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ID's are given to help archivists and researchers identify the persons or organizations.
Person ID Name Comments
FURNE Furness, Paul Unidentified Yorkshire admirer
G_ZZ_Ed , Ed? Unidentified - Friend/companion of Ava Gardner. Mentioned in Graves/Gardner Corresondence at SJCRGT
GABR.V Gabriela, Vida American. Came to Deya in 1950's with Bert Morton. Wrote: ES MALLORQUINS SON BONS AL LOTS
GABRN.E Gabrielson, Ernest Unidentified
GADDI Gaddis, William (1922-1998) American novelist, born in Manhattan
GALE Gale, Mrs Unidentified
GAMAG_CO A.W.Gamage & Co, Toy shop, London
GAMBA Gamba (Stonehouse), Victoria Argentinan. Military strategist. Author of several books on the Falklands/Malvinas war.
GAMBA.B Gamba, Beatrice Mother of Victoria Gamba-Stonehouse
GAMBL Gamble, Peter Unidentified - Corresponded with Graves in 1943
GANT Gant, Roland Author of "How Like a Wilderness", editor of "The Prose of Edward Thomas"
GARBE Garber, Howard Unidentified - Possibly film producer
GARDN Gardner, Ava (1922-1990) Academy Award-nominated American actress. She is listed as one of the American Film Institute's greatest stars of all time. Visited Graves in Mallorca. Correspondence at St John's.
GARDR Gardner, Reid Unidentified. Reid Gardner may be the surname. Topanga Canyon, California, in the late 1950s.
GARNE.D Garnett, David (1892-1981) British writer and publisher. A prominent member of the Bloomsbury Group, he received literary recognition when his novel Lady into Fox was awarded the 1922 James Tait Black Memorial Prize for fiction. As a conscientious objector in the First World War, he worked on fruit farms in Suffolk and Sussex with Duncan Grant. He ran a bookshop near the British Museum with Francis Birrell during the 1920s. He also founded (with Francis Meynell) the Nonesuch Press. Although Garnett was primarily heterosexual, and married twice, he had brief homosexual affairs in his youth with Francis Birrell and Duncan Grant. He corresponded with Graves about The Owl and about the TEL to his Biographers book.
GARNE.E Garnett, Edward (1868-1937) English writer, critic and a significant and personally generous literary editor, who was instrumental in getting D. H. Lawrence's Sons and Lovers published. His father Richard Garnett (1835-1906) was a writer and librarian at the British Museum. His wife was Constance Garnett, known for her translations of Russian literature; the writer David Garnett was their son.
GARNER Garner, James Student at Garner College (N.Y.) in 1970s
GARRE Garrett, Eileen (1893-1970) Irish Medium, Parapsychology, Published "Tomorrow", a monthly magazine of literary and public affairs. She also started the publishing firm, Creative Age Press.
GARRE.J Garrett, John Headmaster of Raynes Park County School in 1942
GARRE-J.C Garret-Jones, C. Parasitologist
GARSI Garsienica, A.M. unidentidied polish librarian
GASKE.R Gaskell, Ronald English poet and reviewer. Lives in Cornwall
GAULA Gaulan, Yehuda Director, Public Relations in the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (1950s/1960s)
GAY Gay, Kenneth (Karl Goldschmidt) Born Karl Goldschmidt, trained as draftsman. Became Graves's personal assistant until 1965. Changed his name to Kenneth Gay during the war when he took out British nationality.
GELL Gell, P.G.H. Dr. P G H Gell. Department of Pathology University of Cambridge (late 1970s)
GELLH Gellhorn, Martha (1908-1998) American novelist, travel writer and journalist, considered to be one of the greatest war correspondents of the 20th century. She reported on virtually every major world conflict that took place during her 60-year career. Gellhorn was also the third wife of American novelist Ernest Hemingway, from 1940 to 1945. Later she married T.S.Matthews. At the age of 89, ill and nearly completely blind, she ended her life by taking a poison pill.
GELTM Geltman, Max ( ? - 1984) Stage manager and writer. Wrote a critical study of Ezra Pound.
GENTR Gentry, Bryan Director, Cassell & Co., Ltd., Publishers. Gentry was Graves's editor at Cassells (1960s)
GENTR.A Gentry, H. Autrey H. Aubrey Gentry, business director, Cassell & Co., Ltd., Publishers
GERR.D Gerrard, David BBC interviewer
GERT-H Gertner-Hirzel, Art Swiss school teacher in Girls Latin School
GERWI Gerwing, Howard U.Victoria - Special Collections
GHOSH.S Ghosh, Sadan Kumar Lecturer in English, author of MY ENGLISH JOURNEY. English trip sponsored by British Council 1959.
