver.Abridged (two sound cassettes)
AudioBookI, ClaudiusIsisTape1992UK
AudioBookClaudius the GodIsisTape1986UK
AudioBookGoodbye to All That (1957)IsisTape1986UKRead by Sean Barrett
AudioBookThe Anger of AchillesBooks on TapeTape19862446USANo details
AudioBookClaudus the GodBooks on TapeTape19863271USAParts A & B
AudioBookCollected Short StoriesBooks on TapeTape19863148USANo details
AudioBookCount BelisariusBooks on TapeTape19882321USARead by Bill Kelsey Parts A & B Thirteen audio tape cassettes
AudioBookGoodbye to All ThatBooks on TapeTape19861439USANo details
AudioBookGreek Myths Vol 1Books on TapeTape19862916USANo details
AudioBookGreek Myths Vol 2Books on TapeTape19863065USANo details
AudioBookHomer's DaughterBooks on TapeTape19861979USANo details
AudioBookI, ClaudiusBooks on TapeTape19863160USANo details
AudioBookKing JesusBooks on TapeTape19862181USAParts A & B
AudioBookLawrence and the ArabsBooks on TapeTape19862413USANo details
AudioBookThe Long WeekendBooks on TapeTape19862336USARead by Bill Kelsey Parts A & B Thirteen audio tape cassettes
AudioBookOccupation - WriterBooks on TapeTape19862951USARead by Richard Brown (10 tapes)
AudioBookProceed Sergeant LambBooks on TapeTape19862563USANo details
AudioBookThe Real David CopperfieldBooks on TapeTape19863291USARead by David Case. Thirteen audio tape cassettes
AudioBookSegeant Lamb of the NinthBooks on TapeTape19862565USARead by Bill Kelsey Nine audio tape cassettes
AudioBookThe Siege and Fall of TroyBooks on TapeTape19863026USANo details
AudioBookThey Hanged My Saintly BillyBooks on TapeTape19861903USANo details
AudioBookWatch the North Wind RiseBooks on TapeTape19862404USANo details
AudioBookThe Twelve CaesarsBooks on TapeTape19862828USARead by David Case. Nine audio tape cassettes
MusicLauridsen - NocturnesHyperionChoralCD2007CDA67580UKPolyphony, Stephen Layton (conductor). Mid-Winter Songs include Graves's: Lament for Pasiphaë, She tells her love while half asleep , Mid-Winter Waking, Intercession in Late October, Like Snow,
MusicLuaurisden - The Complete Choral CyclesDavid Wheatley productionChoralCDN/AN/AUSAChoral Cross-Ties - Bruce Breowne, Conductor.Mid-Winter Songs include Graves's: Lament for Pasiphaë, Like Snow, She tells her love while half asleep , Mid-Winter Waking, Intercession in Late October, ,
MusicA Lost WoldBCN RecordsVoice, Harp, Guitar etcCD1996978-6304136010USAPoems by Robert Graves Set to Music, arranged and produced by Jay Ansill, Songs include: A Song for New Year's Eve, The Far Side of Your Moon, A Lover Since Childhood, Full Moon, One Hard Look, Apples and Water, The Hills of May, A Lost World, A Love Story, Down, Wanton, Down, She Tells Her Love While Half Alseep, Midwinter Wakning, A Jealous Man, Counting the Beats.
MusicNatalie Merchant - Leave your SleepNonesuch Records IncVoice, variousCD2010522304-1; 522304-2USAPoems set to music and sung by Natalie Merchant of such poets as Edward Lear, Ogden Nash, and Robert Graves into a musical kaleidoscope.Graves's contribution is Vain and Careless
MusicAvant Slant, (one PLUS I = II?) Decca StereoJazz TrioVinyl1964DL75018USATHE JOHN BENSON BROOKS TRlO - Graves's contribution is 'Mend Them Fences' (Robert Graves, J.B. Brooks).
