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ALS AGM in Edinburgh, co-hosted by the Siegfried Sassoon Fellowship and Wilfred Owen Association, 2-4 June 2017

The Robert Graves Society is a member of the Alliance of Literary Societies (ALS), in the UK. Paid-up members of the RGS may attend events organised by the ALS, subject to the payment of any entrance of other fees due. 

This year the Alliance's AGM is likely to be of particular interest to members of the Robert Graves Society as it will be organised by the Siegfried Sassoon Fellowship and Wilfred Owen Association, and held in Edinburgh on the weekend of 2-4 June 2017.

The venue will be the Craiglockhart Campus of Edinburgh"s Napier University, a main building of which was formerly the Craiglockhart Military Hospital, where both Owen and Sassoon were patients in 1917 and where Graves visited Sassoon twice; he also met Owen on the second occasion, on Saturday 13 October 1917.

On his first visit Graves was officially one of Sassoon"s military escorts; although in fact he missed the train and arrived in Edinburgh four hours late! On his second visit Graves met Owen for the first time. He was so impressed by him as a poet that he invited him to his wedding held in January 1918, in London.

Details of the AGM and conference, including a programme and registration form, can be found here: The conference will mark the centenary year of the two poets" stay at Craiglockhart. The conference, ALS AGM and conference dinner will take place in the Rivers Suite at the former Craiglockhart Hospital. On Sunday 4 June there will be an optional literary walk in central Edinburgh, led by Neil McLennan.

The Robert Graves Society is circulating this information to its membership to encourage them to attend the ALS"s AGM weekend, which includes the WOA/SSF events. All members of any ALS societies are welcome to attend, though only one person from each society is permitted to vote during the AGM.

We and the ALS hope to see you in Edinburgh in early June!

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