GIBBO Gibbon, Monk Irish writer. Author of "The Masterpiece and the Man. Yeats as I Knew Him."
GIBSO Gibson, James (1896-1987) Compiler of "Let The Poet Choose" 1973
GIBSO.A Gibson, Ackroyd Unidentified. Archaeologist. Worked on Labyrinths on the rock face in Rocky Valley, Tintagel
GILBE Gilbert, Lady Frances Unidentified. "Home in Bermuda" 1960.
GILL Gill, Brendan (1914-1997) Wrote for The New Yorker for more than 60 years. He also contributed film criticism for Film Comment and wrote a popular book about his time at the New Yorker magazine. He wrote a Profile on Robert Graves for which he travelled to Deya to interview him.
GILL.M Gill, Michael Unidentified (Isle of Arran 1970s)
GILL.R Gill, Bob Unidentified
GITTE Gittes (nee Foster), Cicely Pianist. Lived in Deya with painter Archie Gittes and their children during the war. Then In Palma until they left for the USA in 1949. Remained in close contact with the Graves.
GITTE.A Gittes, Archie (1903-1991) America Painter. Married Cecily Foster. Painted portrait of Graves in 1948.
GLANV Glanville-Hicks, Peggy (1912-1990) Australian composer. Important works in her output include the Sinfonia da Pacifica (1952-53), the opera The Transposed Heads in six scenes with a libretto by Thomas Mann, the Etruscan Concerto , the opera Nausicaa with libretto prepared together with Robert Graves in 1956 and produced in 1961, and a Concerto romantico (1957). Her harp sonata (1952) was premiered by Nicanor Zabaleta in 1953.
GLAS.J Glass, Jane Married to Douglass Glass
GLASS Glass, Douglas (1901-1978) New Zealand Photographer. Friendship with Graves began during WWII whom he photographed often.
GLASSC Glassco, John (1909-1981) Born in Montreal. Although he attended McGill University, Glassco moved to Paris in 1928 before finishing his degree. Glassco is best known for his autobiographical fiction Memoirs of Montparnasse, which recounts his three years in Paris. After returning to Canada in 1932, he began writing poetry and novels as well as translating French texts, although he did not begin active publishing until the late 1950s. Glassco won the Governor General's Award in 1971 for his Selected Poems. Glassco died in 1981.
GLEN.V Glendinning, Victoria British biographer, critic, broadcaster and novelist. She is President of English PEN, a winner of the James Tait Black Memorial Prize, was awarded a CBE in 1998 and is Vice-president of the Royal Society of Literature. Born in Sheffield as the daughter of Baron Seebohm. Glendinning grew up near York and went to the University of Oxford to study modern languages. In the second year of her degree, she married one of her Spanish lecturers, Professor Nigel Glendinning in 1958 but they divorced in 1981. Her second husband Terence de Vere White died in 1994 and she remarried in 1996. She had four sons (before she was 25) including Matthew Glendinning, with whom she coauthored the book Sons and Mothers, and the mathematician Paul Glendinning.
GLOVE.A Glover, Alan Editor at Penguin 1950s
GLOVE.G Glover, Gordon Journalist, broadcaster, married to Honor Wyatt.
GLOVE.J Glover, Julian Actor. Came to Deya as a baby in 1935 with Honor and Gordon Glover
GLOVE.P Glover, Prue Daughter of Honor and Gordon Glover.
GLOVE-S Glover Smith, Frank Lecturer inEnglish and American Studies at the University of Sussex (1971)
GLUC Gluck, Felix Printer. Owner of the Felix Gluck Press. Printed SONG OF SONGS by Graves.
GLUZ Gluzinski, Tomasz Polish poet - winner of Robert Graves Prize, awarded by Hungarian P.E.N.Club
GLYN Glyn, Jaquita Unidentified friend whom Graves helped.
GOKCE Gökçeli, Mathilda Unidentified
GOLLA Gollancz, Victor Editor - Owner of Gollancz publishing house.
GONZ-CO Gonzalez Corugedo, Fernando Working for Cela's Papeles de Son Armadams in 1979
GOOD.M Good, Martin Friend of Tomás Graves.
GOOD.T Good, Thomas (1901-1970) Unidentified - Letters at Pemboke College
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