MusicEl Olivo - Poems by Robert GravesDrumsSongsVinyl1976AD 15.001SpainPoems by Robert Graves set to music by Ramon Farran, sung by Lucia Graves. LP 12: AD 15.001Contents: A Lost World, All I Tell You From My Heart, Azul Mediterraneo (by Farran), Deia (by Farran), Olive Tree, Polsimada (by Farran), Seven Fresh Years (aka Song: Seven Fresh Years), The Far Side of Your Moon, The Green-Sailed Vessel, The Promise, Three Words Only
MusicSevern and SommeSOMM RecordingsBaritone, PianoCDSOMMCD 057UKRoderick Williams (baritone), Susie Allan (piano). Composer Ian Venables. Includes: Flying Crooked Opus 28/1Contents: Easter Song Op 16, Flying Crooked Op 28/1, A Kiss Op 15, Midnight Lamentation Op 6
MusicLove's VoiceSOMM RecordingsTenor, PianoCD2007?SOMMCD 063UKNathan Vale (tenor), Paul Plummer (piano). Composer Ian Venables. Includes Flying Crooked Opus 28/1Content: At Midnight Op 28/2, Flying Crooked Op 28/1, The Hippo Op 33/6, Venetian Songs Op 22 (aka Love's Voice), Vitae Summa Brevis Op 33/3
MUsicEnglish Heartland Songs - Lord - Caradon - Gurney - WickensRichard Carder Production Tenor/Sprano/baritone/Piano2009REP S101UKIncluides 3 settings of Graves poems by Ivor Gurney Content by Graves: Nine of the Clock, Goodnight to to Meadow, Star-Talk. Joanna Morton soprano Anna Roberts Piano
PoetryThe Spoken Word: Robert GravesBritish LibrarySpoken WordCD2009NSA CD36978-0712305518UKPoems and talk on poetry by Robert Graves, recorded by Graves 1949 to 1970. Produced Richard Fairman from the BBC archivesSeven poems by Robert Graves (broadcast 21 march 1950): Love in Barrenness - The Terraced Valley - Like Snow - Trough Nightmare - To Juan at the Winter Solstice - Song of Blodeuwedd - The White Goddess - The Cool Web - Under the Pot. A Poet and His Public (broadcast 20 October 1954) : A talk in which Robert Graves considers his relationship with the people to whom his work is offered. Robert Graves reads and comments on a number of his recent poems (broadcast 27 September 1953): Introduction - With Her Lips Only - Sirocco at Deya - The Straw - The Mark - Dethronement - The Devil at Berry Pomeroy - The Encounter - The Blue-Fly - To Her Majesty the Queen - Leaving the Rest Unsaid. Robert Graves reading some of his newest poems (broadcast 14 October 1962): Ruby and Amethyst - Recognition - The Meeting - Beware, Madam! - Not at Home - Horizon - Lion Lover - Ibycus in Samos - In Her Praise - A Restless Ghost - Three Songs for the Lute: Truth is Poor Physic - In Her Only Way - Hedges Freaked with Snow. Now Read On (28 October 1970): Introduction - In the Name of Virtue - Poisoned Day - Semi-Detached - When Love is Not.
PoetryThe Spoken Word: PoetsBritish LibrarySpoken WordCD2003NSA CD13978-0712305173UKHistoric Recordings of Poets born in the 19th Century. Compiled from the British Library Sound Archives by Steve Cleary, Richard Fairman, Tony Oakes.1805 read by Graves
PoetryThe Green-Sailed VesselCladdagh RecordsSpoken WordCD1972UKPoems Recorded by Graves 1972. Produced by Joan Allen (Original on 12 LP)Side One: Introduction - Arrow on the Vane - Gorgon Mask - Casse-Noisette - The Garden - The Green-Sailed Vessel - Serpent’s Tail - Until We Both … - The Miracle - Testament - Cliff and Wave - Those Blind from Birth - Advice from a Mother - A Reduced Sentence - My Ghost - The Strayed Message - The Hero - Against Witchcraft - Poisoned Day - Point of No Return - Batxóca - Black - Jus Primae Noctis - Turn of the Moon - Work Drafts Side Two: Knobs and Levers - The Virus - Song: Beyond Giving - In the Name of Virtue - What We did Next - Liadan and Curithir - The Broken Girth - The Beds of Grainne and Diarmuid - Song: The Sundial’s Lament - Songs sung by Graves: The Praties they are Small - Hannigan’s Aunt - Poor Little Jimmy Murphy - My Mother is Killing Me - Jean Baptiste Pourquoi - Mr McKinley - The Lambs on the Green Hills - Us don’t come from Wales or Somerset - Kúchh prawāh nei
PoetryPoetry Reading by Robert GravesAcademy of American PoetsSpoken WordTape1966USAPoetry reading by Robert Graves at Hunter College Dec 3, 1966. Introduced by Brian O'Doherty
PoetryTake My YouthTalking Tape CompanySpoken WordTape1983?UKAn Anthology of Poetry from the Great War - Contains poems by Robert Graves. Read by Robert Hardy, Martin Jarvis
PoetryThe Dead Fox Hunter/ Sergeant Major MoneyTalking Tape CompanySpoken WordTape1990UKPossibly recordings in Take my Youth
PoetryRobert Graves Reads From His Poetry & The White GoddessCaedmonSpoken WordLP 12 1957Caedmon TC-1066USAD10 Recorded by Graves in London 3 Nov. 1954Side One: The White Goddess, Chapter I (in part) - The Haunted House - Outlaws - Allie - Love without Hope - What Did I Dream? - The Hills of May - Angry Samson - In Procession - Warning to Children - The Cool Web - Song of Contrariety - The Presence - Side Two: Flying Crooked- Any Honest Housewife -A Jealous Man - The Cloak - Time - Ogres and Pygmies - To Bring the Dead to Life - Like Snow - The Fallen Tower of Siloam - A Love Story - Theseus and Ariadne - To Juan at the Winter Solstice - The Death Room - My Name and I - The Survivor - The Foreboding - CatGoddesses - The Blue-Fly - Sirocco at Deya - Leaving the Rest Unsaid.
