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Welcome to the Gravesiana web pages

Gravesiana is a peer-reviewed journal which publishes scholarly articles concerning Robert Graves and members of his circle. It also contains reviews of the latest studies about Graves and those connected with him or the subjects of his works. There are biographical articles which aim to highlight Graves’s personal relationships with various literary and other contemporaries, as well as providing personal glimpses of the man behind the poetry, fiction, mythography, scholarship and criticism.

The journal is the publication of the Robert Graves Society and contains information concerning the society’s activities, including conferences, lectures and other events of interest to those engaged in Graves studies.

Gravesiana is now available as an electronic journal at The intention is that it should be a lively and intellectually challenging journal that in some degree reflects the protean spirit of the man to whom it is dedicated.

Submissions are welcome from all who share the journal’s interests: please see ‘Submission and Contact Information’ at

These web pages contain the current and back issues of Gravesiana, as well as those of its forerunner Focus on Robert Graves. They are also presented as downloadable PDF files.

Access to the current and back issues of Gravesiana is free; however, to view the journal you need to register. To do this, click on the word ‘Register’ at the top of this page and complete the form which appears. Once you have registered, log in at the top of the page using the same e-mail address and password you chose to register, to gain access to the back issues of Gravesiana and Focus. At present it will take 1-2 days to activate your access to the current issue(s). If this is needed urgently, or in case of problems with registration, please contact The Society cannot see the password you chose at registration so cannot remind you of one; but on request to will delete your existing registration and you can then register again.

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