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The Robert Graves Society promotes interest in and research on the life and work of Robert Graves (1895–1985), author of some 140 books of poetry, fiction, biography, criticism, anthropology, social history, mythology, biblical studies, translation, and children's books. 

The Robert Graves Society was launched in 1995 during the Robert Graves Centenary Conference at St John"s College, Oxford, UK. The first president of the Society was Professor Patrick Quinn. Professor Dunstan Ward was elected president in 2000. Professor Fran Brearton was elected president in 2010. The current President of the Society is Dr Charles Mundye, Head of Academic Development, Dept of Humanities, Sheffield Hallam University, who was elected President at the Society"s 2014 Conference in Mallorca.

The Society"s membership of both experts and interested lay people forms the core of an international research community which includes literary scholars, historians, classicists, archaeologists, biblical scholars, bibliographers, editors, writers and translators, besides, of course, general readers of Graves"s 140 published books.

Following the centenary conferences in Oxford and Mallorca in 1995, organised with support from St John"s College, Oxford and the British Council respectively, every two years since 1998 the Society has organised a major international conference on aspects of Robert Graves"s work, his collaborators, his critics and his life in general. In 2006 it was decided to hold these alternately in Mallorca in co-operation with with the Fundació Robert Graves and University of the Balearic Islands, and at St John"s College, Oxford, home of the St John"s College Robert Graves Trust. On alternate years the Society also organises other events such as lunches, or joint conferences with other institutions.

The first Honorary President of the Robert Graves Society was Beryl Graves, Robert"s widow. After her death in 2003, she was succeeded by the eminent political scientist and anthropologist Dr Sally Chilver, Robert"s niece. Following Sally Chilver"s death in 2014, William Graves was elected as the Society"s new Honorary President, at its 2014 conference in Mallorca. William is Robert and Beryl"s eldest son, Robert"s literary executor, and Director of the Fundacio Robert Graves. The Honorary Vice-President is Professor John Kelly of St John"s College, Oxford, UK.

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