PoetryRobert Graves Reads From His Poetry and The White GoddessCaedmonSpoken WordTape1983CDL 51066 Caedmon© 1957, but published June 1985As Caedmon TC-1066
PoetryRobert Graves Reads The White Goddess and Selected Poems. [Title is revised from above.]Caedmon/ HarperCollins PublishersSpoken WordTape1993Published 24 August 1993. Remastered in 1993.As Caedmon TC-1066
PoetryRobert Graves ReadingArgo RecordsSpoken WordLP 12 1961Argo RG 191UKD11 Robert Graves Reads Selected Poems. Sleeve note by the poet. (Diary 30 April 1959: Argo recording poems at Goldhurst Terrace)Side One: The Bards - Full Moon - It Was All Very TidyThief - Trudge, Body! - Christmas Robin - The Devil's Advice to Storytellers - William Brazier - Welsh Incident - On Dwelling - To Walk on Hills - The Cuirassiers of the Frontier - The Halls of Bedlam - On Portents - Dawn Bombardment - Side Two: Frightened Men - Language of the Seasons - The Beach - The Villagers and Death - The Persian Version - Two Grotesques: The Lion-Faced Boy - Dr. Newman with the Crooked Pince-Nez - Beauty in Trouble - Your Private Way - Darien - Prometheus - The Face in the Mirror - The Coral Pool - Gratitude for a Nightmare - Friday Night - The Naked and the Nude - Forbidden Words - A Slice of Wedding Cake - Around the Mountain.
PoetryContemporary English Literature Folkways RecordsSpoken Word45 rpm1962Folkways FL9888.UKD12 Vol. 1: Poetry of Robert Graves, Elizabeth Jennings, Edith Sitwell, C. Day Lewis Side 2, bands 1-6, are read by Graves.Graves Contribution: I'm Through with You Forever - In the Wilderness - The Troll's Nosegay - Mike and Mandy - Traveller's Curse - Song: Lift-Boy
PoetryContemporary English Literature.Jupiter Spoken Word45 rpm1962jep OOC2 (45 rpm). UKD13 Side 2, bands 1-6, are read by Graves. Contents as D12.
PoetryRobert Graves ReadingListen RecordsSpoken WordLP 12 1960UKD14 Read by Graves (Higginson states: Recorded in London 28 April 1959. - This is the same date Graves has for Argo recording - Check) Side One: Rocky Acres - Lost Love - An English Wood - The Pier-Glass - Mermaid, Dragon, Fiend - Ulysses - The Succubus - Gardener - Front Door Soliloquy - In Broken Images - On Rising Early - Sea Side - Hell - Down, Wanton, Down! - Nature's Lineaments - The Philosopher - To Evoke Posterity - Certain Mercies - With Her Lips Only - The Reader over My Shoulder - Side Two: Advocates - The Terraced Valley - The Ages of Oath - End of Play - The Great-Grandmother - No More Ghosts - The Shot - The Thieves - To Sleep - Despite and Still - The Oath - Mid-Winter Waking - The Door - From the Embassy - Cry Faugh! - The Mark - The Sea Horse - The Lost Jewel - The Window Sill - Spoils - Call It a Good Marriage - To Calliope.
PoetryA Little Treasury of Twentieth Century British Poetry, ed. Oscar Williams.Listen RecordsSpoken WordVinylColpix PS1002. D15 - Anthology edited by Oscar WilliamsGraves Contribution: An English Wood - Ogres and Pygmies - Nature's Linea­ments - A Love Story
PoetryAn Album of Modern Poetry, ed. Oscar WilliamsListen RecordsSpoken WordVinylGryphon GR902. D16 Edited by Oscar Williams. An Anthology of Modern Poetry brings together 46 poets reading a total of 78 poems. (2 LPs) Graves's contribution: The Legs - The Naked and the Nude.
PoetryThe Caedmon Treasury of Modern Poets Reading Their Own Poetry.Caedmon (Harper Collins)Spoken WordVinyl1954Caedmon TC0995/TC0995.D17 Recorded in 1954.Anthology featuring Eliot (The Wasteland), Robert Frost, William Carlos Williams, Wallace Stevens, Richard Eberhart, Elizabeth Bishop, Richard Wilbur, Yeats, Auden, Edith Sitwell, Dylan Thomas, MacNeice, Robert Graves, Gertrude Stein, Archibald MacLeish, E.E. Cummings, Marianne Moore, William Empson, Stephen Spender and Conrad Aiken.Graves's contribution: Poem for My Son (To Juan at the Winter Solstice.)
PoetryRobert Graves reading: Love respelt: old & new poems. Columbia RecordsSpoken WordLP 12 1965Columbia OL 6400USANOTES: Critical notes by Goddard Lieberson and John Simon on container. [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 233]Side One: At Best, Poets - The Meeting - She Is No Liar - Expect Nothing - A Last Poem - The Three-Faced - In Time - The Leap - Dazzle of Darkness - Food of the Dead - I Will Write - Bird of Paradise - The Oleaster - Song: Sword and Rose - Endless Pavement - A Measure of Casualness - The Green Castle - Not to Sleep - The Black Goddess - La Mejicana - All I Tell You From My Heart - Double Bass - Judgment of Paris - The Undead - Above the Edge of Doom - Wild Cyclamen - Batxoca - The Snap-Comb Wilderness - Change - Side Two: Black - Between Hyssop and Axe - Gold and Malachite - Ambience - The Vow - The Frog and the Golden Ball - Those Who Came Short - Whole Love - This Holy Month - The Impossible - Iron Palace - True Joy - Tomorrow’s Envy of Today - The Hidden Garden - The Wedding - What Will Be, Is - Son Altesse - Everywhere Is Here - Song: The Far Side of Your Moon - Deliverance - Conjunction - Nothing Now Astonishes - Postscript.
PoetryThe Barrow Poets [present] an entertainment of poetry and music. Argo RecordsSpoken WordVinyl1963Argo RG 360UKContains readings of English and American poems with music, for violin and oboe between sections. Graves's contribution: A Slide of Wedding Cake
PoetryThe Poet SpeaksDecca RecordsSpoken WordVinyl1967Argo: RG517; Say 60, UKRecorded in association with the British Council and the Poetry Room in the Lamont Library of Harvard University. Edited by Peter Orr.No details
PoetryFour poets of the 20th century [sound recording] : T.S. Eliot, David Jones, Robert Graves, Philip Larkin reading their own works.Argo RecordsSpoken Wordtape1985SAY 414 718-4UKEdited by Peter Orr - 2 sound cassettesNo details
PoetryFour Twentieth Century PoetsDecca RecordsSpoken WordVinylNo detailsNo details
PoetryANTHOLOGY. Poetry 1900 to 1965.LongmansSpoken WordLP 12 1967Longman 34155UKOriginal long-playing record. , Produced to accompany the book of the same title, edited by George MacBeth. The poets are Yeats, Lawrence, Young, Eliot, Muir, Graves, Owen, Empson, Betjeman, Auden, MacNeice, Fuller, Smith, Thomas (D. & R.S.), Douglas, Davie, Middleton, Gunn, Porter, Hughes & Plath. The readers are Patrick Magee, Harvey Hall, Hugh Dickson, George MacBeth, Stevie Smith (reading her own Not Waving but Drowning), Basil Jones, Frances Horovitz & Ted Hughes who reads Lawrence’s Hummingbird, Vergissmeinicht by Keith Douglas, and his own Hawk Roosting. Excellent in like sleeve. £12.00
PoetryThe Rubaiyat of Omar KhayyamSpoken ArtsSpoken WordLP 12 1968SA 965USAUnabridged translations of The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. The first by Edward Fitzgerald read by Robert Speaight, and the second by Robert Graves and Omar Ali-Shah read by Robert Graves.Side One: Translation by Edward Fitzgerald, read by Robert Speaight. Introduction to the Graves/Shah translation by Omar Ali-Shah. Stanzas 1-17 of the Graves/Shah translation read by Graves. Side Two: Stanzas 18-111 of the Graves/Shah translation read by Graves.
PoetryPalatin Projecthttp://www.palatin-project.com2009GermanyElectronic Music from Outer Space. Composed by Bernhard KretzGraves's contributions are Always, and Friday Night